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    I know i can only get so much advice like this and I also know that everyones case is different. I will try to explain without alot of detail so we dont waste too much time here. I was in the Army and met a guy, (yep, one of those) He was in the Army as well. I didnt know why exactly at the time, but he failed a random drug test and was in the process of being discharged. He got clean and contacted me and we dated for about 2 years and towards the end of the relationship, right after i got my tax return, thats when it got bad. He was living an hour away from me and going to school in the middle of us. He was going to be a pilot and had the smarts and skills. He was having car trouble and i gave him some money here and there to fix his car and writing down each time I gave him money. We had a verbal agreement that he would pay me back when he got his financial aid or when he got a job. He got a job at home depot working nights a few days later. After we split, i found out that he was stealing my atm card and withdrawing money from his schools atm and close to his house. he did this a few times, even on valentines day and my birthday! I knew how much i was spending so didnt check my online bank account that much until its too late. The last night we were together, we went to a concert for my birthday and I left my purse in the car. I had my Eufaula and cash on me. While we were there, he went to go get our jackets and got my atm card. I had 2 drinks that night but dont remember leaving the concert, there was an atm withdraw after the concert near where we were and i dont remember stopping there, i was asleep in the passenger seat. I dont remember going back to his house. I truely believe he put something in my drink. During the month of Feb, he relapsed and I was taking him to dr appointments and counseling and everything. So he was stealing my money for drugs. I contacted the police and they questioned him and me on more than one occasion and even caught him in lies, but they said the state might pick up the case but they didnt have enough to arrest him. they said i had to prove i didnt give him my atm card....my pin was my bday go figure.... and we were together for 2 years so we went to the atm together. I have text messages between me and him where he says hes so sorry and will pay me back, he even gave me $40 a few months after all of it. I also have proof that he was on his computer (IP address) and changed my username and password on my bank account. I wasnt even at his house that night. He transfered money from my acct to his acct at odd hours and days we didnt even see each other. He had my email password as most bf's and gf's do these days due to trust reasons. He tried to get a restraining order against me as well, but he didnt show up and the judge thought it sounded ridiculous. I went to his house 1 time to confront him, the cops were on the way to question us, and he said I held him against his will (im 110 lbs and he was 230 lbs), i hurt his dog, i had a knife and mace, i damaged his yard which i didnt even go in, and his dog loves me and was wanting me to pet him lol and i didnt even touch him! I have learned from this believe me!! Since all of this, I have not heard anything or got anything in the mail and the police officer that took the case no longer works for the police department, like that would be any help anyway. Between the money I loaned him and the money he stole comes to about $3600 over a period of a few weeks. I was saving for me and my daughter to move out of my parents house at the time. Well, now what should I do? Any advice and suggestions would be great! Thank you and God Bless America!

    No offense, but im not reading that entire thing because its probably full of useless information that doesnt matter.... the real question is why did you wait this long to sue?

    Blah, blah, blah, way too much irrelevant information. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Can they win? That is the real question. When you take someone to court, the burden of proof is yours. You need to prove that the person stole the money from you. Can you do that? He will say that you gifted him the money; gifts are irrevocable. It will be your word against his. Again, you need concrete proof. Good luck

    Even if you get a judgement in your favor, collecting is another matter. My opinion: you have learned an expensive lesson. Don't repeat your mistake.

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