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We can loan up to $500 to Grove Hill occupants, in view of qualifying elements. On the off chance that endorsed, your credit will be expected on your next payday that falls in the vicinity of 10 and 31 days after you get your advance. Nitty gritty data with respect to expenses and reimbursement is accessible on our Rates and Terms page. As you consider whether an advance is proper for your prompt needs, you ought to likewise investigate other subsidizing alternatives. A payday credit is a genuine budgetary duty, and not an answer for long haul issues. Getting from a companion of relative may be a superior alternative.

    If you interest rate was increased then this is because your risk of default increased. BTW - do you think that the TV news is going to explain to you the factors that go into determining an interest rate? Here is how an interest rate is calculated: The cost of capital (interest rate the bank pays on the money they lent you); plus the required rate of return (the minimum amount of profit the bank wants in order to be in that line of business); plus the default rate for whatever 'class' of credit user you fall into. So: If the bank is paying 3% interest on the money they lent you and wants to make a 7% profit then you have a 10% interest rate. Now you have to add to this the risk of default. So if one in ten people who are in similar financial condition to you default on their credit card debt each year - then they have to increase the interest rate by 10% just to break even in this regard. As a result in this scenario you would be paying a 20% interest rate. If the bank were not allowed to charge this 20% interest rate then they would simply cancel your credit card in order to keep from losing money. (Hint: the recent credit bill is going to make it impossible for a lot of people to get credit.) .

    The fact of the matter is that people have been (for the most part) inexcusably reckless when it comes to credit cards. If a majority of the people with credit cards read the terms they agree to the outrage would have happened a decade or longer ago. Big business doesn't get wrangled in until someone challenges it in court. In order to call bs on the un-American practice of changing the terms of a contract after they've been agreed to - which is what ALL credit card companies do when they raise the rate charged on prior purchases for whatever reason- you have to A. know that that is precisely what is happening and B. know what to do about it. Unfortunately the people who find out about the credit card companies' disgraceful practices do not have the power to do anything about it. Now that the widespread practice of "universal default" is widely known we've got a regulation preventing it. So, in the end you can blame whoever you want. But you must remember that the government is no better or smarter than you, just more powerful. Personally, I blame (in ascending order from least to most culpable) the ignorant government, careless spenders, the media for not shining light on the universal default clause, and the credit card companies.

    The real problem is that money has become the most important thing in American politics. The candidate with the most money wins about 95% of the time, so winning an election is mostly a matter of raising the most money. A senator, if he wants to get re-elected, must raise literally thousands of dollars a day throughout his entire 6-year term! The media look at how much money every candidate has. They crown the richest candidate as the presumptive winner, and mostly ignore the others as non-serious candidates, as 'also rans'. This is because they know how the richest candidate is going to spend this money--on media! On ads! Naturally they want the one that's going to spend the most money! This means that it's money, not people, that decides the issues. A politician has to make deals just to get enough money to announce his candidacy. In other words, by the time you -see- the candidate, he has already sold out. His agenda is decided by what's best for his contributors, not by what's best for the country. And since both our political parties get their money from the same places, you can't expect their real agendas to be all that different. Like any two almost-identical products in a marketplace, they spend all their time and money trying to differentiate themselves from one another. Example: When Obama began his run for president he favored a Single Payer health care system. We can argue about whether this is the best idea or not, but it was the idea that most Americans said they favored, in poll after poll. Later in his campaign he abandoned this idea. Why? Maybe it had to do with all the money he received from health insurance companies. Whatever plan he would come up with, it wouldn't hurt the health insurance companies. Obama's plan, like Bill Clinton's plan, like GHW Bush's plan, all have that in common--they keep the existing health insurance corporations in place, strengthen and perpetuate their control and enhance their profits. It's the same with banks and financial institutions. They -own- Obama (and the Republicans too). It would have been much better for most of us if Obama had given the money to people, just regular people who for some reason beyond their control couldn't pay their mortgages--a sickness or injury, loss of job, whatever. They would have paid the banks and the banks would have been saved. Instead he gave the money directly to the banks so it helps the people who don't need help. I don't like that any better than you do. But it's pure folly to think the Republicans would have done anything better. At least Obama put -some- conditions on the money. Bush's stimulus money was just a gift!

    Well there is something you should know about the government and many of the banks in the US. THEY ARE Grove Hill BED TOGETHER. All of the current economic issues stem from the big banks telling the politicians to place in legislation which would benefit them. Then the politicians do it because they are afraid to get on the big bank's bad side. Then we have an economic meltdown (which by the way was engineered by the people in control of our politicians and banks for their financial and overall control benefits). Now the banks say "help we need money to survive" even though they are mainly at fault for the economy to begin with and they have plenty of money on reserve, so the politicians give them billions which the US never had to give to begin with. Guess where the billions came from... That's right, they made it up in thin air through a money laundering scheme through the federal reserve. And guess who is in charge of the federal reserve... The big guys upstairs in the big banks. Essentially the big banks laundered money they made up through the federal reserve. Did you know that every dollar that is placed into circulation from the reserve has an interest payment being made annually by the tax payer? Yup, the federal reserve is not a government entity, it is private and contracted by the government to handel our currency. The dollars in your wallet along with the dollars in your bank account(s) are being charged interest because they are on loan from the reserve. We don't own that money, we are given the license to use it and as taxpayers, we pay interest on it. Now that we understand that, does it really suprise you that the banks would up your credit card interest for no good reason? They do it because they can, and because they want you to fail so they can launder more money.

I have a question about my stafford loan?!?

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    Roselyn Stokes
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    Antonietta Buckridge
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    Kaitlin Watsica
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