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    Here's the entire break down... We'll call the grand Total $12,250 between 4 different credit sources as follows, displayed as: Debt/APR percentage 8,000/16.24 1,700/19.24 1,500/23.15 777/19.99 After rent and utilities I keep about 1,200 a month for myself. I have about 3,500 saved up. My credit score is 658 and I make around 60,000 a year. I've tried to get pre-approved from places that wont affect my score when I look (three different online lenders) and none of them could produce an offer. Probably because I have a relatively young loan out that's about 1 year paid off from a three year contract. The biggest of my CC debt listed above almost has that CC maxed also, so that isn't helping. I do have a 401K I could take about a $10,000 dollar loan out from if I ABSOLUTELY HAD to, but I'd like to avoid that if I can. How would you go about it?

    Do not touch your 401(k) or apply for a consolidation loan. Also, stop using your cards completely for now. You aren't that desperate. I would use the $3500 to pay off the $1700 & $1500 and part of the $777 debts. Combine the payments to finish paying off the remainder of the $777 debt while still paying the minimum payments on the $8000 debt. When you've finished paying off the $777 debt, combine all credit card payments to pay off the $8000 debt. If you have more money, add to that payment. I don't know what your total monthly payments are but if you can pay $250/mo after your lowest balance cards are paid off you should have the $8000 paid off in about 3.5 years. High interest cards take a long time to pay off because more of your payment goes toward the interest.

    Your credit score is not something you should be concerned about right now. If you can transfer your balances to a card/loan with a lower interest rate, do it even if that's a hard inquiry. If you really put $1200 a month towards your debt, you can pay it off in a year. Since you've managed to get yourself into debt despite that excess, I'm guessing you don't have the willpower to actually do this. But try to commit to some payment (maybe $500) that you CAN maintain every month.

    Why do you have $3500 in savings but $12250 in debt? I realize that you need an emergency fund, but you are currently paying interest between 16-23% on debt and you are making no where near that amount of money on your savings. What does the $1200 "left over" each month mean = based on your income, this should mean actual savings or "play money". But by the looks of your note, this may be living expenses (food, personal care items, gas, insurance etc). If you are really paying $2700 in rent & utilities (we'll take out the taxes from your salary), you are paying way too much!! If the $1200 is walking around money, why do you only have $3500 in savings? And why aren't you putting at LEAST $800 towards your credit card bills? Add'l info: Do you need to be spoon fed the information?I answered your question! If your rent and utilities are $2700, you are paying way too much, based on your income. With an income of $5000 a month, your rent should be $1670 (1/3 of our income). Even in a place like Hampton Cove with expensive rentals, you can find a place 2-bedroom safe place for this amount. You will then have an additional $750+ a month to pay your credit card bills. ($2700-$1670+utilities = over $750 a month). FYI = you come across as a d1ck. You ask people for help. Then you complain that they don't sugar coat it and baby you over it. - how did you get a job paying $60K a year, if you can't figure out = you live within your means? It's not rocket science.

    No one will loan to you and guess what? The more people you ask, the worse your credit rating will be. You have over stretched your credit and your interest rates are awful. One of your interest rates is almost 25 percent. Why? Because you have over maxed out cards, and high revolving balances, I suggest that you transfer your debts into the c/c with the lowest interest rate. At 17 percent is still terrible, but better than the other ones. 1- don't use your credit cards anymore. Only buy cash until you learn how to be responsible. 2- only buy what you need, not what you want. Stop. 3- don't make minimum payments. You need to pay more than that if you ever want to get our of debt, **4- pay off the c/c with the highest interest rate first. When you are done. Cancel that credit card. Then payoff the second worse one. 5- bag your lunch for work. Every.single.day. 6- brew your coffee at home and bring a cup along. No more Starbucks. You need to get this situation under control. You are basically working for the banks right now. I suggest you skip the shopping sprees or restaurants or clubs or whatever it is you are funneling your money. If you have $1200 left over, then lay the darn credit cards already. Once you get better credit, you will have better credit lines and lower interest rates. My apr is 8 percent. I have Never paid a cent in interest, how? I pay my bill every in FULL every month and I get to keep my money cash rewards, $300 a year, so the bank pays Hampton Cove to use their credit card.

    Use your savings to pay off the 1500 and 777 in full. Then you can use those cards, AND PAY Hampton Cove FULL EVERY BILLING CYCLE. Roll SOME of the monthly payment of those into the 2 remaining bills - with emphasis on the 1700. Suspend paying into your retirement account(s) until your debt is gone. {Every $ lost to interest is lost for the rest of your life <- counter argument to those that say keep funding retirement while in debt.} ^^ which will be sped up with only 1 bill charging interest. Also, if your tax return refund is over $600, do a new W-4 and put the extra $ directly against your cc debt.

