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    I'm a Hartselle resident and high school senior looking for scholarships. The problem is I don't plan to attend college in SC. I'm not 'ethnic' or super smart(a lot of scholarships require a 1300 SAT) so this seems almost impossible. My family makes under 40,000 a year and I come from a single parent household. Can anyone suggest any scholarships to me?

    KW: Scholarships are intended to recognize students with promise, or to reward students for past performance - they're not intended to help students who simply have financial need. Now, that's not to say that there aren't programs that are all about financial need - in fact, there are far more programs that provide for students with financial need than there are programs that purely recognize merit. On January 1st, the 2010-2011 FAFSA will be published for the first time on the website. The FAFSA is THE application for financial aid - by completing it, you'll be considered for nearly all of the financial aid programs that are available to US college students. First and foremost, you'll be considered for aid from the federal government - in fact, the US Department of Education provides billions of dollars of aid every single year. They are far and away the largest provider of aid - nobody else even comes close. Completing the FAFSA will also make you eligible for consideration for aid from your state and aid from your school - about the only thing that the FAFSA won't be used for is to apply for scholarships. I would strongly recommend that you start with the absolutely fantastic booklet that the Department of Education publishes every year. It's called "Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid". You can ask your high school counselor for a copy, and if they're out, you can also read the whole thing online, by visiting the Department of Education website right here: you read that booklet, you'll learn about all of the financial aid that's available to US college students - and there's even information in there about the scholarships (and how to find them). If your grades aren't particularly outstanding, scholarships are probably going to be less important to you than loans, grants and work study. All of that is in the booklet, too. You'll learn what the qualifications are for each of these programs, and how much money might be available. Let me caution you about one thing that you raised in the details of your question. It costs a LOT of money to attend college outside of your home state - colleges charge non-state residents a significant premium. How much? Well, schools in Florida charge double or more, and schools in California charge more than double. It's very difficult to justify paying $20,000 a year MORE ($80,000 for 4 years) for the same education that your classmates are receiving. It's also important to know that "financial aid" will not make up the difference between the cost of your state schools and the more expensive out-of-state schools. As you might imagine, the aid system is not designed to encourage students to select more expensive school choices. I wouldn't worry so much about scholarships at this point - they're not likely to be a big part of the aid package that you receive. Read up on the other financial aid programs, and make sure that you shop for a school that you and your family can actually afford. Good luck!

Help with intermediate accounting?

  • Francesca Parker
    Francesca Parker
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  • Madilyn Robel
    Madilyn Robel
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