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    The Obama Democrats: By The Numbers $34,000: the amount of federal taxes that Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (D) failed to pay during his employment at the International Monetary Fund despite receiving extra compensation and explanatory brochures that described his tax liabilities. Aren't they just having so much fun?? $75,000: the amount of money that the head of the powerful tax-writing committee, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), was forced to report on his taxes after the discovery that he had not reported income from a Dominican Republic rental property. His excuses for the failure started with blaming his wife, then his accountant and finally the fact that he didn't speak Spanish. $93,000: the INCREASE in the amount of petty cash each of our Congressional representatives voted to give themselves in January 2009 during the height of an economic meltdown. That's a $40 + million INCREASE! $133,900: the amount Fannie Mae "invested" in Chris Dodd (D-CT), head of the powerful Senate Banking Committee, presumably to repel oversight of the GSE prior to its meltdown. Said meltdown helped touch off the current economic crisis. In only a few years time, Fannie also "invested" over $105,000 in then-Senator Barack Obama. $140,000: the amount of back taxes and interest that Cabinet nominee Tom Daschle (D) was forced to cough up after the vetting process revealed significant, unexplained tax liabilities. $356,000: the approximate amount of income and deductions that Daschle (D) was forced to report on his amended 2005 and 2007 tax returns after being caught cheating on his taxes. This includes $255,256 for the use of a car service, $83,333 in unreported income, and $14,963 in charitable contributions. $800,000: the amount of "sweetheart" mortgages Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) received from Countrywide Financial, the details for which he has refused to release details despite months of promises to do so. Countrywide was once the nation's largest mortgage lender and linked to Government-Sponsored Entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Their meltdown precipitated the current financial crisis. Just days ago in Pennsylvania , Countrywide was forced to pay $150,000,000 in mortgage assistance following "a state investigation that concluded that Countrywide relaxed its underwriting standards to sell risky loans to consumers who did not understand them and could not afford them." $1,000,000: the estimated amount of donations by Denise Rich, wife of fugitive Marc Rich, to Democrat interests and the William J. Clinton Foundation in an apparent quid pro quo deal that resulted in a pardon for Mr. Rich. The pardon was reviewed and blessed by Obama Attorney General and then Deputy AG Eric Holder, despite numerous requests by government officials to turn it down. $12,000,000: the amount of TARP money provided to community bank OneUnited despite the fact that it did not qualify for funds, and was "under attack from its regulators for allegations of poor lending practices and executive-pay abuses." It turns out that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), a key contributor to the Fannie Mae meltdown, just happens to be married to one of the bank's former directors. $23,500,000: The upper range of net worth Rep. Allan Mollohan (D-WV) accumulated in four years time according to�The Washington Post through earmarks of "tens of millions of dollars to groups associated with his own business partners." $2,000,000,000: ($2 billion) the approximate amount of money that House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI) is earmarking related to his son's lobbying efforts. The son, Craig Obey, is "a top lobbyist for the nonprofit group" that would receive a roughly $2 billion component of the "Stimulus" package. $3,700,000,000: ($3.7 billion) not to be outdone, this is the estimated value of various defense contracts awarded to a company controlled by the husband of Rep. Diane Feinstein (D-CA). Despite an obvious conflict-of-interest as "a member of the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee, Sen. Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions to her husband's firms�." $4,190,000,000: ($4.19 billion) the amount of money in the so-called "Stimulus" package devoted to fraudulent voter registration ACORN group�under the auspices of "Community Stabilization Activities". ACORN is currently the subject of a RICO suit in Ohio. $1,646,000,000,000 ($1.646 trillion): the approximate amount of annual United States exports endangered by the "Stimulus" package, which provides a "Buy American" stricture. According to international trade experts, a "US-EU trade war looms": which could result in a worldwide economic depression reminiscent of that touched off by the protectionist Smoot-Hawley Act. It's not just a culture of corruption; it's a culture of corruption and stupidity. In addition, these folks appear to be above the law. All of the aforementioned are still in office, ruling li

    Obama eats crap and barks at the moon. He is a crook, a tax cheat and the biggest liar I have ever known in my life. He appoints crooks and terrorists to his cabinet, socializes with Arab and Muslim terrorists as well as home terrorists like Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and then has the audacity to mock and make jokes about the plights that many Americans are going through, like losing their small business, their jobs, their retirement pensions, their houses, their cars and their sanity. I pray to God to stop him and the madness he is driving our country into, he keeps going the way he is now and very soon he will implement martial law in our country and declare Sharia Law. Please, don`t dish out the proverbial, "Oh that can`t happen in our country"; the same was said about violence against Americans by those who cross our border illegally through the Mexican border, it is happening so much that even the mainstream media has been forced to report on it. The same was also said about our country being attacked by terrorists and we were attacked. We need a new party that will stand up and govern as our Constitution demands, not professional politicians that are robbing us blind.

    I totally agree with you he is destroying America. Terribly misinformed voters, desperate for a quick Change, regardless of the consequences, voted for Barack Hussein Obama, with reckless disregard for the pain and suffering of those who fought and died to make this great nation a free nation. Freedom isn't Free, a lot of people in over 200 years have fought and died for that Freedom to have it recklessly voted away in an election by uniformed voters. The support and election of Barack Hussein Obama desecrates the graves of those Americans who fought and died for that Freedom. Barack Hussein Obama shares a dream with the world's dictators for a Post American World. Comrade Barack Hussein Obama said in his book 'Audacity of Hope', “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction what better place for the Muslins to control our country, than in the office of the President of USA.” A person can’t truly love America and Obama too, for to truly love one is to truly hate the other. May God protect the American People and the Free World from the Democrat Party and Barack Hussein Obama. May God enlighten Barack Hussein Obama’s misguided followers and let the see the real evil truth about Barack Hussein Obama. Semper Fi

    I think if the media ever gets back to objective journalism and stops being so liberal biased (protecting Obamatard and fawning over his every word) that Obamatard will go down as the worst president ever (even worse than Cartertard, and that is awful!)

    God I hate him anyone that voted for him made a HUGE mistake and I am holding them responsible for ruining are country.

    People like ed j. here are the problem. they follow blindly, always citing others for problems. refusing to see that BOTH partys have failed us, and Obama is simply the Black Bush. a democrat puppet. WE are the problem when WE keep electing the same corrupt partys.

    I think he's doing great. I also think there are far too many of these questions every day and every week. Are we going to go through this for the next four or eight years? How do you like Obama? Are you sorry you voted for Obama? What do you think of Obama? It never stops! I don't remember seeing that on here about Bush for the last eight years.

    He is working to help this country....not like bush was helping to free Roger Clemens

    I still like Obama. Sure, he's had his mistakes, but he's way better than Bush, who put us into this **** in the first place.


    I dont think very much about the man who is going to destroy this country.

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