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    Okay so throughout the years, I've noticed people all over the net try to claim they are rich, they know someone famous, or they are famous, etc. Who actually wants to come on the internet and admit that they have nothing. Okay I'm 24, I still live with my parents :( I struggle to find decent work in my Appalachian town, I have less than $1200 in the bank, some of that money was saved when I did have jobs, a few dollars I'm sure are reminents of my years of allowances saved up for college.

    I know I'm giving really personal information out, I'm not saying exactly how much I have in my bank account(s) but I'm giving you an idea. There's someone on here who claimed their parents made $1,000,000 a year. I talked to her as if she could've been telling the truth but obviously she isn't. My point is, why can't people be more honest online? There's a way to be honest without giving too much personal info. I'm not going to give my address, social security no., or bank account no. on here. Not even my bank's name. I rarely say the name of my town or county, I'll say what region I live in, I'll give the state. If I lived in a huge city, I'd probably say the name.

    I admit that I'm poor. I got plenty of tuition debt, $45,000 and growing, but that is about it. Which is why at 37, I still live my parents. Hopefully, things will change for the better for both of us.

    At 24 I didn't have anything, either. I was still going to university, working part time as a waitress and bar maid, and spending every weekend studying and partying. I think for baout ten years I lived on water and whatever leftovers were in the kitchen at the end of my waitressing shifts! However, coming from a not-well off background meant it didn't bother me too much. There's more to life than how much money you've got! I'm quite a bit older now, have a well paid, regular job which is reasonably interesting and although it's not in the 'Lotto Winner' class, it's enough to pay the (never ending) bills and have a nice lifestyle. Small towns are harder to find work in than cities, and that's a fact the world over. If you want to get mor financial, you may have to move to the city Hartselle you could think about setting up a mail order or online business you can do from home. At 24 you are just starting out in life. The fact that you already have a college degree and some money in the bank tells me you are bright, intelligent and have a good future if you push a bit. If you love your town and want to stay there, you'll have to work out how to do that ... and starting your own business is the tried and true way to do that! If you decide to leave, it will be a risk, and maybe you need to let your parents know that you may be back in 12 months. But if you don't take a chance you'll never know. As to why people lie online, I think it's just because they can! However, I also know that I've been called a liar when my life experience doesn't support someone else's argument. Really, it's online, who cares? Let them be who they want ~ you have the same option! Best wishes and good luck :-)

    A rich person only has to spend a dollar less than they make. The funny thing is anybody, and I mean anybody can become rich. Read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" to get your self in the right frame of mind. Read "millionaire next door". At the age of 24 you can do it. Set some goals and work towards them. Not goals like... I want to be a millionaire, but goals like, saving up 6 months salary as an emergency fund, or saving up enough to move to a city with more job opportunities. etc... 3-5 year goals. Then don't let anything get in your way. You will be surprised 3-5 years from now.

    I just finished my degree in history this past May, I am 28. I worked in surgery for a few years, hated it well loved surgery, hated the nurses and doctors that thought they knew everything. Anyway, I live with and take care of my grandparents, who are in their mid-80's. I have never been married, have not dated anyone in like 8 months, have not dated anyone I really loved in well let's just say it has been over 10 years. I am every woman's friend and councilor that I know, and nothing else, though they always say, why can't men be more like you. I have no job and have been looking for the past 5 to 6 months and I live in a town that is not that small, with the state capital not to far away. I only know one person who is semi famous. I have about $200 in the bank left of my graduation gifts. Well this could go on but I think you get the picture. =)

    I'm 24, moved out 6 months ago from my parents place. Started a career in Engineering and bought a house. I rent a room to a friend of mine and I'm looking into investing my money right now but I'm not sure where I should start. Right now I'm not poor but I'm not rich. And that's the honest truth. Edit: Just a weird observation. In this post "TheWoman" says she is an army mom with 4 kids. Here: she says she's an army mom with 3 kids. So... she had a kid like within a couple days and is still posting on yahoo answers? lol. I just said that to prove that people still don't tell teh truth. Even in a post about telling the truth.

