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    Seems a few clarifications are in order. 1) The founders had ample reason to protect the church and state from each other. The countries they'd emigrated from generally taxed believers and non-believers alike to fund the state-run church. In Germany, if a prince converted from Catholicism to Protestantism, everyone ruled by that prince also had to change religion. Religious persecution crossed the Atlantic, too. The Massachusetts Bay colony exiled, tortured, and martyred quite a few Quakers and others who didn't share the Puritans' faith. They also attempted to make failure to attend Sunday service a capital offense. So at least one of the intents of the establishment clause was to make sure the state didn't become synonymous with any particular church. 2) George Washington gained much of his military experience fighting with the British against the French and Indians in a war he helped start at Fort Necessity. The cost of that war was largely responsible for the increase in taxes that famously triggered the Revolutionary War. Benjamin Franklin then persuaded the French that the colonies and the French now shared a common enemy - the British - and got them to lend us Lafayette and a navy. No clue if the story about the coins is true, but it's a sure bet the coins didn't say "In God We Trust." 3) In designing our great seal (which appears on the dollar bill) the founding fathers clearly felt comfortable borrowing symbols from Egyptian mythology (eye of Horus) and quoting Virgil (novus ordo seclorum). While I agree with the earlier post(s) stating the choice of "In God We Trust" was made as part of the anti-Communist hysteria of the 1950s, I like to imagine that (since no god in particular is specified), it refers back to Horus, who was a pretty good guy as Egyptian gods go. 4) I find "In God We Trust" more ironic than offensive. If we trusted God to save us from the godless communists, couldn't we have prayed in our closets as instructed by Jesus instead of making a big public spectacle out of the whole thing?

    Ultimately most phrases are subject to some interpretation. The concept and understanding of "God" is not at all universal. Given this: the phrase "In God we Trust" will mean different things to different people. The phrase "one from many" is less ambiguous so one can argue easily that the latter motto is a more universal phrase. However church and state really does not have any bearing on the selection of the phrase(s) which are included on our currency. The modern adaption of the phrase "In God we trust" which is in the public domain says "In God we trust all others must pay cash." This adaption has clarified in the phrase in to a clear and concise expression; which is distinct from the earlier meaning. Certainly this phrase on our currency would would make a great deal of sense. But frankly what matters is that our currency has value which is stable and secure. The catchphrases and artwork are just that.

    "President Washington , was shot in the chest by two Indians at the same time , and had two coins in his pocket near his heart , and both bullets hit the two coins and saved his life" WHAT A STORY Headland FAIRY TAIL! Then the same Indian chief , when the french hired the Indians to fight against the union ?????????????? THE FRENCH WERE ON THE SAME SIDE Headland THE AMERICANS!!!!!! Some people are just full of rubbish!!!! killing is against the law in many other places!!! these people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe [Stupid is as Stupid does] would be a good one looking some of the answer!

    I know the phrase was only added in the 1950s (or something), but it's a non-issue. Having IGWT on the currency doesn't mandate school prayer, it doesn't prohibit school prayer. It doesn't build national churches, and it destroys no private ones. It doesn't set our budget, it doesn't command our military. You'll only change face by removing or adding to it; it's a non-issue.

    For all those above...there is no such thing as Separation of Church and State. The Constitution was based on the Ten Commandments which is why we originally could not sell liquor on Sundays, Murder is illegal, Adultery was illegal, Stealing is illegal and many forms of Coveting are illegal. The only thing that is specified is that the 'Government Shall Make No Law Respecting an Establishment of Religion' which is captured in the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. Nowhere is separation of Church and State mentioned. The root of the 'Separation of Church and State' comes from the Danbury Letter penned by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists. Thomas Jefferson by himself does not define the meaning of the US Constitution as this was a personal letter and not one placed to Congress. The President does not create Legislation, the Congress does. The only way to have a true Separation of Church and State would be to complete remove the Government from any Religious mandates such as the Ten Commandments. Good luck with making Murder, Stealing and Coveting legal in all its forms.

