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    A few years ago I made the mistake of getting enrolled in the online University of Phoenix thing... after a few courses I decided it wasn't for me, but I'm still responsible for about 20,000 dollars worth of loans. A couple of them are already going into default status because I can't afford the monthly payments. (The payments are more than what my 2 bed room apartment rent costs.) It's pretty much undoable for me, and the people in charge of collecting the debt aren't working with me on lowering the payments to a reasonable level. I want to go back to a traditional school and get a degree, but as it stands I cannot do it because I can't get any financial aid. I could work a couple jobs and save up the money myself, but I still have the defaulted Phoenix loans hanging over my head when I go out to apply for a job. I'm wanting to pursue a degree in nursing, but I'm sure there will be some kidn of credit check before any hospital would hire me. Everyone does credit checks nowadays.. so I'd assume employers in the medical field would too. I don't have the money to talk to a financial advisor about this.. it's pretty much become a personal hell for me, and I'm not sure how to get out of it. I go to bed thinking about it, and wake up thinking about it.

    You are stuck with those loans since bankruptcy will not eliminate them. You need to forget about school and work 3 jobs. 1 full time and 2 part time. Move back home if need be. Only you can get you out of this mess.

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    Talk to a bankruptcy lawyer. You may not be able to discharge federal student loans in bankruptcy, but they may have some suggestions for you to restructure your debt. It drives me crazy to see a post like yours. You would have been much better off at a community college and it would have cost you a fraction of what you now owe. Commercial schools are there to do one thing: MAKE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES BY GETTING YOU Hartselle DEBT.

Especially adults, if you have a moment, would you like to lend advice to a struggling college student?

  • Deven Bernhard
    Deven Bernhard
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  • Lionel Johnson
    Lionel Johnson
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  • Evelyn Olson
    Evelyn Olson
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  • Billie Ortiz
    Billie Ortiz
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  • Kallie Stoltenberg
    Kallie Stoltenberg
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