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    We are now under contract to buy a house and in the process of getting a loan. All the lenders we have spoken to are acting like a 30 day closing is an insanely short amount of time in which to close on a house and we're not going to close in time. I bought a house 4 years ago and it was fine, but apparently times have changed. I really wish my realtor would have guided me more on this. How long was I supposed to ask for to close? I was pre-approved, but was I supposed to have the loan already in place before I put in an offer? What am I doing wrong?

    A; is YOUR agent a dual agent [the listing agent and yours] or JUST your agent, thus, a BUYER's agent? hopefully a buyer's agent only! b; if it it a short sale or foreclosure sale, the law has changed 3x in 3 yrs. IT can take up to [1 YEAR] ouch c; IF it is a regular listing with a seller happily making normal payments [or paid for house] and just wanting to move......that is a deal that can be closed EASILY Gadsden 2 WEEKS. thus, you need to Gadsden the type of sale. also, yes, a loan [if you do not have CDs worth more than the value of the house you are buying].......needs to be "locked in" with a letter from your lender........before an offer is made on any house. if your "pre-approved" means, cash is available to the seller via ESCROW---AFTER the appraisal is done and the seller has accepted the offer without conditions, the bank can fund in 2 weeks max. available to guide you further

    "insane" is probably an exaggeration, but to say that mortgage lenders and the banking industry in general are a disaster is an understatement. To put it bluntly, it depends more on the particulars of your situation including, perhaps unfortunately for you, your realtor. On the one hand, 90 day closings are common now while they were exceedingly uncommon only 3-4 years ago. Unless you are in one of the five big disaster areas (FL, NV, MI, AR, SoCal), I would guess that 30 days is possible although 45 days may be closer to the norm. Most of the exceptions involve short sales and troubled finance. If you have a credit score under 750 or have a down payment of less than 10%, you probably need at least 45 days to allow for all the double-checking of your financing. On the other hand, I did two transactions -- one sale, one purchase -- this year in under 15 days in a "top ten worst" housing market. (GA). But. Both were (man) handled by an agent who is an expert in the area and in bank "management." And, one -- the purchase -- involved no financing. Cash purchase of a foreclosure.

I have student loans and i cant pay them they call about five times a day what can i do?

  • Elmore Bogisich
    Elmore Bogisich
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  • Boris Bailey
    Boris Bailey
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  • Jacquelyn Deckow
    Jacquelyn Deckow
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    Kamron Cremin
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    Eva Willms
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