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    My friend and I are in the Air Force and just got overseas assignment. I'm heading to Korea and he's heading to Lages. It is our first overseas assignment. His Report No Later Than date is Sept 2010, which is less than 7 months from now. When can/should we start out-processing or do we have a lot of time and have no need to hurry?

    Hello Airman B.R. 7 months? Too early. First off, you will receive (or you should) a letter from your sponsor in Korea. It will be a fellow airman working in the same work center you are to be assigned to. He/She will tell you things to know about the assignment at Osan AB. Same for your friend who is going to Lajes AB, Azores Island, Portugal. You will get a "port call" date from TMO (Transportation Management Office) telling you when to show up at Los Angeles International Airport for your flight to Korea (if you are going out commercial. Or, if you are departing from Seattle-Tacoma, Washington - Whatever. Your task is to make sure you arrive at the airport on time to meet your port call flight. Usually, folks take leave before going overseas. The cost for you to go from your current base to home and to the port is yours. Later, after you arrive in Osan AB and fill out your travel voucher when you in-process you will be paid for the travel pay from your base to the port of debarkation. Make sure you keep a receipt for all taxis, tips, and travel expenses that can be claimed on your travel voucher. Especially taxi fares to the airport. You will probably received about 150 printed orders reassigning you to Osan AB about 1 - 2 months before you depart your base in August 2010. You can ship your "hold baggage" through TMO about 30 days before you depart. That way your bulk of military/civilian clothing will be in Korea awaiting you in your unit when you arrive. Go to the Osan AB website and read the Newcomer's welcome now and then read the Osan website once a week to get familiar with the base and the people and such. remember this: so far you have ONLY received a "notification" to go to Korea. At any time before you depart your assignment can change depending on the needs of the Air Force and the world military situation. So, don't do too many things to soon. Advance Postal Address for Korea: "Many people find it convenient to have a post office box assigned to them prior to their arrival at Osan. You may receive a post box number 90 days prior to your arrival. To do this, send two copies of your orders to your sponsor. They will take these orders to the post office where they will assign you a box. The combination to that box, however, will be given only to you upon your arrival. You may want to forward your mail general delivery before you're assigned a post box. This is the address you would use: NAME Squadron/Unit # PSC 3, GENERAL DELIVERY APO AP 96266 How to get to Osan from Inchon International Airport. Your sponsor "should" be there to meet your flight. I said: SHOULD. Make sure you write to him/her to find out. during travel: RED CROSS: IF an emergency happens back home instruct your parents to contact the American Red Cross first. Give them your name, rank, unit of assignment, and the Red Cross will verify the information about the emergency and your Commander will be informed. Then, if you are allowed to take Emergency Leave to come home you will be placed on emergency leave. Hopefully, you should save up enough cash in your bank account to cover round trip travel from California or Seattle to your home and back. If you need emergency cash, the Red Cross or the Air Force Aid Society can help with a loan which will be paid back out of your pay check in installments. Your First Sergeant will be able to help set this up for you. Keep your check to bank intact because AF only pays direct deposit. IF you want to open up a credit union account at Osan Fairhope do so. But, still keep the bank you have. Maybe the Pentagon Federal Credit Union has a branch at Okan. Once you join stay with them for life. Join every credit union you are able to join and put $25 a month into savings. Some day, maybe 10 years from now, you may need a new car loan from them. "Once a member - always a member." OSAN has curfew and off-limits places: Go here and learn about them. You didn't say what unit or AFSC you have: Go here to see the units that you might be assigned to> Fairhope PROCESSING: UPON YOUR ARRIVAL to Osan Air Base Turumi Lodging, you will need to sign in using the computer sign-in at the kiosk located directly across from the reception counter. Registration at the sign-in kiosk is mandatory and must be accomplished no later than 24 hours after arrival at Osan. You then must report to the Military Personnel Section, Bldg 936, the next duty day at 7:30 a.m. to begin inprocessing the base. The Combat Inprocessing system is designed to have you inprocessed within a week of your arrival to O

    I'd like to piggyback on Larry's statement. Larry is correct about the sponsor contacting you. If this does not happen, reach out and touch your first sergeant to be. You will not get 150 copies of your orders. Maybe 10. The FSS (used to be MPF) expects you to make your own copies now. You will need to contact TMO and set up your port call window, HHG pick up, storage. There's a mandatory briefing you must attend prior (you have to go to a briefing to be able to attend a briefing!) Normally, its a set day and time every week, not too early to go to that. Your supervisor should help you your portcall window. . . you need to factor in your leave time, outprocessing, etc. Take a look at your vMPF checklist. It should be available to you now. Look at what can be done now vs what has to be done 30 days out, 60 days out, etc. I would encourage you to go to Immunizations at the hospital to get any shots well in advance. The bulk of your outprocessing will be done in the last 30 days but if you do as much as you can ahead of time, it will cut down on the stress. Korea gets pretty cold in the winter, if you don't have a good coat/gloves etc now is a really good time to pick them up on sale. Also, Bank of America is called Community Bank in Korea and there's a branch on Osan. I found Korea to be an especially rewarding assignment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Lots and lots of travel opportunities. Met some really cool people (and some dorks - they are everywhere)

    Osan Lodging

I have loaned my niece $3,500 dollars 18 months ago and asked her to pay the full amount within one year?

  • Cale Crist
    Cale Crist
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  • Odie Paucek
    Odie Paucek
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  • Delphia Boyle
    Delphia Boyle
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  • Tom Kub
    Tom Kub
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    Silas Hessel
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