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    Okay, so I need to figure out another $15,000 in scholarships by the end of July... ... ... PLUS $5,000 to get me & all my stuff across the country for the opportunity of a lifetime. (My #1 school accepted me & is offering enough in financial aid to bring the cost of attendance from $45k a year to $15k... SO I need to do that... Options I've already exhausted: - Fastweb & Scholarships.com - Google - The FAFSA (part of the aid I'm getting is this) - Scholarships through my school (the rest of my aid is this) - Private Student Loans (my ONLY possible cosigner kind of hates me right now & the cosigner's credit isn't really that good right now either) - Selling my stuff (I don't have a lot that's worth more than a couple of bucks, and what I do have, nobody will buy anyway) - "Get a job" (been trying, nobody's hiring) If you post telling me to do online surveys I'll report you... Same goes for just about EVERYTHING else that's a "make money online with _____" etc... I'm a web designer, BUT I can't seem to get a job in that, and the only "job" I could get is at my mom's work & pays almost nothing, WHICH is better than nothing, BUT not good enough to actually help... SO if you know of any scholarships or funding sources that could add up to $15,000, I'd REALLY love to hear about it. Hodges if you need some web design work done, email me (I'll be checking back all day) & I'd love to help! (I charge per-project not by the hour, & it depends on how complicated the project is, how much it involves, and the client's budget, but if you email me I can send you a link to my portfolio.) OR, if you just randomly have a payPal account and a dollar that you don't want (yes, $1) then you can TOTALLY help me that way, lol (I'm not begging for money, I'm making a joke, BUT if anyone wants to do it anyway, lol, there's a donate button on my website, at )

    Thanks, Ashley, that's what I've been doing... I've actually been looking in ALL the cities on craigslist for web design jobs almost every day & applying to anything I'm qualified for... (those that don't say "telecommute ok" I ask about it) As for my relatives, the only ones who don't hate me are broke and/or kids, lol... SO yeah... I started a jar of quarters with a post-it on the outside that said "my college fund, donations appreciated, no withdrawls" lol, but I came to it one day & it was empty with a "I.O.U. $26" scribbled on a piece of paper folded inside... (Completely serious) ... ... :(

    Try looking on craigslist for jobs. There seem to be better listings there. Ask your relatives and friends to spare a dollar or so. It might not be $15,000, but it could help.

    Some of the best information will on the website of the school. Go there first and maybe youll find it.

Which debt is the worst kind, private student loans, medical or credit card?

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    Ethelyn Blick
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    Marco West
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    Aglae Langworth
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    Hollie Mante
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