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    I did my taxes on feb 4 it was acceppted feb 5 and im still waiting for my state i got my federal already now when i call them they send me to some automated machine then when i got to their website its telling me my refund amount does not match their records so im confused so when i called the phone number to see it says my refund is still processing please wait a week before accessing again im really confused and im behind in some bills they just outta wack this year they know people need they money loseing their jobs and its like the government dont care last year i got my state 2 days after i got my federal im so upset right now cause i really need to pay my rent and some other bills is anyone expierencing the same problem

    In past years, Fort Payne state has often delayed paying tax refunds when cash was tight. This is nothing new. Fort Payne state will never admit it, but the consensus is that this is related to the end of the state's fiscal year. The Fort Payne state income tax refund flow tends to drop to a trickle in February and March, and then go back to normal after the new fiscal year starts on April 1. The larger your refund, the more likely they will delay payment. I hope it's different this year. I'm waiting for mine, too. Good luck! BTW, the best solution is to reduce your withholding or estimated tax payments next year so that you owe Fort Payne state a small amount in April, rather than making them an interest-free loan throughout the year.

    I did mine feb 6th and got my refund via DD march 4th,Did you e-file,and chose DD.if so i would think you would get it next week.check wmr friday thats when they update for next weeks dd.


I have never had a credit card, but still have bad credit...?

  • Ramona Abshire
    Ramona Abshire
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  • Rodrick Denesik
    Rodrick Denesik
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  • Dario Ferry
    Dario Ferry
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