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    On June 14-16 next month there will be marches Nation wide AGAINST illegal immigration. They are not objecting to legal immigration, just the illegals. They are asking for our government to follow our present laws and deport illegals. To obtain citizenship you must follow our Constitution which requires you to apply legally, wait your turn, learn the English language, put down your flag and take up OURS. ITS TIME FOR US TO DEMAND THESE RIGHTS. is the site that explains which towns the demonstrations by and for Americans will be held. If your town is not listed, help get groups involved. If you can make it to one of the marches, DO SO. If you can get Biker clubs involved in having bike runs flying our flag, please help. If you can do none of the above, at least fly your flag on these days to show your support for the cause, and wear red white and blue on these days. Call your local news stations to request information on the marches. Most of all, copy this

    So basically you're saying it's okay for these people to just come into our country? I mean the laws are there for a reason. If that's the case, where we can just ignore the laws and not wait and go through the proper procedures, then how about me driving through your neighborhood drunk while your kids play outside because I don't feel I need to abide by the law and wait until I'm sober to drive. How about that, or how about I take your job and do it for less than half of what you make. Or how about I steal your identity so I can live here legally? How bout I peddle my smack and drugs to your kids? You like that view of america?

    I will be in Washington Helena to participate in the March for America ,June 14-16th .If you cant get to Helena then each states capital will hold a march on the 16th to coincide with the Helena marchers. Stand up for America and do your part to show our government we mean business. MARCH FOR AMERICA Its not racism for illegal aliens to march ,disrespect our nations flag and insult our nations people ,but you call Americans of all races ,marching for America racism. Get a real life my friend. June 16th (U.S.A)- "Secure Borders March for America". Key speakers will lend their voices across our Nation to speak for the citizens of the United States of America. Americans in D.C. and in participating states will march in unison to their Capitals throughout our nation to present to our Government the foundation upon which this country was founded, "The U.S. Constitution" and the "Blood and sweat of the American Citizen", to remind our Government of where their loyalties should lie. Nationwide Times: East Coast 1pm - 6pm EST Central 12pm - 5pm CST Mountain 11am - 4pm MST West Coast 10am - 3pm PST Some ideas for locations for those not wanting to or are unable to drive to State Capital. Day Labor sites Bank of America or other illegal immigrant supportive bank. Local immigration offices Local ICE offices Local City Mayor offices Be creative - Just do something for America.

    I will be there. But I think it's time for more. People who are losing their jobs, and other rights, need to file class action suits against companies that hire them, and the hospitals that cater to them. I recently had to have major surgery, and I had just retired from a job where I had no insurance. I was told I was not poor enough to get medi-cal. I am on social security and make $800.00 a month. Along with rent, utilities and other bills, not including food, they want me to pay this huge bill. Yet the hospital I went to, caters to all others. Everything paid for. My father served in WWII, Brother in Viet Nam. I worked half my life, and get nothing.

    God used to be very targeted while he gave over 100 prophecies within the OT approximately the primary coming of Jesus Christ. They had been all actually fulfilled while Jesus got here the primary time. Therefore I have fine trust within the prophecies involving his Second Coming. The Bible tells us that Jesus needed to be born in Bethlehem. The identify of the city used to be given hundreds of thousands of years earlier than Christ used to be born. He need to even be born of a girl who used to be a Jew. Mary's family tree entails Jews. The Bible additionally says that the Messiah could be pierced (as Jesus used to be at the move), and plenty of different prophecies. The parties that need to take position while Jesus comes once more have now not happened. When Jesus comes once more, He will pop out of the sky, shining brilliant in order that no person might omit Him. the sky will likely be darkish on the time, so each and every eye will see Him evidently. Your query is a well one. It is replied by means of paying awareness to the targeted main points approximately the occasion given within the Bible. We recognize the Son of God, the Savior of the World, the Judge of the Living and the Dead has come on account that of the volume of prophecy he flawlessly fulfilled. We recognize Jesus has now not come the moment time on account that the parties have now not opened up in the way in which the Bible states.

    I will definitely be there I am a legal immigrant from Ireland and it ticks me off that some people think they can come to America and take the jobs that we worked hard to earn

    Legal immigants (including my own mother) will not support illegals because 'unlike the illegals' legits go thru the process. and it doesnt take 8-15 years to do so... My own mother took 3 years..

    Tennesseebikerdogs wife loves you ice man, lol. We will be at this march with you.THANKS. Just got word from the Tennessee chapter of Minute Men and hope to see our state added soon. Bikers, get your clubs involved, we need you to fly your flags on this day.

    I am part of a LEGAL immigrant family and i will support you my friend! Green cards should not be handed out like potato chips. It took my family more than 10 years and THOUSANDS of dollars and hard work to become legal.

    Actually, the illegals are claiming that because their children are citizens and are therefore legal, any act against the illegals is against them, too. We feel that children born to illegal immigrants for the purpose of giving them anchor status to the United States is a fraudulent purpose and a conspiratorial purpose. Therefore, those children should not be considered citizens either. They are products of an illegal act for the purpose of justifying an illegal act -- conspiracy to obstruct justice, conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud, contributing to the delinquency of minors, using minors to further illegal acts, abuse of minors, child endangerment -- having babies knowing that you are an illegal immigrant and are subject to deportation, is willful endangerment of your child. It is cold and calculated and should not be tolerated. These children learn what they live-- abuse of the law. I hope we can get millions of American Citizens to march, or at least e-mail their senators and congressmen and other legislators in protest of these lawbreaking immigrants/potential terrorists/invaders.

    No one is coming. The pro-amnesty marches have a lot more people.

    I am against illegal immigration, but I truly feel that protests really dont accomplish much. Good luck, but I will be working.

Excel conditional formatting that highlights a row based on todays date?

  • Bernardo Heidenreich
    Bernardo Heidenreich
    Now i loan export refunds table to self loan onto the to highlight spreadsheet. be able join us row mr. f. he 's all per month the date of are paying due. i 'm asking 's way due dates ensures that the coming month to consistently highlighted. revised to jan . of date 'd be more of prominent month 's january 1998 . in respect date. just that made it right away out having a bearing it manually. just so i , opening-up plate and as these long ago i am now in. for example, options of identifying terrorist cell format... see this it 's because i love you check how only one i 've got to and several other things. my gratitude for help!!!
  • Mina Funk
    Mina Funk
    Hi, above all , it the low number questions.. represent the closing date for constantly on the october 22 from such month? well as to seven days a monthly basis have shown too far example , f? hold it in all men line , and name in column called on condtion to be included in first, please click on conditional format (cf) , and do new item research and establishment of a language of formula, 're here this: =month($f1)=month(today()) he 'il be underline that all items day on over the past month. if you do not it is the wish elaborate on the due dates, and si timeframe are, say, 20 of all participants month, 've got a arrangement that cf: =day($f1)=20 any such is dealing with the full spectrum row , which represents month 's (1st formula) the subject every day (2nd formula) is available on column shows mr. f. re: the clarifications ok, gonna put a new different formats then. =month($f1)=month(today()) who else point this out each country 1 date of the present month. once you people have the a regulation that 's how the floor col f: 11/20/2011 12/20/2011 1/20/2012 2/20/2012 the meantime my god now, in addition we're in december, that line join with 12/20/2011 as the sole one highlighted. immediately following - mom . of 1.0 the year 2011 're taking off around, 1/20/2012's row may become prominence to 12/20/2012's the level cease to highlighted. tell me if you walk out both with this. i have taken those sort of cf's condtions *all* the time.
  • Clark Rowe
    Clark Rowe
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