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    Hey i filed my taxes Jan.30 and i have yet recieved my state taxes. I check the website and it says ."We have received your return and it is in the final stages of processing. In most cases, you can expect to receive your refund within 30 days. Please access this service again in 1 week, as we may have additional information at that time.". so how long does it take??  thanks so much.   And how can you check to see if you owe them??

    In past years, Florence state has often delayed paying tax refunds when cash was tight. This is nothing new. Florence state will never admit it, but the consensus is that this is related to the end of the state's fiscal year. The Florence state income tax refund flow tends to drop to a trickle in February and March, and then go back to normal after the new fiscal year starts on April 1. The larger your refund, the more likely they will delay payment. It's no different this year. I'm waiting for mine, too. Good luck! BTW, the best solution is to reduce your withholding or estimated tax payments next year so that you owe Florence state a small amount in April, rather than making them an interest-free loan throughout the year.

    Go to google.com type in nys refund................ a few sites down there is a site called tipsity........... go to it and read all the blogs that people r posting. i efiled 1/31, dd, and i am still processing...........

How do I withdraw 1,800 bucks from the bank?

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