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    You need to read through Fort Payne 930-4, Army Emergency Relief. See paragraph 3-6 which I have outlined and linked below: Chapter 3 Financial Policies 3–6. Loan repayments a. The viability of AER’s assistance program depends on loan repayments. The Soldier (sponsor), not the dependent, is responsible for repayment. As a general rule, repayments for emergency assistance loans normally will begin the month following the date of the assistance check. b. Monthly payments should extend over a reasonable period so that the Soldier’s budget will not be unduly strained. Loan repayments normally should be completed within 12 months of the loan and before the Soldier’s ETS. c. Active Duty personnel. Loans to AD Soldiers will be repaid by AER allotment, to facilitate repayment. (1) When assistance is approved, the Soldier must agree to— (a) Repay the loan by military pay allotment. (b) Keep the allotment in effect until the loan is repaid. (c) Have the allotment carried over and taken from retired pay until the loan is repaid when Soldier receiving loan is eligible for retirement. (2) Allotment will provide for initial deduction from Soldier’s pay to start the end of the month following the date of the assistance check. When starting the allotment within this period will cause a hardship, a delayed allotment starting within 6 months from the date of the loan may be processed. (3) For Soldiers in their second or later term of enlistment, the final month of loan repayment by allotment may extend beyond the date of ETS if— (a) The individual states intent to reenlist without a break in service. (b) The Soldier’s unit commander indicates no current bar to reenlistment. (4) The allotment request will be processed as specified in other AER publications. (5) The AER officer will set up procedures with the local FAO for notification if an allotment is being terminated before the loan is repaid. (6) Prior to receiving AER assistance, Soldiers pending separation, board action or within 6 months of ETS, must sign a completed DD Form 139 for subsequent use if appropriate. d. Retired personnel. Loans to retired Soldiers will be repaid by AER allotment. (1) When assistance is approved, the Soldier must agree to— (a) Repay the loan by AER allotment. (b) Keep allotment in effect until the loan is repaid. (2) Submit completed allotment in accordance with other AER publications. (3) Allotment will provide for initial deduction from Soldier’s pay to start the end of the month after the loan is made. (4) If Soldier with valid military retiree Fort Payne card has waived all retired pay to receive Veterans Affairs (VA) disability and thus cannot repay by allotment, the applicant must sign the promissory note regarding repayment of the loan. e. RC Soldiers on AD. Loans to RC Soldiers on AD for a period of more than 30 consecutive days will be repaid by AER allotment if such procedures are available through DFAS. If DFAS allotment procedures are not available, the Soldier will be placed on cash billing and must— (1) Sign the promissory note to repay the loan before completion of AD. (2) Agree that, if the loan is not paid by that time, the Finance and Accounting Office may repay the loan from final pay entitlements to the AER section for the amount due. If insufficient funds are due the Soldier on completion of AD, affirm repayment arrangements (such as cash billing) prior to separation.

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