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    Ok so Muslims aren't allowed to charge usury because you get something for nothing and keeps the money in the hands of the rich. So why are Islam mortgages so different from western mortgages? Please no scripture. Please explain why this is not Eufaula EFFECT the same thing as charging interest. In Islamic banking they buy the house and sell it back at a higher price through payments to the buyer. In western banking they loan the money out and take payments from the buyer which effectively becomes being paid back for the house at a higher price. The Islamic bank is still making money for doing nothing and the end result is this same. The buyer pays more for the house than he would have if he used his own money. The only concrete difference that I can tell is there are no late fees with Islamic banking mortgages. However this could be waived by a western institution as well if they wanted to. Example: In Islamic banking if they buy a house at say $50,000 and sell it back to the borrower with payments at $100,000 then the end result they are making $50,000 by risking $50,000 of their own money. In Western banking if they loan out the money to buy a house at $50,000 and charge him interest that makes the final payments to total $100,000 to pay off the house they are making $50,000 by risking $50,000 of their own money. The end result of these scenarios is exactly the same. Whether they are buying the house and selling it back, or are lending money out to buy the house the end result is the same. They made money by doing nothing and in fact made the same amount. So why is the Islamic system of banking superior? Again, no scripture please. In this example what makes one system usurous and the other not?

    Ummer عمر فاروق bismi allah- Thanks. Yeah I guess pseudo Islamic system is a good term. Perhaps very pseudo Islamic loan system is a better one. In reality they have recreated the Western style system to look like it fits the Islamic system. In the end it is the same (at least with mortgages I didn't read much on some other ways they lend).

    By the way I think neither system is wrong. It certainly has the potential to become corrupt but the ability to supply money to those that need it is essential to capitalism and the key to helping those make a better life for themselves. Honestly I cannot see the pure Islamic system working well to provide capital to people that need it. If you give someone money to repay you are taking a very big risk. You should be allowed to be recompensated for that risk.

    Western banking is front door fraud, front door interest. Horrid. Islamic banking is backdoor fraud, front door holiness. It's worse with it's interest through the back door. think I was looking for the term corruption. But anyway, it's still fraudulent. No it's fraud because the interest system is all about turning wealth to the issuer of the loans. And the prime issuer of loans is the one printing the currency. That's what I'm saying, smoke and mirrors. Back door interest (fraud). No you don't know the end result. Because the end result is a mirror, or well the image of "oh look you'll have safety and finance", when in reality all bases belong to them when they inflate the currency buy out all assets (since they're printing money), confiscate those who cannot pay. With islamic loan system, there is no interest. Payment is like for like. And returns are like for like. If the person cannot pay, then the opportunity to forgive is a possibility. But what is minimum is to withholding demands of payment to give the person a chance to pay. That doesn't exist in these pseudo-islamic financing. Here's an article explaining the basics of at least the front door interest loan system: (Note, Federal reserve notes and thus all central bank notes, are loans from the central bank to the government, and thus the people)

    Islam regards Christianity an identical way because it regards Judaism. Their adherents would desire to grow to be Muslims in any different case be subjugated. right this is a quote from a Bethlehem Christian: "My grandfather, who replaced right into a dignitary in Bethlehem, particularly much lost his existence by potential of Abdul Qader Al-Husseni (the chief of the Palestinian revolution) after being accused of merchandising land to Jews. He used to let us know that his village Beit Sahur (The Shepherds Fields) in Bethlehem County replaced into empty until eventually now his father settled interior the section with six different families. city has now grown to 30,000 inhabitants." - Walid, a Palestinian Arab defector, talking with regard to the present immigration of Arabs to Palestine. quoted from "Answering Islam" .

    Actually, the Islamic Banks get away with having a Captive credulous Market of Muslims who think that they are not paying anything except Administrative Charges, Processing Fees, Increments for Inflationary costs and such other names that the Islamic Banks give to the various things that they use to make them pay more than what they would with a regular Bank. Fun of it all is that Islamic Banks charge their Depositors for taking care of their money and pay them nothing while they use their money to "invest" in "helping" other Muslims! And the Muslims are happy with that! The Islamic Banks screw the Muslims both ways! But then, the Muslims are a credulous lot. So, let them live in their delusion of grandeur. .

    You are integrated to the currency matrix, so when money loses its value over time assets would naturally inflate. Inaddition to demand and supply, generally goods appreciate (because of increasing demand and low supply in a 7 billion lives) over time. Example: real estates gets costlier with time, just like interest per whole. Buy an empty piece of land, leave it to the devil, the same piece would cost 5 times as much 5 years later. In usury/loan, the appreciation is not because of demand-suply

    Well, because interest is believed to be against the religion of Islam. well the homes in eastern countries aren't built the same as the homes in west. For example: it take about 2 months to build a house in the west to where as in the east it takes 2-3 years. Once the house is finish being built in the east, your loan must be paid off. thats why it's called "living in halal." plus most muslims pay cash for the house when they buy it. if anything, a little majority of islamic people in the east will take the loan situation form a non islamic bank.. (example, buying the land from an owner, NOT THE BANK)

    Riba is the difference, Edit: Please read what riba is:

How long do I need to be employed before getting a auto loan?

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