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    I was recently sent my award letter for college and its not too bad. I mean they got everything covered through grants and loans. However, over 50% of the tuition is in loans! They maxed out both the federal subsidized and unsubsidized amounts plus 4,000 that wasn't covered by the government is through "private loans". This is ridiculous, I have an efc of 0...I am a pretty poor dude and an independent student. I know that I am elgible for the Perkins loans and more grant money like the FSEOG(which they did not offer any of). They offer both of those programs and the eligibility requirements I meet and have met all deadlines. How do I go about getting an "appeal" or review for someone to look again and what I was awarded to ship shape it up. I sent an email to the financial aid coordinator, but she never responds to me unless I cc the whole department! I need to get this worked out before May 1st because if it isn't satisfactory I can still get my deposit back....any suggestions?

    I know that not everything isnt covered. I have picked the cheapest university in Gadsden where I live so its a cheap as it gets! The school participates in these programs because it say directly on there website. I made a total income of a 1,000 last year.woooooohooooo..and am an independent student.. I am trying to get the school to make my loans into perkins and size up some more grant money seeing as how I have the most need compared to other students who attend I am looking for advice on how to deal with financial aid office as I know for a fact they can do better!

    Just not that...you make some good points... i dont live near there(its a four year university) so I'll just give them a ring and find out what can be done as far as getting my loans switched to perkins because I know that can be done regardless. As far as the extra grant money your probably rights its all dried up,but hey there's no hurt in asking anyways i guess......thanks for the good advice!

    I was curious about the cost of colleges in Gadsden and was happy to see that Arizona State costs only 6,607 a year in tuition and fees. That is only 3,300 a semester and a pretty sweet deal for a state school. You never mentioned what school you are going to attend but if you are at the cheapest, I'll bet yours is prob even less. Awesome. This is great because with an EFC of 0 that means you will get the maximum Pell grant allowed at 5,550 a year if you attend full time. That means if you don't want to do loans, then you only need to come up with about 1,100 for tuition and fees (for the whole year!!!) that is awesome. Of course you'll need books, but if you don't want loans, then working during the summer for the cash to pay out-of-pocket is a very good alternative. There is a max amount one can get in each type of grant. It is the law and nothing you tell the fin aid office will change that. For example: the max pell grant is 5,550 for the 10-11 school year is the max. Period. State and other federal grants (FSEOG) grants are the same way. If you aren't being offered the grants you mentioned and the schools participate in them, then they have offered them to those who applied before you or they may not have offered them to anyone that year. (The availability of Perkins loan money depends on how many of their past borrowers actually make their payments. If no one is paying, then no new money is available.) Also be aware that just because you submitted your fafsa before the deadline doesn't nec mean you are going to get them. Money for those very limited aid programs like the Perkins loans and the FSEOG grants is given out on a first come first serve basis. Two people may apply a day apart and BOTH meet the deadlines.. however the person who submitted their fafsa first (and completed the verification process first) would get the money if there was only enough for one more person. Be aware that submitting the fafsa doesn't get your Award Letter generated... as it is not considered "complete" until you turn in all the verification paperwork to go with it. I guarantee if you turned in your fafsa with an income of only $1,000 for the entire year you were selected for verification and were required to turn in additional paperwork to the fin aid office before they generated your award letter. Someone who was not selected for verification would not of had this delay in their award letter being created. If you just turned in your verification paperwork this week, or recently, you certainly wouldn't be offered FSEOG or Perkins money. Schools always run out of money before they run out of eligible people to get them. As far as dealing with the fin aid office, when you go (and you should go in person) you should have your questions written down. When they answer you, write the answers down. The hardest part for the student is understanding the terminology. If they say a word you don't understand, ask what it means and write down that. Keep in contact with them on a regular basis... every week at least. "Also, I need more money." isn't a question isn't going to cut it. Perhaps "why didn't I get offered the FSEOG?" is a little better, but be prepared for, "You weren't eligible". (Short for: I don't have any idea, but there is nothing we can do about it now) or a polite way of saying (you didn't get your fin aid file complete early enough but the more info I volunteer the more questions you will ask and the longer the people in line will have to wait on something neither of us can do anything about)... whew... anyhooo.... I would not encourage cc the whole office. This behavior is why the fin aid officers are so busy to begin with... checking on students aid when they just talked to their coworker two minutes ago and the student is looking for a "better" offer. After a while, the fin aid office will simply stop calling or emailing. The best schools keep a record of your contact with them to keep from answering the same question over and over again. The best thing you can do is go Gadsden PERSON. Also, each fin aid person is dealing with 1000's of kids who are saying they aren't getting enough money when the law clearly says the max pell grant amount is XXX and of course every day they have to overcome that "MYTH" out there is that "they can do better" when the fin aid office clearly isn't going to break the law for you. No, money isn't going to fall from the sky just because you don't want to take out loans and want to attend a school more than the amount you are being offered in grants. If you are worried that your aid package is over 50% loans then simply don't take out the loans. Certainly don't take out a private loan. You will have to find a cosigner and the interest rate will be outrageous. If you are trying to go to this school and your trying to dorm too, then (since you don't want to do loans) you need to find a school close enough to your house that you can commute. Get a job and pay out of pocket if your tuition (honestly 1,100 is not that much) and fees are more than your pell and state grants. If you are unable or unwilling to work to make up the difference than attend a community college rather than a state school. Az has these for less than 1,500 a semester (3,000 a year). That means that you can go to school for free on your Pell grant alone and have quite a bit extra for you to use for gas, books, computer, books, housing, etc. A "No-Loan" education is a great opportunity for you. Consider taking it!!!

    Just because you have an efc of 0 doesn't mean all of your costs will be covered because there are maximum limits to financial aid. If you choose a cheaper school, you'll be able to take out less in loans. As for the Perkins loan, this is completely up to your school if they want to participate, and if they have any funds left (they only have a certain amount of funds each year for these loans, and they may have already given them out to other students). As for the FSEOG grant, this is for very low-income students... even with an EFC of 0 you may not have qualified for this grant. I've had an EFC of 0 for 3 years and have only qualified for the FSEOG one time (and it was only $300). The other two years I didn't qualify for this grant despite an EFC of 0. If you don't want the private loans, I would inquire about the Perkins loan and ask if you are eligible; however, it sounds like you'll have to choose a different school if you want to avoid the private loans.

    If you receive any financial aid, the school takes tuition, fees, etc, out of the financial aid before you pocket a penny. Don't count on putting money in your pocket, or an apt. Then, to purchase property, lenders generally require 3 years track record on the job. If you were working full time, you would not need financial aid for school. If you are attending school, and have no earned income, you cannot get a mortgage. If you own property like an apt/condo, you do not qualify for financial aid. You are you-knowed every which way you move trying to pull off something like this. Errant nonsense or pie-eyed fantasizing. Are you sure you are really college material - brainwise?

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