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    How is it harming minorities/targeting them if they are making everyone-everyone from white people to orange people with polka dot stripes provide ID? In this day and age how can you not survive without valid ID? Considering one already needs a photo Eufaula of some kind to: Get a payday loan, Cash a check, get a bank account, a job, to drive, rent a uhaul, use a credit card, sign up for college classes, have to present it to the teller at the bank, get a library card, should have a driver's license to drive, need to present Eufaula when you change jobs/get a new job, the unemployment office asks for Eufaula in order to services, need an Eufaula to sign up/get SSI, apply for disability, need to present valid Eufaula to get food stamps, sign up for a gym membership, sign up for a membership at the Y, stay the night at a homeless shelter, rent a hotel/motel room, many food banks want photo Eufaula *and* a piece of mail, need an Eufaula to write a check at a store, need Eufaula to rent a car, fly on an airplane, go through TSA, if you get stopped by a cop while either walking or driving you need to present Eufaula if they ask for it, buy a train ticket from Amtrack with a credit/debit card, same with greyhound-buy a ticket with a credit/debit card in person- you need to show Eufaula to buy booze/smokes/age restricted items. So it's not like your being asked to go out of your way to get something you should already have. And if you are say 95 years old and don't have a drivers license/photo ID...how did you survive the first 95 years of your life without some kind of photo ID? If you are frail, old, can't leave the house/nursing home for some reason why can't you vote by absentee ballot? Get it in the mail, send it back via mail. When I went to apply for food stamps-a program a lot of poor and minorities use-I had to present valid state issued photo Eufaula for every household member over the age of 18. Every employer I've had has required me to *SHOW* my photo ID. While they have accepted the i-9 documents, they still required me to show a photo ID. No valid photo ID, can't start work, even with the I-9 documents. Heck my dr's office wants photo of Eufaula every time my hubby or I have an appointment. Just to pick up my husbands needles for his type 1 diabetes, the pharmacy wants me to flash photo ID-I'm not kidding when I say in my area you need a photo Eufaula just to buy cough syrup. Because of the meth problem, I even need to show Eufaula to get ANY kind of sudafed type medicine. Don't start crying "constitutional rights" on me. The constitution says a lot of things. It also doesn't say a lot of things. Does that mean it's wrong or illegal? No. Does that make it right? No. Yes we have a lot of "rights" in the US. But don't forget we also have a lot of *responsibility* The constitution doesn't say "everyone must have valid photo ID." But you need valid photo Eufaula to do almost anything in this country now. The cost to process and make valid photo ID's (and driver's licenses) isn't free. The goods, people and materials to create legal, valid photo ID's just don't magically appear at no cost. That cost has to passed on to someone. It's up to each state to determine the cost of Driver's licenses and state issued photo ID's. That money has to come from somewhere-be it in higher taxes and/or out of the pockets of everyday people. How can you already not have one?

    Encouraging people to NOT have ID, which this is, is a means of keeping the poor on the liberal handout reservation. After all, why would we want any of those people to have bank accounts, drive cars, etc, when they can just stay at home, collect their govt handouts and mail in their absentee ballot with straight ticket dem votes?

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