    Church and state are seperate. You cannot find one place Jesus had any relationship with Tiberius and he called Herod a fox. In fact it was the Emperors who killed the Christians. In God we trust all others pay cash! That is my answer to your question.

    I like the 'In God we trust', better. It represents infinite possibilities, like America.

    I like your phrase better. I hate religious-based phrases to represent stuff, apart from...religion.

    Well if you understand the separation of church and state , it was never meant to separate church and state , but to protect the church from the state . And are founding fathers , who were the foundation of our constitution , Has so much God in them , that they were able to have the wisdom to form a great nation like ours . President Washington , was shot in the chest by two Indians at the same time , and had two coins in his pocket near his heart , and both bullets hit the two coins and saved his life . Then the same Indian chief , when the french hired the Indians to fight against the union , told his many braves to shoot at Washington , and he had 2 horses shot out from under him and 4 holes in his uniform . And finally years later the chief met George and said that the great spirit must have been protecting him that day . So it's men like that with the help of God that founded this country , and were inspired to put things like In God we trust on the money . Because it was God in who they trusted who made them prevail in impossible odds . And they knowing for a fact he did this , founded this county on God and honored him . Their are millions of other story like this even in world war 2 of how we got missile technology , when it was on Russian claimed German territory , and a angel helped a man find the hidden camp where this was located . We may have never had a cold war if they would beat us to the missile technology , they would have just nuked us in our sleep , and we would not be here to make coments like , why should in God we trust be on our money . Some more facts for those that don't know all the history History is very important ( as mentioned in the Red Pill) to the survival of a nation. A nation that does not remember where it came from, or what it's foundations were, is easily destroyed, by it's enemies, either from within, or without. And so far, history has taught us, that more often than not, nation's are destroyed by enemies from within, rather than from enemies from foreign countries! Such is the case in America! This is why you have not heard of God miraculously saving George Washington from musket-balls tearing through his flesh, and fatally wounding him. Even though he had four bullet holes in his jacket, and bullet fragments in his hair. And two horses shot out from under him. This took place 21 years prior to the signing of The Declaration of Independence, and him becoming Commander-in-chief of the revolutionary army. The importance of this historical story of George Washington, being erased from government school (they call it public school) textbooks, is immediately understood. God intervened, on behalf of George Washington, because He knew that George Washington would be pivotal to us winning the war against King George! Men like Clarence Darrow; Jack London; Roger Nash Baldwin (Avowed communist, and founder of the ACLU); John Dewey; C. F. Potter, and other anti-Christ men, knew that to continue to teach such stories of the divine intervention of God, on behalf of America, in public schools would prevent them from rewriting the History of America, and program the children what to think, not how to think! These men gained control of our education system, and began teaching our children the Humanism taught by Karl Marx! For a detailed timeline, see A Chronological History. This anti-Christ, anti-American agenda is evident in the words of C.F. Potter: "Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday schools, meeting for an hour once a week, teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?" Ok, now that some ground work was laid, let us now look closer at the miraculous saving of George Washington's life by Jesus Christ, 21 years before the birth of our great nation. George Washington was only a 23 year old colonel at the time of the ill fated war, along the banks of the Monongahela river, near Fort Duquesne (pronounce Dew-Cane), which is now Pittsburgh, Pa. War had broke out between the French & Indians, and England, over the territorial right of way in America. American colonies were forced to come together, for the first time, and join with England, to fight a common foe, France, and the Indians. Between 1688-1763, England and France had been at war with each other in several different places in Europe. Then in 1754, war erupted here, for territorial control of America. This really was the genesis of the Colonies coming together, to become one nation. George Washington's role in this affair really began in October 31, 1753, when he was commissioned as ambassador by Governor Robert