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    I have read this article online, and this is what I found out: Everyone wants to believe they are middle class...But this eagerness...has led the definition to be stretched like a bungee cord — used to defend/attack/describe everything...The Drum Major Institute...places the range for middle class at individuals making between $25,000 and $100,000 a year. Ah yes, there's a group of people bound to run into each other while house-hunting. So let's say the median income for middle class Family is $100,000 / year, (which I highly doubt it), the couple can only take home $70,000 / year AFTER tax, that is $5,800 / month with a $3,000/ month mortgage, $500 / month gas bill (2 cars), $1,000 grocery bill (2 kids 1 dog) $400 utility bill $800-$1000 car payment for two cars. Barely left nothing for them to spend. How can a couple survive with less than six figure annual income?

    Since no one knows who I am here on yahoo I will tell you my TRUE numbers! ! ! Just to start we have never had a car payment and never had credit card debt and the only loan we have ever had in the 11 years of marriage is a home loan! ! ! When my wife and I married 11 years ago I was making $20,000 a year she was making $12,000 a year. Two years later I was making $25,000 and she was about the same BUT we decided that when a child came along she wanted to stay home. SO at $25,000 a year she quit work and because we BUDGET we made it! ! ! Yes we purchased a house BUT we didn't purchase one above our budget! Our house payment is $450/mo! ! ! NOW we are still in the same $450/mo house and my income is $50,000 and we have 4 kids. Yes our gas is $400 a month for the two vehicles BUT we purchase good used vehicles and they are paid for! We have NEVER had a car payment, we have always saved to pay cash for used cars (when my wife quit work I sold a newer truck and purchased a real junker)! ! ! As for grocery we budget $150 a week and never spend it all. Our utility bill was the highest it has ever been and it was $157 this past month. Again no one knows me so I am not bragging or lying but we also budget 15% to charity and we are able to put 10% in savings. As for you talk about paying 30% in taxes?????? I have not paid anything in taxes since our first child was born!!!! With the child tax credit I have actually been given back more than we put in every year SO at $50,000 with 4 kids next year I will probably get back $2000 more than I put in! ! ! BUDGET IS THE KEY and live within your means! Sell the newer car and drive an older one, sell the bigger house in the high dollar neighborhood and move into a 1970's house that could use some paint and updating! QUIT EATING OUT and did I mention BUDGET! ! !

    It's very possible as my wife and I earn slightly under that mark. It all depends on the numbers and not living above and beyond your means. For example, my family expenditures are MUCH lower than your numbers. I'm paying a third less than what you have come up with. And I live in a nice neighborhood (only one car note as the other is paid off), and don't eat $1000 worth of groceries (coupons people, use them). Maybe b/c I'm in another state but those numbers are high and in that instance that couple should find a way to curb those expenditures. The mortgage alone is kicking their butt. Those that are in that predicament I suggest 1. some financial counseling 2. define what is a NEED and a luxury and get rid of those things (believe it or not cable, the internet, and cell phones are luxury items people) 3. get a better job or move and most importantly 4. understand that it's okay not to keep up with the jones'. Nothing wrong with living at your means.

    Where I live in Hanceville the median for a family of 4 is $74,300 per year but I live in the richest county in the state. In Philly, it's about $35,000 a year. BTW- Most people do NOT pay $800-$1000 a month on car payments (mine are paid off in full). Most don't spend a $1000 on food either. Sorry but it sounds like YOU are making some very poor choices which is why you feel broke.

    I guess it all depends on where you live. I live in the Chicago area, and my husband and I make about $125,000/year. Which is considered middle class in my area. If you have a $3,000 a month mortgage, you need reevaluate the home you live in, you are living above your means. $500 a month on gas is ridiculous. Conserve where you are driving and learn to car pool. $1000 for groceries, fine, but there are ways, learn to buy generic brands, clip coupons, look for sales.... $400 utilities, sounds right. $800-$1000 car payments for two cars, you could downsize if things got very rough. It is all do-able if you make an effort.

    You don't. A $3000/moth mortgage and $1,000 for two cars? Where do you live and why would you not evaluate your finances before purchasing these things? This are tough, they are tight. There are many people who do not make it or have a very hard time making it. I think we really need to evaluate what is important to us and what we can eliminate from our "want" list. My husband and I are both fairly new teachers, so that tells you what we make (about 60 combined). We do perfectly fine and have extra for vacation and splurges here and there...however, we have no children.

    My husband live a very nice life on his 80,000 income (i am retired). we live within our means. it's all choices. we only have 1 car payment at a time, we don't have ANY credit cards. if we don't have the cash, we don't buy it until we do. we eat out only once a week (makes it a special date night that way) and we don't go crazy spending on vacations. it comes down to choices and what you're willing to sacrifice in order to have a better life. it isn't about keeping up with the neighbors. it's about living a more stress-free life. we have a nice home, i drive a 2007 vw beetle convertible and hublet drives a 2002 dodge dakota. once my car is paid off, he'll get a new one IF he needs it. if not, we'll wait on buying. be smart, buy smart.

    Lets put it this way: My husband makes a tad over 100K. he has been with IBM for twenty years. I make 45K as an Executive's Secretary and another 10-12K as a part time personal trainer. We are hardly what I would call rich, but certainly middle class. We live in Chicago.

    Well the big problem is that people get all that stuff and big mortgage and nice cars etc and then wonder why they can't afford it instead of only purchasing what they can realistically afford. I think a mortgage payment of $3000.00 a month is a bit steep.

    I make 40 after tax my husband makes 50 after tax and we survive just fine. we have mortgage, 1300 a month, gas ,car ,utilities, my pedicure and manicure every paycheck, hair and we eat out every saturday .and i shop designer and we still deposit 1500 in our savings every month. so yes it is possible to survive and we live in new york.

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