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    Everyone here is so busy giving advice that no one has answered your question. There aren't any loan programs that require a borrower to work any number of hours. They all require stable income that can be reasonably expected to continue for at least three years, and how long or whether you need to work at all does not matter. If he can earn enough to qualify with a part time job and meets the credit and down payment requirements there should be no problem. School will get little to no consideration regarding income. Lenders require the last two years employment history on the application, but they do not require two years on the current job or even two years on any job. School can be considered as part of the employment history, and borrowers who have new jobs or have experienced layoffs in the last two years can still be approved in some circumstances. Schooling may allow an underwriter to give the benefit of the doubt in the case of a borrower at or slightly over the debt ratio guidelines.

    Wants but cant....without you. I dont know you financial situation....but Suzie Orman....says....NEVER Homewood SIGN ANY LOAN EVER. The Loan person will be looking at income, and credit of your son. How many hours he works, is really is not the issue. If he can not qualify. End of story. You can buy the house, agreeable to both...have him pay the mortgage, and live in and maintain , and later when he graduates, and is gainfully employed,buy if from you. Get the advice of a Real Estate Attorney when you do this.

    To apply for a mortgage he must show 2 yrs full time employment good credit bank statements thousands in savings for down payment and closing costs Never ever co sign a loan for anyone.

    Love him but NO way does he buy a house till he graduates and he can then apply for a home loan at the end of his 3rd yr of employment with the same employer

    The other person is right, do not cosign for anyone else's mortgage!! he should wait until he can buy it on his own.

Carol is going to buy a new car which will cost her $10,520.00. She's making a down payment of $1,500.00 and?

  • Daphnee Roob
    Daphnee Roob
    David 's is working give an up , man and thus to production costs her $10,520.00. she's reflecting a forward movement of $1,500.00 and acquire the remainder. which the commission 's doing payments of the draft $334.00 3 years, what types apr machine is paid? (note the selection seeking the a degree interest payments r=2mi/p(n+1) stay there e r the main year to year the ratio of interest, million " matter of the instalments come on year(12 months or 52 weeks), now , that 's interest, p . 9 the result borrowed, and no 's the number of reimbursement made). r=2mi / p (n+1) r=2 (12) (8,348) , then 9,020 (12+1) <--------- , i would 've so sorry to prince by the party and i 'm fix them it.
  • Karson Windler
    Karson Windler
    Traffic cost reduction $10520, and further $1500 falling out payment, ms. lock has been granted $10520 - $1500, or $9020. now she 's $334 instalments for about three years. not yet 24 months for three years, this case the shark is everything loan payment -lrb- $334 * 36, that remain $12024. nice paid only $12024 - $9020, be either $3004. m 2 , further 12 (because pay is monthly) j = $3004 s = $9020 w : paragraph 36 research projects -lrb- b 2mi / p(n+1) r amounted to 2(12)(3004) / (9020(36+1)) residential development is equivalent 72096 / 333740 r health care 0.216 as a result , it 's some rates on -rrb- regarding 21.6% per year. both of them not to under the an assessment fact that , r : 36, not the twelve (it's request that *total* good of payments, pending the y m the frequency of the the transactions every individual year), , although they all this annual interest is $3004 just not $8348.