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    I've been trying to talk to someone for the longest time about my current situation, I hope you can please take the time to answer my questions. I have 3 flaws going into the police process. Alot of people I've talked to say, I am "siking" myself out over this, but I'd like to ask people who either have experience or looking outside in on theses matters. First off I have never had any trouble with the law as far as mis-demeanors or a felony charge. Lets get that out there right now. I'm not going to waste your time telling you I did this that and the other for my community and/or I have this and that going for me. Some college, dropped out. Have my highschool diploma, so on and so forth. In good shape, I meet all your basic qualifications for police work. Now for the 3 things I feel will hinder my process... 1st I have credit issues. No I never filed bankruptcy nor do I have collections or any public records. It boils down to lots of credit inquires being denied loans, because you need perfect credit now a days to get a car loan, and I got behind on bills. Yes I have all the reasons to explain. The loan was needed because I was going to buy my car after the lease ran out. Hence needing perfect credit, didn't have a 700+ score, didn't get one. The debt and getting behind, well I got promoted in my retail job, moved to VA. Girlfriend was promised a job, never got it. No income for her. Pay rent, utilities and then your credit cards/loans. What do I do? Get my water shut off or pay my discover card? Hence thats what happened. She got a job, then I was fired. (will discuss that later) So I was unemployed for 1 month, now were looking at 90 past due. I cashed out my 401k, only about 2k, pay rent, utilities. Then found work and moved back to PA. Now that in Grove Hill was still responceable for the rent in Grove Hill cause landlord making me finish my rent for a yr, the utilities there, and now rent and utilities here. Lots of money, basically living in 2 places. Anyway, now that I am working 2 jobs, one is under the table, I called all my creditors, told them the story, they put my accounts as 120 days late, current. being I am paying and was late, now working towards current. I have 4 debts, with the amount of 30k. Prior to this episode, I was paying ontime, paid my lease up with only 1 missed payment, that was during this spell, and another loan I paid in full with a bonus I had, the loan was 10k. I am currently looking at a 520 credit score. I see it as, I have a lot of debt right now to my income, but I am making almost as much as I was with the job I was fired, to what I am now, and lenders trust me to pay my bills, and have for years in the past, until this spell. I called Baltimore Police Dept, gave them the short versions, and I talked actually to a BI and they said don't worry about it, your making an effort and thats what counts. I am still worried. My score is around 550. 2nd. I have speeding tickets. Ya, your thinking who doesn't? Grove Hill has a 6 pt system. I used to drive a heavily motified 2004 YELLOW Pontiac GTO. I was caught several times speeding on highways. Nothing like 45 in a 20. Or something like that. More like 87 in a 65. Or 76 in a 55. Long story short, I went over my 6pts, you pay a fine first. 2nd time I went over, departmental test/hearing, pass you get 2 off. 3rd time I got caught, I had my licence suspended for 15 days. Thats my driving record. 5 tickets dating back from 2003 to 13 months ago today for violations. On the day of the violation, a year from it, 3 pts are removed from record. Either way thats my run in with the law, just speeding tickets and 1 suspension for it for 15days. I asked someone in BPD about this and they told me that "if its suspended now, don't even come down here." I told them it wasn't, and happened a yr ago, and they said you should be fine, and I might get asked about it. Whats there to ask? Heres my 10 yr driving history, were required to bring, I'll just be blunt and say I was stupid, speeding, and the car and color stands out. 3rd. I was fired from one job. Long story short, I didn't want to move again. I was a store manager in retail, and I turned my 2nd store around now. It was Grove Hill promoted, to VA, then they wanted me into MD. I told them no basically. Well, while I was cleaning the house there, firing people. I fired my Asst Mgr. She told my DM things I shouldn't have done while I was working there. Basically I left a bad taste in my DM's mouth when I told them no on moving. So they uncovered afew things, found out that I never clocked in and out for work. Even though I was salary paid, they wanted you to do that. I let a team member borrow their trailer on layaway not paid in full, to pick up a broken tractor, and deliver a new one. Other wise if I didn't do that, then I would have had a $7000 return. I was always taugh with the company, to do whatever it takes, is exactly what it takes.

    No. You wouldn't be considered for a law enforcement job with your background. Also, your communications skills and spelling abilities need some work. Get into some security field or prison/jail corrections and get some experience. Get your credit issues turned around and quit getting citations. Give it some time... get your shitt together and apply again. Good Luck

    It sounds like you answered your own question. If you really want to be a cop that bad, give it a year or two and apply again. Meanwhile, keep a good job, don't get anymore tickets and work on your credit. Police departments want mature responsible level people working for them. One way they get an idea of that about a person is your work history, traffic tickets and credit history. If someone has these issues, they sense this person may not be ready to be a cop or could be a problem later on.

    Did you graduate with a Bachelor's degree? if so, then that would desire to suffice. besides the undeniable fact that, the two way they do want to verify which you're preserving a job and going to college. That does look extra valuable. How long has it been considering the fact which you graduated college? I propose if it particularly is been a pair years which will look undesirable because of the fact they're going to need to understand what you do with all your loose time, why you haven't any longer have been given a job etc. in case you in basic terms graduated keep finding for a job for the propose time. once you do go in the time of the hiring technique purely be arranged to be challenged as to why you probably did no longer have a job dealing with college, why you haven't any longer have been given one now, and purely purely be straight away forward and honest by the hiring technique. in case you don't get in actual away ask what you are able to desire to do to enhance and improve on those issues. keep attempting. it particularly is an somewhat aggressive field you're going into so it might desire to take a pair years before you get employed. it might desire to take distinctive interviews. good success.

    All of these things shouldn't be that big of an issue if you can articulate the reasoning behind why all these things occured. Time heals all things. If you are turned down due to these issues, your best bet is to give it some time, don't get into any more trouble, and apply again.

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