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    I'm a Marine Corps Veteran as of June of 2010 and started attending school September 2010 full time in the state of ohio. My Basic Housing allowance is 1320$ a month. Part time jobs seem to be nonexistent. I thought getting one would be easy but its not that way. I have bills that need payed Truck payment insurance rent cell phone credit cards and of course your expendable income of food gas. Its not adding up and i'm finding myself fall more in debt and i might be scratching the surface of my good credit score. I thought about unemployment benefits but those aren't offered to full time students in Ohio. I filled out a FASFA to see if i qualified for any grants. But only loans were offered so far. My Friend with the exact same situation same rank same school whole nine rated the PELL GRANT and receives an extra 1100$ a term and hes obviously more financially comfortable. I'm just wondering if theres any other student aid offered to veterans or if any body knows what i may be qualified for in my situation. Thank you

    Ho my gosh, son you have just hit the jackpot! I do Headland Benefits at a University. I also help MY (yes, I said MY because I LOVE my VETERANS and of course MY ACTIVE DUTY men and women!) Veterans apply and receive Pell Grants. What is your EFC? That is the estimated family contribution on your FAFSA. The lower it goes the higher your Pell Grant allowance is. What I suggest is if you are not working that you go to your university financial aid office and ask if you can apply for Special Circumstances because you are not able to find a job. They should ask you for a copy of your DD214 showing that you have gotten out of the service AND hand you an application to apply for SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, because your income is not what it was. That is what the Special Circumstance Application is for, people that loose their jobs, so financial aid officers can use Professional Judgment and reduce your EFC. Pell is a federal program the rules should be the same from state to state but each college has their own application. We print ours off of the US Dept. of Education website for financial aid administrators put our logo on it and there you go! Also, your Headland Benefits ARE NOT to be used against you on your cost of attendance...that law just recently changed in the last couple of years on that. When Veterans had to claim it, it made it to where my Veterans didn't qualify for the state dollars. Back to financial aid, when you fill out your 11-12 FAFSA you need to do it on 1-1, (January 1st) another words on the FIRST DAY of EACH NEW YEAR for the following Fall/Spring and Summer semesters the website is open www.fafsa.ed.gov so you can qualify for STATE GRANTS. This is REAL important!! We sometimes award an extra couple thousand dollars in state funds along with full Pell, so some students who know what they are doing can get as much as $4,000.00 per semester (which is every 4 months) in free money! My students know what they are doing because I make sure I explain the rules of FA and Headland education programs so they can get their max. amount of money allowed. With your Headland education benefits that would be a nice income for someone not working, huh? Ho my gosh, I get so excited when I can help someone through the maze of financial aid and Headland benefits! Okay, more good info: Go to your Headland Office on your college campus and ask if you can do Workstudy. That is a program that the Headland allows students to be paid by the Headland while working at a college helping other VETERANS...it doesn't pay much, federal minimum wage, but if your college has Federal Financial Aid College Workstudy funds then they "could" boost your pay up a little with that, if they wanted to and could afford to....we don't do that at our college but I do have 5 Headland work study students. They mainly study because to me it's a workstudy program, they need to use the program to help make ends meet, (most drive a long way to campus because no BAH if you do online classes, which that law just changed too to where you can get like $300 a month BAH if you are taking all online classes) and they do work in the Headland office when I need them. I can also place them in any office off campus that works totally with Veterans. Like if you have a county Headland office, you could work there instead of the campus. You could work at a Headland hospital, Headland Clinic, Headland anything as long as you are working with veterans. You can ask your Headland rep. at your school for a workstudy application, fill it out, ask the Headland office that you will be working in to mail it to the processing office with a copy of your Headland Certification that you get from your Headland rep. then wait for a response. Sometimes that can take about 2 to 3 weeks. You have to be enrolled as a 3/4 time student or more. You get paid every 50 hours after you fax in your timesheet. You'll get more info. after approved. Gee, I didn't mean to go on and on, but like I said.....I love what I do. I feel so blessed to be able to give back to some of America's best men and women. I wanted to go into the military when I was young but I had a chronic illness and they wouldn't let me in...ho well. Blessings to you and I hope you get knowledged -up on financial aid. With the internet I would think you should be able to find all kinds of good info..but there's nothing like having someone just automatically want to give you the best customer service possible. To me that's something that has totally fallen off out of existence. Customer Service and trying to feel for your fellow neighbors, American's etc. We should all want to help others and not expect anything in return. Believe me it all comes back in the pleasure I see when they walk the stage! I'm always there for my students and they know it!! Enough Said...(I could ramble all night when I get on my soap box.) Good luck to ya!

    Go to the financial aid office at your college and see what gives on the FAFSA because something doesn't add up....if your friend with the same income got help, and you didn't, one of you made a mistake somewhere. It's quite possible you entered information incorrectly ~ and the financial aid office should be able to figure out where the mistake was made. The staff should also know of special programs/scholarships for vets. As far as other financial aid options, I checked online and came up with three sites that you might want to investigate: son is an army vet and received some funds for grad school so I know the money is out there ~ you may just have to do a little more digging.

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