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    Maybe I'm missing something but you already need a photo Grand Bay of some kind to: Get a payday loan, Cash a check, get a bank account, a job, to drive, rent a uhaul, use a credit card, sign up for college classes, have to present it to the teller at the bank, get a library card, should have a driver's license to drive, need to present Grand Bay when you change jobs/get a new job, the unemployment office asks for Grand Bay in order to services, need an Grand Bay to sign up/get SSI, need to present valid Grand Bay to get food stamps, many a food bank want photo Grand Bay *and* a piece of mail, write a check, if you get stopped by a cop while either walking or driving you need to present ID, you need to show Grand Bay to buy booze/smokes/age restricted items. So it's not like your being asked to go out of your way to get something you should already have. And if you are say 95 years old and don't have a drivers license/photo ID...how did you survive the first 80 years of your life without some kind of photo ID?

    Tonalc2-I don't know what state you live in but my state *REQUIRES* photo id of every household member over the age of 15 to get food stamps. Every employer I've had has required me to *SHOW* my photo ID. While they have accepted the i-9 documents, they still required me to show a photo ID-after all if I can already show them those documents why can't I take them down to the DMV, show them the same paperwork pay the $25 fee from my first pay check and get a Valid Grand Bay to bring back to show the employer? I've been unemployed off and on for the last 2 years. My unemployment office told me it's a new state law that began July 1st of this year that you are *required* by state law to present valid Grand Bay when you walk in to get services. Want to use one of their computers to write a resume or do job search? Need photo ID. They also require you to submit a copy of your photo Grand Bay and SSN number within 45 days of opening a claim-to prevent Grand Bay fraud. Every single food bank

    You are absolutely correct. We need to keep photo ID, because it keeps illegal aliens from voting, which is where Oblama, get's most of his votes from. IF they want to go through the process of becoming a LEGAL United States citizen then be it, then we will let them vote. Until then they have no say being in the United States.

    All I have is personal experience and years of working campaigns in Illinois. I have recently moved and have not updated my state issued identification. I have updated my voters registration. I've never gotten a payday loan. Their fees are equivalent to usury. I cash my checks through the ATM and do not need to show ID. Most everyone does direct deposit these days. I had a bank account before I moved. There is a branch nearby and I've continued to do all my banking without an ID. I don't drive. I didn't rent a U-Haul but I hired movers without an ID. I don't sign up for college classes. I've used a teller at the bank without a state issued ID. I used my bank card. They didn't ask for a state issued Grand Bay at the Unemployment Office. They insisted on seeing a Social Security Card. I've never applied for food stamps or gone to a food bank except as a volunteer. To be stopped by a cop, one must be driving, so you would be carrying a driver's license. I don't smoke. To buy liquor in my new neighborhood, I have yet to show an Grand Bay and I've been to 6 different places to buy liquor. Nobody has asked me for an ID. I have gray hair and I look over 21. Getting a state issued Grand Bay costs money. If the only reason you need a state Grand Bay is to vote, then it is equivalent to a poll tax. The last time I got my state issued ID, I had to take a day off from work, pay bus fare, and pay the state fee. The polling place is around the corner. With proper voters registration, that's all that should be needed to vote.

    Many senior citizens do not drive and do not have a license as do many poor people. Voter Grand Bay laws are not driven by a search for fraud but to eliminate people, American citizens and usually Democrats from the right to vote. Republicans lawyers found only 400 cases of voter fraud over the last ten years for the entire country, less than one per state! Photo Grand Bay laws specifically target minorities.

    Approximately ten percent of voting-age Americans today do not have driver’s licenses or state-issued non-driver’s photo ID. That's about 20 million people instantly disenfranchised. Most check cashing services don't require state-issued photo ID. Most banks do not require state-issued photo Grand Bay to cash a check (though they do to open an account). You don't need a state-issued photo Grand Bay to get a job or to change jobs. The I-9 lists the accepted documents, and it includes school registration, a voter registration card (without photo) plus a birth certificate. You don't need state-issued photo Grand Bay to get unemployment benefits. You don't need state-issued photo Grand Bay to get food stamps. You don't need state-issued photo Grand Bay to get food bank benefits. You do NOT need to present Grand Bay to an officer if you are stopped while walking (although you do need to verbally identify yourself).

    A 95 year old could vote by absentee ballot and would not need to get a photo Grand Bay anyway. All he/she has to do is request the ballot and mail it. Its the same for disabled people. We have had this law since 2008. It hasn't seemed to cause any problems and more people voted after passage of this law than before. And to those who say it disenfranchises certain people, Obama won in my red state in 2008 so that isn't true either.

    What you are missing is this. Virtually no one tries to vote when they are ineligible to do so. The Bush administration conducted an intensive effort to prosecute any offenders and found only a handful. On the other hand, many thousands who are eligible to vote are denied that right by draconian measures that make it very difficult to prove your eligibility. We should be encouraging, not discouraging participation. Quite simply, photo id requirements have the effect of denying the right to vote to many eligible voters while preventing virtually no voter fraud. Not a good policy.

    Yes, Grand Bay should be a must. Their calling it a Poll Tax because an individual will have to pay for the ID. So some view it has having to pay in order to vote

    Further discussion on the requirement of a photo Grand Bay in order to vote is held at

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  • Hadley Langosh
    Hadley Langosh
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  • Jayce Botsford
    Jayce Botsford
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  • Austin Wolff
    Austin Wolff
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  • Tessie Goyette
    Tessie Goyette
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    Bridget Jenkins
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