    Katherine gave a great answer! If you have excel, you can download a debt reduction calculator from vertex42.com to run scenarios on the order you pay off the credit cards and see how extra payments impact your plan to pay off debt. I suggest the order below (starting with highest interest rate) as it will save you the most long term, and the difference between the balance on cards 1 and 2 isn't that big (especially since you said you have 1,200 for yourself each month). You can switch #1 and #2 if you'd rather start with the lowest balance and free up one required monthly payment quicker. If you don't have excel, you can probably find other free tools online to help with calculations. I just really like having a file saved on my computer that I can maintain. I find it really motivating to see how much an extra payment really saves me in the long run... which makes me want to do it again the next month. For example, if paying an extra $100 will save me $50 in interest, it's like every extra payment is worth 150% of what I'm actually paying. 1) 1,500/23.15 2) 777/19.99 3) 1,700/19.24 4) 8,000/16.24

    One way to reduce your interest payments is to find several card promotions which accept balance transfers with no payment of interest for a year or so. You will have to pay a transfer fee of about 2% of the amount transferred but that is a lot lower than the usual credit card interest rate of 20% or more. With lower interest payments on the new cards, you can pay off the balances faster. When the promotion offer ends after a year, transfer the balances to a card with a new promotion. You will need to have a fairly good credit rating to qualify for these balance transfers. If you have steady income from a job, you can consolidate and pay off card debt by getting a personal loan from some banks, preferably one you have a good record from accounts with it. The interest rate on a personal bank loan will be much lower than the 20% or higher on credit cards.

    There are different options. One that I would consider heavily if you can do it is an obious one. Pay it off if you own the money. that way you owe less in the long run from interest. secondly it is a common practice to obtain a loan to pay off the debt. you technically still owe the same amount but switching interest rates on amounts owed saves you money in the end. also dont use the cards, it hurts you and it hurts business as they pay a percentage of your transactions at stores hile putting you further in debt leaving big banks and cred companies in billions of profit

    This site will help: It's by Dave Ramsey, and he helps a lot of people with this exact problem. I got out from $1,2000 in debt on $60,000 in income. Here's what I recommend: 1. Call each credit card company and see if they will reduce the interest rate. Tell them you have offers in the mail for 14%. If it fails, so what, at least you tried. If you succeed, you spend less on interest. 2. Get four plastic bags. Fill each with water. Put one credit card in each. Put them in the freezer until each is a block of ice. Now you can't use the credit cards until you're out of debt, or at least until you unfreeze one each time you need to use it. After this, stick to cash only. Put cash in envelopes for groceries, and set a budget for that. Put cash in other envelopes for other things. Don't cut out entertaining entirely, but restrict yourself. 3. Write down your debts again after you made the phone calls to reduce interest. If you succeeded in reducing the interest rate of any of them, write that down. 4. Now you have a choice: you can pay off the card with the lowest dollar amount first, to feel good about it. Or you can pay off the card with the highest interest rate to save the most money. So, you'll pay the minimum on three cards and put most of your money towards the card you're paying off first. 5. Figure out some ways to make extra money. Have a yard sale. Do some freelancing. Write an article for a magazine. Make YouTube videos and get google ads on them. Rent out a room on AirBnB if you can. Whatever you can do that's legal to make money. 6. Figure out a way to cut your expenses by $10 a day. Shop around for a cheaper cell phone plan. Call your cable TV and negotiate a lower rate each month. Cut out XM radio. Stop going to Starbucks. Get a liter of vodka and have your friends bring mixers and chips over instead of going out for a couple of drinks each weekend (the first weekend already saves you money, as $15 for a liter of Absolute vodka costs less than two drinks out). $10 a day in savings is $300 a month! You'll pay this off quickly. 7. Go to a Debtors Anonymous meeting to figure out why you're in debt. They're listed at www.debtorsanonymous.org. 8. Vow to never get in trouble like this again. Don't take money from the 401K. You'd just have to pay a penalty on it. Look up "The Rule of 72" and you'll see how much it will be worth someday if you invest it and let it sit. You'll see your credit score go up as you get under 50% debt from each card. That's means, if your card has a $2,000 limit, you get a score boost when you go under $1,000. Then additional credit score boosts come when you go under 30% and 20% on each card. It's something to aim for. By doing all this, you'll learn from it and never get in trouble like this again. Oh, and I don't know what the other loan is, but if it's a car, consider whether selling it would be wise, especially if it originally cost more than $30,000, as you should never have a car that's more than six months' salary.

    Pay them.......Simple plan. Stop using the cards (or maybe just keep one for emergencies). Pay as much as you can: you sleep better with zero debts on your head.

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