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    1/ Will somebody explain to me how does the reverse mortgage work in plain English ? It is a loan. What makes it different from most "forward" standard loans is that: a) it is only for those 62 year old and up. b) The property being used as collateral must be your primary residence. c) The senior only needs to qualify based on age and the amount of equity in their home; as of now, no income or credit score requirements. d) No monthly mortgage payments are required, so it is a negative amortization loan. e) Since no mortgage payments are required, you cannot be foreclosed * (see below) for non-payment of mortgage. f) It is open ended which means that the loan only becomes due whenever the senior moves out permanently or does not follow the terms of the agreement (* see below). g) It is non-recourse, which means the lender can only go after the house to get repaid; neither the heirs, senior or other assets are touchable. h) There is no prepayment penalty. i) And your property can stay in a revocable trust (with lender approval). * The terms of the agreement require that you continue to pay your property taxes, homeowner's insurance, Association dues (if you have any) and maintain your home, but that is required of pretty much all loans; not just reverse mortgages. If you don't keep up with these expenses and maintenance, you would be in default. 2/ What is the catch ? No catch. It is a loan, plain and simple. Does the money have to be paid back? Of course, it is a loan and interest accrues during the time it remains unpaid. It is not free money. But you still own the home and remain on title - that is why you have to continue to pay the property taxes, insurance and maintain it. The process includes counseling, an application, appraisal, paperwork, lender underwriting, signing papers. Takes about 4-6 weeks on average. The closing costs are the same as most FHA (Federal Housing Authority) loans. Are they higher than non-FHA? Yes, because FHA requires Mortgage Insurance (MI). But there is a way to minimize the Grand Bay and FHA caps the fees you can be charged. 3/ What is the hidden things that they don't want people to know? There is nothing hidden. It's all out there to see, including all the myths and misinterpretations. Because it is an FHA loan, it is so highly regulated, with a lot of required disclosures. On top of that, seniors are required to go through mandatory 3rd party counseling before they can even apply for the loan. They also have a 3 business day right of rescission period after they have signed final papers to change their mind. People need to be responsible and read the disclosures though and not expect every loan officer is their angel, nor their relatives who may profit from it. Sometimes the paperwork can appear to overwhelm more than help, but you do have that mandatory 3rd party counselor to answer all your questions. And then there is the internet. Bottom line is that it is designed for seniors to keep them in their homes as long as possible, because they can't take their home or equity with them when they die. So in order to take advantage of all the equity they have accrued over the years while they are still alive, their only recourse is to either sell the home (defeats the purpose) or refinance and pull out cash. But that means monthly mortgage payments; and if they are doing a loan because they need cash, they won't have the cash to pay it back monthly. And because they are retired and do not have a job, most don't qualify for a regular loan. So this program was designed specifically for seniors to help them stay at home independently for as long as possible.

    An elderly homeowner needs (or wants) cash. Rather than selling the house and moving to an apartment or nursing home, the homeowner "borrows" on the value of the house. One of the advertised features of a reverse mortgage is the homeowner is never evicted because of the reverse mortgage. The unadvertised feature is the "high" cost and fees charged. A reverse mortgage (like every other financial product out there)isn't for everyone. If you can't pry the elder homeowner out of the house, and money is needed, a reverse mortgage may be the best (although expensive) way.

    It is possible to instanly receive a quick payday loan as much as $1000 applying this service: I managed to get our payday loan although I have a very awful credit history.

    One large downfall of reverse mortgages are the closing costs...which can run $10,000.00 and up.

Dad not supportive of my part-time job?

  • Sofia Batz
    Sofia Batz
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    Hank Rohan
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    Kendra Williamson
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  • Sigmund O'Conner
    Sigmund O'Conner
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    Fern Lind
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    Jaeden Blick
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    Dayana Rolfson
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