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    My university says federal fin aid prohibts them from using future fin aid pymts to pay off charges from a prior semester. In other words you cannot plan on using current year aid to pay for anything left over from a previous semester. I am a single parent working two jobs with three kids (9, 8, and 2) who can graduate after two more semester. I have not been able to return and already to my limit of how many classes I can transfer in. I have bad credit and unable to streach what I have anyfurther to pay off last summers 3,000 dollar debt so that I can return to college. I have been out of school so long that my student loan will be in repayment soon. Where can I get a loan or help so that I can get back in to my university?

    In your situation, there are things available... to help cover that extra time.... and you only have a little bit more to go, so dont you DARE stop now!!! you have grit girl, and you're almost there... as a single parent myself (of 4), i completely understand what your going through, but you cant stop now, you just cant! i will post all that i have found online, and YOU are bound to find some sort of help with it. take your time and pick through ALL of them... to see what you qualify for, when the deadlines are, etc. some are for single parents :) --------------------- OVER apply; it doesnt hurt to have too many, and the extra funds can help with housing. YOU WILL NEED ADOBE READER: (yes, its free) & PRACTICE TESTS (SATs, PSATs, ACT, GRE LSAT, MCAT, GMAT,TOEFL, etc) TURNITIN (don’t copy papers, teachers/professors DO check your papers with this) INFO NACAC & COMMONAPP DVD TOURS OF COLLEGES CRIME STATS, DATA OF COLLEGES SCHOLARSHIP LIST MORE SCHOLARSHIPS, HELP & INFO: MISC FIELDS OF STUDY NURSING / CNA BECOMING A TEACHER CHILDREN OF MILITARY <-do search for ‘scholarships’ INTERNSHIPS DEPENDENCY or NOT LOAN FORGIVENESS STATUS OF LOAN Hartselle AID IF YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR PIN yet (for your loan / aid status) apply for one: ESSAY HELP GRANT SCHOLARSHIP SCAM LIST (if you find a scam report it here too) LOANS GRAD LOANS & SCHOLARSHIP DEFAULTED STUDENT LOANS CONSOLIDATE LOANS TEACHER / PROFESSORS reviews, rated by students INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIPS SINGLE PARENT SCHOLARSHIPS & HELP

    Do no longer report for financial disaster. I in no way propose human beings to pay month-to-month money to a collector. that's already in collections so paying it would not heal your credit. for the reason which you gave them your account type you will might desire to close that one after notifying them it is going to now no longer be available. try this in writting and save a record of each little thing. the only way you will possibly desire to pay a set is once you have the excellent quantity. you would be extra ideal off placing that money in a mark downs account and then soliciting for a freelance in the previous paying it. each affiliation you have with them desires to be in writting. in the event that they say they are going to settle for a freelance as charge in finished, get them to fax you a letter with the contract. I certainly have considered human beings pay what they concept grew to become right into a freelance, to later locate out it grew to become into purely utilized like a lump sum charge. in case you very own a house, they are in a position to place a judgement on your sources in spite of if that's a severe quantity so till the soundness is under $5000 you will possibly be able to might desire to pay them something. $50-$one hundred might properly be all they are in a position to get out of you precise now. remember as properly that the interest maintains. Request that they decrease your interest to 0 while you pay it.

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    I would consider online classes for now until you get your financial situation under control since it sounds like you got your hands full so explore the option of online classes.

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