Dinwiddie (of Virginia), to carry a diplomatic objection, to General St. Pierre, stationed at Fort le Boeuf, on the shore of Lake Erie. This was a final precursor to war over the territorial claim of the Ohio Valley, between England and France. This was a treacherous journey of more than 500 miles, over rough terrain, dense forests, and through flooded river valleys. He had to take an interpreter with him, and a small party. And there was no guaruntee, that they would receive a warm welcome. Can you imagine a 21 year old right now, in our time, representing us as ambassador, to say; Iran?! But God was grooming George Washington, to become the great leader that he was! The French did not back down on their claim to the Ohio Valley. So in 1754 George Washington began to help raise troops in Virginia. He was made lieutenant colonel, and given a command. On May 1st, 1754, Washington set out to retake the area of Fort Duquesne. He had come upon it on his emissarial journey, and made note of it's excelent postition, the year before. But in the interim, the French had begun to build Fort Duquesne. Washington was informed by two Indian scouts, of a small scouting party approaching them, and out of necessity built a small stockade (60 miles from Ft. Duquesne), and aptly named it Fort Necessity. He then attacked the party, determined to make the first strike. A French leader named Jumonville, and ten of his men were killed. And 21 were made prisoners. After some time went by, with scarce reinforcements (Washington had barely 400 troops), Washington decided to advance on Ft. Duquesne. On July 3, Washington was approached by General De Villiers and 1,200 of his men. He fell back to Fort Necessity, and was deluged by musket balls from the French & Indians stationed amongst the trees, and rocks. The French and Indians remained in a full circle around Fort Necessity pelting them with musket balls for 9 hours! The American's bravely resisted them, and only 30 of Washington's men were killed. At length, Gen. De Villiers offered up terms of surrender to the American's. Washington accepted the honorable terms, and he and his army were allowed to leave with all their equiptment, and provisions. Later, Washingon was given public thanks by the House of Burgesses, for a valliant stand against overwhelming odds! Enter General Edward Braddock, one of England's most experienced officers. He had heard of the prowess of George Washington, and asked him to become one of his aids, allowing Washington to retain his previous rank. Washington's Mother feared for her son's life, and tried to persuade him to stay home. Washington replied: "The God [Jesus Christ] to whom you commended me, madam, when I set out upon a more perlious errand, defended me from harm, and I trust He will do so now. Do not you?" The stage was now set. Washington had done everything he could to inform Gen. Braddock of the "Guerilla" style tactics of the French & Indians, but Braddock was insulted to be advised by an inferior officer. So he didn't heed Washington's prudent warning. Indians for America's side, tried to enlist their services as well, and Braddock dismissed them as savages, with little or no merit! On the morning of July 9th, 1755, Braddock and 1000 of his men, along with Washington and some of his Virgina regulars, crossed the southern shore of the Monongahela. Colonel Thomas Gage had a forward detachment of 350 soldiers, and 250 workers, and axemen, cutting a path. They were about 10 miles from Ft. Duquesne. It was around 1:00 pm. Gage and the forward detachment had just crossed a ravine, when scouts, and flanking parties came running back towards them, waving them off. Just then, they were hit with a fusillade of musket balls. It immediately became choas. The British could not see their enemy, for they were hidden behind rocks, hills, and trees. The rain of bullets kept coming in on them, dropping them like flies. Gage's men fired back at the direction of the smoke plumes from their enemies rifles, but hit nothing but rocks, hills, and trees, merely splintering bark. Gage's men continued to drop, and the horses, some of them wounded, began to panick, and bolt, carring wagons full of their weapons and ammo, trampling men on the ground as they galloped off. The workers and axemen fled. For the Indians, who were crack marksmen, this was like shooting fish in a barel! Eventually what was left of Gage's forward detachment began to retreat. Gen. Braddock, hearing the gunfire, left 400 troops along with most of the Virginia regulars, with Sir Peter Halkett, and most of the baggage. Braddock and his remaining troops, Washington, and a 100 or so, Virgina militia hastened towards the battle. The retreating men, collided with the advancing men, setting them to more confusion. All the while, the French and Indians continued to rain down musket balls upon them with deadly accuracy, and force. It became an instant slaughter, as Braddock instructed his men to form colums (making them easy t

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