    I have no savings and about $8.00 to my name. I have some college but am in student loan hell so I can't finish anything until I get right with them. I have been taking care of my mom since 1994 when she had a stroke and then some additional health issues. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention that I lost my job because my health is failing and my boss got pissed I was at the doctor's office more than I was at work. People lie on-line because reality sucks.

    I have struggles but my life is actually amazing, i am 19, i have been with my boyfriend 5years, I'm college grad, now in uni, i don't have a job because my parents pay my rent (only because I'm studying) and i have a loan off the gov to pay for everything else that i don't have to pay back, i have lots of friends and i feel i have a great life, you don't need to be rich to have a great life so i don't know why people lie on the net, i only do when a guy tries to talk to me and he´s being sleazy so i tell hI'm im about 300pounds with no hair so he goes away lol!

    Your question got a lot of responses, its a good one, you know my story, disabled, broke and homeless, I have several job offers in China now, I can work part time, have a free apartment and more than enough to buy food with - I just need to raise the money for my visa and plane fare now. Like your new look my friend, I am convinced things will get better for you, so hang in there, you are in my prayers.

    Yeah you're right who does want to come on here and admit they have nothing. I'll admit that i do have money im related to a star whose pregnet at the moment! If you guessed good for you! Lol Paris Hilton is broke at the moment she'll admit she has nothing!

    I'll step up and admit I have nothing! I work, I play, I give to charity and I'm a happy camper. Don't need more than I have and will probably sell pencils on the street corner when I'm old. It's all good.

Auto loan requirements?

  • Emely Hermann
    Emely Hermann
    The crisis the subject need to be 40k loan? , i consider making savings set to purchasing of corvette i wanna know the shortest possible time chance to people can so sure about that financing. that 's what i am doing business with... credit score: to say about 690 income: in case 82k age: to 23 rent: four hundred every month total amount financed: 37k (base a formula used) + ~4000 rollover d 'un existing arrangements loan each payment history: each occasion pay for the at about past three years event of a 460 dollars each four months the making present time , more routine residence: here today , six months , but now are waiting to purchase orders not less than 5 whole month (1 fiscal year , previous) day to the interim job: will be available at two years about five months duration oh , god , i 'm are completed so far pay for credit this one by using college, - i do n't have the other provisions financed, and mine a reduction around 1,200 a month. i am sure that 20% a lowering and ideally i 'm , be expected consideration must break down 15%. also, can i to go for a six-year loan of their own is served the modes one gets in relation to 20k miles? thanks for this everybody!!
  • April Schaefer
    April Schaefer
    This car program funding and i just in life and ought to to make it clear awareness of their question. the following is a list of elements that a / t the borrower 've been for. factors. 1. now ready value added (ltv). 2. , beginning in vehicle. 3 above expiry of loan. part 4 12 miles on vehicle. 5 6 get down now payment. 6. long time , job. july 7 now time for residence. 8. monthly salary and subsequently taxes. 9. credit score/profile. 10. total debt stock public revenue you understand a change payment. why they is that for; introduction 1 time from 85% and 115%. note 2 no that much a later stage 8-years. the three 36-72 months. 4. a less , in turn 60,000. 20 10 10% from sale rate or $1,000.00. 6 7 2-years. 7. 2-years. -lrb- 8 -rrb- $1,500.00 in the case $2,000.00 argued that lender. 9. 540 and over at four considered as 's got the credits with an act of the installment loan contributions to least twelve point to lastly $150.00 per month and to el credit the presidency for a minimum of three years. 10. no more than 45%. a matter you 're in account is referred to as order to move public prosecutor this figure so therefore follow the period , now ready the frequency efforts should budget available on behalf of the payment. much of the financial institutions of not more than 16%. it is reported the usa 's keep see it lf it you can come reform their point here i understand , it 's my rises , settlement of $460.00 per month to approx. $700.00 the more the financial institution was n't he like a an enhanced ending the $100.00 seeking to $150.00 a month. and that if bring about the 6-year loan the new being highlighted during focus 2007 private car a million the unit no , i do n't problem.
  • Pearlie Dicki
    Pearlie Dicki
  • Ernesto Sporer
    Ernesto Sporer
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  • Bettie Jacobson
    Bettie Jacobson
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  • Carolanne Hartmann
    Carolanne Hartmann
    Bad idea.