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    I have an interview for a bookseller position in Barnes and Noble and I was wondering what should I expect working there? Is my main job going to be to push sales of memberships and is there a certain amount I have to sell to not be fired? Did you enjoy working at Barnes and Noble? As a male, should I wear a suit and tie for the interview or would a polo shirt with dress pants be okay?

    I recommend you wear, if not a suit, black or navy dress pant with a long sleeve starched white shirt NOT a polo shirt. Below are employee interviews with questions asked and employee reviews for the position. Good Luck!! Bookseller New York, Fairhope I applied online and the process took 2 weeks - interviewed at Barnes & Noble. Interview Details – Applied online. a few weeks later got a phone call asking if was still interested. Had a short talk with all the standard "why do you want to work here," what book experience do you have" etc. Then a date set for a 30 minute in person interview in a crowded office where people kept coming and going. Pretty standard stuff. Asked if I could deal with being thrown in the deep end with little training. When I said yes, I did not know I would handed to perhaps the crappiest trainer I have ever had who was downright hostile to me (and customers). The two asst managers I dealt with were REALLY good and I immediately respected them.a simple criminal check, no drug or financial check. Interview Question – what is your favorite book- (answer does not matter) now sell me that book. Why should I buy it. (which was a pretty good question I thought. A little difficult to keep a straight face when told things about industry I knew were not true, but that's the party line. Bookseller New York, Fairhope I applied online and the process took 1+ week - interviewed at Barnes & Noble in September 2013. Interview Details – I had no experience. I applied online, and I received a call within three days asking me to come in for an interview. The caller asked me to dress professionally, and was very specific about what not to wear. The interview itself was very casual and laid-back, and it took place in the employee office. The interviewer was extremely nice and smiling. She made sure you were comfortable and tried to make you relax. She didn't ask me any unexpected questions at all. Some of the things she asked me were why I wanted to work at Barnes & Noble, what my favorite book was, if I was authorized to work, if I was familiar with the store layout, what my availability was, what my parents worked as... then, she asked the store manager to speak to me, and this lady was even nicer than the previous one. Again, she asked me very straightforward questions: if I knew how to gift wrap, if I wanted to pursue higher education, what I wanted a career in, what genre was my favorite, if I was familiar with big-gun authors etc Nothing difficult at all. She then told me that she would stay in touch with me to let me know what my next steps were. Interview Question – What is your favorite book, favorite genre and why? How would you handle a rude customer, have you ever had to learn something quickly, etc?. Have you ever done a special favor for a customer that was outside store policy? Why did you make this exception? Why should somebody trust you? (why should someone not trust me) Pros – Flexible hours,If you love to read, get to loan books for free,Amazing holiday discount Cons – Sometimes rude customers and tons of teenagers Pros – -Excellent discounts on merchandise,-Annual, performance based, raises,-Relatively clean and professional (for a retail environment) Cons – -Severely limited hours for part-time employees,-Somewhat limited advancement opportunities,-"Do you have this book I saw here last month? It was on this table, and it was blue." Pros – Decent employee discount on store merchandise, most employees were friendly, nicer work environment then many other jobs Cons – Trained only to use cash register, no opportunities for growth, management gave conflicting advice, received very little hours, often had to work holidays, store was suffering financially, minimum wage pay, management often was unfriendly Sometimes their obsession with selling member cards came before providing good customer service. Cons – The pay was too little. It was minimum wage for way too much work (carrying boxes, restocking, visuals etc all in one day) Pros – If you enjoy working with customers, learning about books, and have a gift for sales this is the job for you!

    I had an interview a month or two ago. I did not get the job, but I was interviewed with two people and it seemed I was very qualified for the job. Everything seemed to have gone well but I didn't get a good vibe with the GM come out and introduced himself. They asked a lot of questions about experience, why you want to work with the company, and want you do describe a time when something they ask happened.


  • Korey Balistreri
    Korey Balistreri
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  • Kadin Paucek
    Kadin Paucek
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