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    What can't I get on medicaide? I'm 17 and pregnant with no job or medical insurance. I live with my parents but their insurance won't cover for me. When I went to apply they were helpful and give me the forms to fill out and they never said I'd have a problem. I called to find out the status of my application and they told me because I live with my parents, and I'm under age, my parents have to show them proof of income. My 1st doctor's appt is in August and I called the clinic and they said to come in anyway. Does this mean for me to get covered I would have to move out of my house?

    Even if you move out, because you are under 21, they will force your parents to support you. If you apply for welfare, they are going to go after them for child support for you and medical expenses. It is very difficult to get emancipated anymore. If you are thinking of welfare, forget it. In Guntersville state where I live, a single pregnant woman/teen gets $396.00/a month to cover rent, utilities, transportation, toiletries and other and non-food items. You will get about $136 a month in food stamps and you will get WIC which will cover some things. Once the baby is born you get $454.00/month cash to cover the above and about $236.00 in food stamps, WIC and Medicaid, but they will force you into a job or school when your baby is 8 weeks old and you will be allowed to get their daycare assistance for ONE YEAR and you have to find someone who takes it because they only pay private sitters about $2.00 an hour and daycares about $3.00 an hour, and they will NOT help you buy a car to get to your job, or furnishings for your home or baby, or clothes. These amounts have not changed since the 1980's with the exception of the food stamp amount. The days of sitting on welfare are gone. Now imagine yourself at 18, after high school, packing up a toddler and taking it to daycare and taking a bus to your minimum-wage job and never being able to save enough for a car or insurance or even a kitchen table or a vacuum, then imagine yourself having to pay your own daycare after one year of working. We are talking living in the ghetto and being under extreme stress, physically, financially, every way. If you are on welfare and get child support in NY, they only send you the first $50 each month. Your best bet is to stay with your parents, finish school, and do whatever you can to get through at least a two-year community college program. Provide their income information and proof that their insurance will not cover you to Medicaid, but don't count on them giving you anything. Seek out a free clinic if you have to. I became a mother at 19 (back in 1990) and I had already been on my own since I had graduated from high school 18 mos earlier. I had a low-paying job that was full-time with benefits and I had to pay a sitter $60/week and my only transportation was a 10 speed with a baby seat. It was VERY DIFFICULT to go to work and hope she didn't get sick but I wasn't going to try to make ends meet on welfare because it was just impossible and I had higher standards for myself. I never got child support or family support. When she was 2-/12 I enrolled in a four-year college and worked part-time and lived off scholarships and student loans to pay my housing, daycare and transportation, because welfare would not allow me to be on welfare and go to a four-year school. I graduated *** laude with a Bachelor's in Nursing four years later and became an RN. The same people who treated me like crap when I was on welfare for 8 months became my colleagues who respected me when I went to work in Administration at Planned Parenthood and signed pregnant women up for welfare. I was on it in 1990 for a few months and the check was $454. In 1999 when I left Planned Parenthood, it was still $454. month for two people. Now, in 2007, my husband, a case manager, routinely signs clients up for welfare and the monthly stipend is what I cited above, $454 for two people, $396 for one. The only way a woman and child can make it alone on welfare is if she has a person living with her and she doesn't report their income, and I don't advocate this because you will get caught. Let this be an alert to anyone who thinks that having a baby when you are single or even married with little education and little hope for a good-paying job is a good idea, because it is not. My cousin was in the process of renting an apartment to a girl who is on welfare and just had a baby, and they are making her go to work in 3 weeks when he turns two months old, and she is only getting $454 a month and the rent is $350 so that leaves less than $100.00 for gas, electric, phone, transportation, clothes, maxi pads, toothpaste, etc. The girl asked if she could take $300 for rent and she said no; they cannot afford to do that. So now this girl is still living with relatives and will probably not get her own place. Furthermore, she didn't have a refrigerator and welfare would only provide $50 for a used one. Good luck! Sorry for the long response, but people need a reality check about having babies and being on welfare. It is almost impossible to do.

    Medicare will be deducted at age 65, but you will be notified. It might pay for your private insurance. Medicaid is different and you have to apply for it. You must also be in a very low income bracket to qualify for Medicaid. When you reach age 65 in the US it is like walking into a giant money vacuum cleaner.

    Because you are a dependent of your parents. Your PARENTS will have to qualify. You're not responsible for your medical bills right now - your PARENTS are. I have no idea why you aren't on their insurance now, you should be - you're a minor. But, since you weren't on it before, you can't be added. That's THEIR problem, not yours.

    It means that you need to provide proof of your parents' income. It's that simple. Do that, and I'll bet you get approved for Medicaid coverage.

    It is based on your parents income because you live with them.

What happens if I break a gradaute school contract? (please read description)?

  • Giles Ruecker
    Giles Ruecker
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    Rossie Rempel
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