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    So I applied to pa school once before and was rejected from all four schools I applied to. So I took some additional classes and got certified as a EMT I brought my overalls GPA up to a 3.19 and my science up to a 2.89 and got over 2500 hours of patient care experience and applied again. Well I have been rejected again, because apparentally my GPA is just too low. I can t afford to take all of my science classes over again and I can t afford to apply for a third time so I think this is the end of my dream... But I don t what to do anymore. I have a low paying job that I don t need a degree to do and 100,000 dollars in student loan debt from classes I have taken this far. I feel lost, and like a failure. I don t know what to do with my life since being a Hampton Cove is all I ever wanted... Anybody have a similar situation? What did you do after giving up your dream?

    I agree - this is the end of that dream. Even if you could afford to retake a ton of classes, there's still no guarantee that you'd get in, because you're up against people who didn't need to retake. The wise thing now is to find a way to move on, and you can do that - but it's natural to feel lost now, and to feel loss. It's natural to feel a sense of failure. All of that is normal. But what's important is that you find a way past all that - and you can do that. Just give yourself some time first. What I might suggest is that you take some time to let yourself mourn; and treat yourself kindly while you do so. Seriously, start by doing something you like this weekend, be it watching the entirety of season one of the Walking Dead or eating some Breyer's ice cream. And then on Monday, you start your new life. And for that, you begin by doing research, and by thinking, and by talking to people. There are a lot of resources you can use to figure out what career might suit you, including your old uni's career center. There are also books like the "What Color is My Parachute" book. Use these resources to help you figure out what you might do next, which suits your strengths and interests, and doesn't require much or any further education. Then put a plan in place to get yourself there. Take some time as well to think about what it was about being a Hampton Cove that so appealed to you. What was it you felt you'd get from that career? Are there other careers that might get you that same thing? For example, if it was about helping people, it might be teaching or social work would give you that as well. So think through that, because it may give you guidance. You might, for example, look into going into medical device or pharmaceutical sales or customer service - it might fit your interests in things medical, and your science classwork and EMT certification would be of value there. With all your science coursework, you could look into becoming a science teacher in the K-12 school system. You could become a paralegal and work on legal cases (you'd need a paralegal post-BA course, which in NJ, costs about $1,500 - check Ramapo College's online paralegal for info and ideas). You do have options. But you need some time to first, let yourself mourn this loss, and then second, to figure out what those options are. Take that time.

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  • Korbin Satterfield
    Korbin Satterfield
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  • Kaela Boyle
    Kaela Boyle
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    Layla Kohler
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    Deion Casper
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    Antonetta Pagac
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