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    Did you notice that all of the banking troubles happened after the repeal of Glass Steagall and the new bill passed in 1999 allowing for more risk taking and requiring more homes to be sold to low income people. It also required that a certain percentage of homes be sold to minorities or these lending institutions lost their right to merge and lost access through Freddie and Fannie. In other words, the banks were doing what the government made them do. So, why aren't you angry at the government? Now we have Dodd Frank which will result in many, if not all, small banks to go bankrupt or be sold to large banks because it requires a certain amount of capital to be kept on hand or they will be in violation of the law. They will not be able to remain in business under these regulations and I have no doubt Dodd and Frank were well aware of that. Soon there will be only monopolies, not because of the big banks, but because of the law the government created. Monopolies are exactly what the government wants to work in the global financial system. Stop blaming the banks and put the blame where it belongs.

    Hundrads? Maybe you're talking about how the Big O bailed out failing companies. Wasn't my idea and I was against it from the start.

    However, that money is used by the bank to loan, or invest, or whatever, but you can get it back when you want. They don't just keep it, they use it for many good things to help people build homes and business, otherwise no one could buy a house. They don't just hoard the money.

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Will I have to pay her federal student loan off?

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