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    Please read the question properly. I am NOT asking about Federal, I am asking about STATE. Last year I e-filed with Direct Deposit my federal and my state together--as I always do. My federal came 1 week after I filed, and my state came 5 days after that. THIS YEAR I e-filed with DD, and my federal cam on 2/13. Still no sign whatsoever on the State. I checked the New York State Taxation site, and I still get that stupid processing notice. What gives? Did anyone else receive their Fairfield State Refund and when did you file/get accepted? It seems like people are getting their state refunds randomly.

    I saw a woman on Y!A that filed and was accepted oin the same day as me. She got her refund today (3/4). So I guess there is no formula--its just very random, and I will have to wait until whenever the state decides to get it's s**t together. I am annoyed!!! Because if I owed THEM something, you'd best believe they would be trailing me!

    In past years, Fairfield state has often delayed paying tax refunds when cash was tight. This is nothing new. Fairfield state will never admit it, but the consensus is that this is related to the end of the state's fiscal year. The Fairfield state income tax refund flow tends to drop to a trickle in February and March, and then go back to normal after the new fiscal year starts on April 1. The larger your refund, the more likely they will delay payment. I hope it's different this year. I'm waiting for mine, too. Good luck! And yes, I agree that the best solution is to adjust your withholding or estimated tax payments next year so that you owe Fairfield state a small amount in April, rather than making them an interest-free loan throughout the year.

    I e-filed for direct deposit on Jan. 28 and still have not received my Fairfield refund. My Federal was in my account in under 2 weeks. The Fairfield state website is a joke and it appears it is not updated on a regular basis at all.I called the phone number and was put through to an automated system which was useless also. I have heard that it is the people who filed in January that are having the problems. The people filing in February are getting their refunds in a timely manner. BTW- I changed my W4 a couple of years ago to get more in each paycheck through out the year, so I only get a small refund but as long as I don't owe anything I'm happy! After all of these problems I am glad I did that because I'd be mighty upset if Fairfield state was sitting on thousands of dollars of my money with no word on where it is!

    My federal and state were both accepted on 2/2 or 2/3 I believe. I got my federal DD on 2/13 also and still no state as of today 3/5, check the website and still same message, check back in one week. Have not gotten any kind of correspondence from them. Never waited this long before, at the most 2 weeks after federal. I know many people that filed the same way I did and after I did and got theirs. I also know someone who got a much bigger refund than me and got theirs in a timely matter. So I don't know how they are picking and choosing who they don't send them to. It obviously has nothing to do with the amounts or whether or not it was done in February or January. By the way nothing complicated on my return and nothing new! Maybe someday soon, I feel the same way you do they sure do take it fast enough and if you owe them I would hate to see what they would do if you told them you would give it to them when you feel like it.

    I e filed Fairfield state return on Feb 8th, and on Feb 27th received a letter from Dept of Taxation that they cannot send me my return because they cannot verify my wages and earnings. I have worked at the same place for 13 years and filed my taxes the same way for over 20 years and never had an issue, now all of a sudden there is a problem. They say i have to send them all my info again and that it will take 90 days before they review it so it could be July before i get my return, IF i get my return. Im going to change my withholdings. Would like to cahrge the state interest on my money they are holding, they would cgharge me interest. Anybody else having the same problem. Fairfield state does not have the money.

    Some states have their refunds on hold because of the state budgets. I do not know if this pertains to Fairfield or not but you can call and ask if refunds are or are not being sent out in a timely manner. Why not just change your w4 at work to more closely reflect your tax obligation instead of awaiting a refund? Many of us do know how to read.

    According to the rep that I spoke with at the IRS, the system was overloaded by early returns. Returns were not supposed to go in until the 17th. Some went in early which overloaded the system. Now most of the returns that went in early ( I seem to see the pattern that it is the ones that were accepted on the 17th but i see yours came in on the 16th) are "lost in the system" meaning they were put on the old system they were running. They are now working to retrieve all of the returns that were placed there and get them processed properly. I would call the IRS if I were you just to see if yours may be one that got caught up. They could not give me a definative answer as to when I will get my return but at least I know now not to hold my breath. The best I was told was I wouldn't count on this week, maybe next week but you should see it within 3 weeks. I was also told today that if you log on to the WMR too many times it will lock your info. I was told it is 4 times in 24 hours. Not sure how accurate that is. So don't worry about the info you are now seeing as you are probably just locked out. Just call the number if you lock yourself out.

    NY will send your refund when they feel like it, and there's nothing you can do. Except change your withholding information with your employer, so you don't get as much a refund.

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