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    My husband and i are very interested in buying a trailer in a mobile home park. We have never been home owners but have rented a apartment. I am 23 and make no income, my husband is a truck driver and makes a good living. We do have low credit scores in the 550's, due to credit cards. We do also have a truck payment and his student loans. We are currently living with his parents and it is horrible. The trailer we are looking at is in a great trailer park and is around $26,999.00. The park does offer financing even for people with bad credit or who have ever had a foreclosure. MY question is how does this process work? We need to finance it obviously. Does the loan get worked into the lot rent or is that a completely different bill? Do we need to have home owners insurance or some type of insurance? Also we have 2 dogs that the park will allow. We also live in Newport, Michigan not sure if that would make a difference. I know that we will probably have a high interest rate cause we have such a bad credit score. I just need to know how all this works. Negative comments are not appreciated. Link to the trailer and the park website------->

    I work with a Mobile Home Dealer over in Oregon. First off, Credit matters only to some parks and not to others. It depends on the park and what the bad credit is for. I would say, since you are going to go through an agent as that is what is posted on the MHVillage listing, call them specifically and let them know your situation. They will let you know first off it is possible with that park and financing and such. Then just ask them what their process will be from beginning to end on a normal deal(deals very and there are sometimes rare things that cause extra steps with counties and what not). However, in direct answer to your question. This would be our process in Oregon(and this may change depending on dealership and state/county and park). These are the basic outline, but there is a lot that goes into each step, but what to expect in basics. 1.) Customer calls dealer and dealer does a pre-qualify to see if home is right fit for buyer & Seller(usually totally honor system except if credit is close then they may pull a report). 2.) Appointment to see the home to see if it would even fit what the buyer wants. 3.) Write up the buyer for the price they want to offer. (Like a normal home there will normally be a earnest money check or cash taken but not deposited till there is a signed purchase agreement by both parties, this goes towards the home purchase) 4.) Dealer works with the buyer and the seller to find a happy medium price with all stipulations and contingencies Gadsden WRITING ON A CONTRACT (make sure it is in writing or it can be changed on you, I've heard of some pretty shady outfits). 5.) AFTER AGREED ON PRICE, then go in for Park approval and get in the application for financing. (Don't do park approval before home agreement because your forking out a credit and background check fee before you know your getting the home). 6.) Hear back from the park within a few days normally. Hear back from bank within 1 - 4 weeks depending. 7.) If all looks good, you have a closing date and go in to close once financing comes through from bank. 8.) The dealer acts as an escrow company(not to be confused with being the escrow company), but they are usually licensed and bonded so if anything happened you as the customer are covered. 9.) Moneys you are responsible for: a. Park fees (rent, deposit, etc, find out from agent about these or call the park) b. Closing costs c. Down Payment d. Finance fee (which is usually put into the loan) 10.) Keys are exchanged when money is exchanged 11.) Dealer submits the home transfer to the state/county, and buyer gets title in the mail. For yours specific being financed through the park, that will be different and you will need to discuss that with the park. And since your credit isn't going through the bank, just the park, then you will need to talk to them again about the time it would take and any stipulations with the loan. I hope that helps :) Enjoy the weath... wow, I just checked your weather report and apparently you are expecting thunder and lightening tonight. So, Grab a cup of coco and a good book:)


    I would make sure that it is just being sold, and not sold on a basis that you keep it in the park. You may also want to consider that this mobile home is from the 1970's, so the stability of moving it will be degraded. I do not know the rules and regulations in your state, but in Missouri there are certain areas that only allow you to move a mobile home that is 10 years old or newer. Also, moving a mobile home can cost from $2000-7000, depending on how far and how hard the move is. Good luck :)

    Buying a mobile home is a lot like buying a car. The credit requirements are a great deal different and like a car lot it is common to have on the lot financing available. The lot rent will be a separate bill. Just don't go into the purchase with your eyes closed especially if the trailer is used. Don't forget to negotiate!!! There is a mobile home "blue book" that can help you determine the proper value just like a car, but the hard part is gaining access to this information without buying the book

    The total cost involved with financing a mobile home plus paying for park space will equal or exceed the cost of apartment rental and you will be stuck with a depreciating asset that will be difficult to sell in the future. Good Luck

Keep $1,000 for car as planned, or use it for unexpected washer & dryer purchase..?!?

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    Eldridge Kihn
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  • Ewald McLaughlin
    Ewald McLaughlin
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    Clemens Rowe
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  • Erik Douglas
    Erik Douglas
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    Jace Funk
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    Dameon Mueller
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    Diego Emmerich
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    Angelita Emmerich
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    Amber Ullrich
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    Salvatore Denesik
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