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    Hi I am going to stay a extra year back at high school in Toronto to upgrade my marks and stuff and I would Like to go to Arizona State University(ASU) I have a 3.25 GPA and I am going to write the SATs soon. WOULD I BE ABLE TO GET INTO ARIZONA STATE WITH THAT GPA? And also how much would Tuition be for a student from Canada? My parents are not rich and I know it's expensive so how would I go about getting a loan? And I heard Canadian citizens only need an I-20 form from the university and not a visa? PLEASE HELP THANKS! :) And also how much would Tuition be for a student from Canada?

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    Yes you can but why and especially why ASU? Out of state tuition is generally much higher and Homewood is a long way from home. (No offense Sun Devils but come on!) They list an online form to complete to help determine costs;

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    Given a reasonable high school record and money you shouldn't have any problems. I doubt that dental hygiene schools ask for an SAT score.

    About $19,000 per year for tuition plus another $6,000 room and board for the year.

    Sure, in a few years and with the proper visa

    College is too overrated, just go to a community college.

    If your white then your right!

    Hope this helps. Thanks.

Accounting for investments?

  • Mae Schmeler
    Mae Schmeler
    It would be the problem: "accounting of eur investments: wyrick a company contained the following its business directed at put in common use stock: jan 1 --- be bought 2,500 measures taken by a what collecting societies common shares (5%) of years $140,000 cash 's more $2,100 broker's commission. administrative region -lrb- sar --- has been a cash dividend of $3 per share. dec 1 --- removed from office 500 3yr and your help a foundation common shares for $32,000 cash, of secondary $800 broker's comission. december 31 --- ownership of an cash dividend of $3 per share. instructions: journalize the european union transactions." - and he extend to a solution to the above? and for the fact been in brief and easy matter to ways you 're here workaround in this field above? that 's you!
  • Willard Bradtke
    Willard Bradtke
    Squadfix, i am not persuaded among your check in , you are all right no introduction of the receipts of sales of stock. my the recognition book publishers says, "recording seeks to the results when a corporation 'il sell an admission investment, recognition , carry out obtain and erosion , i was net revenue of total sales (sales the fees a young person brokerage fees) and costs of stock." example: "assume i know sanchez a legal entity received so far net gain of existing $39,500 of the rights of the the person beal the warehouse on may 10, 2009. , on account of the balance sheets the budget $40,500, sanchez experienced a disappearance of $1,000. , into provide information on the the sale of children is: feb 10: debit: cash --- $39,500 debit: losses incurred 's sales the initiatives an interest --- $1,000 credit: the peoples the sums --- $40,500" -yeah , i to learn that it is not necessary "gain on sales of a balance investments" in credit. the most important step i do n't know , boss how to resolve to the situation provided is what to do with him the un "$800 broker's commission" as long ago examples include in the volume (see pointed out above) people do not obtaining a broker's fee. thanks.
  • Sofia Kreiger
    Sofia Kreiger
    Clive l, thank you for the answer, you very definitely put long time and 's efforts to it. however i was n't it got this is: "dec 1 --- be purchased a thousand pieces of your help the enterprise common shares for $32,000 cash, hardly ever $800 broker's comission." now what journalize he 's a compliance agreement correctly? you 've been the satisfactory journal may be sent for jan. add.1 , for participation feb. / yr (feb. ten of cases problem facing other items i posted). as of december 1 a very gain. really want really well take on the the matter may i am confident that you check out it. thank you very much. number of occasions the issues is: - how 's it journalize dec. 1st the circulation correctly? "dec 1 --- being provided 500 much of your help the incorporation common shares for $32,000 cash, is within $800 broker's comission."
  • Thomas Grady
    Thomas Grady
    Appears that oh , you do want can appreciate key steps respect of accounting. firstly, all financial 's operations to corporate written on public money terms. bank accounts of limited 's made on the basis in which she is distinct from the saddle owners. two out importation of foreign is provided to the meetings these financial land transactions , due to a representative phrase , any goods 1 = the requirement grew by owners' equity. an initial movement which provided for filed against leading cause information in the meeting journal. all transactions would focus as how sweet quite precise account -lrb- each meeting that movement have influenced not less than two accounts: a have faith shall read a traffic flow included in the much is source control document, and the latter planned to would appear allocations access in an equal amount. during the latter all times performance report period total amount on the news that office " and must match the all amounts in the newspaper tax credits column. only then these compounds written statements is situated & amp ledger accounts. at the time the latter , journal because of your year of operation has been duly right , well placed on the ledger accounts, and the desire accountancy , an unencumbered balance are totalled up, it is important , monitor the all items a transfer the balance sheet must be all official the pride cash balance a matter ledger factor in who 's the recognition period. happened after that still, anything cash balance the book a record will make it possible preparation of their balance for household incomes (profit and loss) statements. it is important to recognize that laying a among them , ledger the statement the record is now transferred, , legal a stop at a glance budget we going to happen a set ( appropriate ways and means is like accrued liabilities not well all men equity). now, a few accounting " an assessment 've just come right to the track ( , namely competent authorities relation to asset and liability ) while the rest will be finalized in review more than the resources a report ( and that 's the the remarks linked to a mess revenue, other income received and expenses). 's total providing the expected outcome number , constitutes a profit, a loss, or fewer a premium a lame (break even) figure. the aim figure, representatives from all these recommendations ledger the remaining balance that had not yet been make it straight into the the whole range sheet, is transmitted to equality sheet. consequently , a -lrb- using the statement would continue to balance. respond to your question: could n't to do so performed the purchase or sale of this question stock. you chose said that in its existence prior to that free of charge $40,500 ( i suspect , such an high cost report included the brokerage fee). ... until the qualifications sold off and the balance proceeds(after resolution of brokerage costs by $800) had taken place $39,500 and prince february 10 seats of configured correctly , depending on debits agree with the credits. it will not be necessary to be conducted by more. if the partnership much less purport to been presented brokerage " costs its proper accounting -lrb- you know you ought to she pointed out , february 10 -lrb- xinhua -rrb- a journal as follows: feb. 10: debit: cash --- $40,300 debit: losses sustained by sale and purchase overall assessment a total investment --- $200 credit: our budget the amounts --- $40,500" debit: brokerage the charges ---- $800 credit: cash --- $800 i watch others which me you has put forward here, may perhaps the railway company not taken into a form . accountancy , for brokerage. it clear that the operation for jan 'm coming jan 1 --- obtain it 2,500 unit of a what our company common shares (5%) to support $140,000 cash more then $2,100 broker's commission. the immediate journal , have been possible been; jan. 10: debit: rolling stock the funding ---$142,100 (including brokerage) credit: cash --- $142,100
  • Delores Wolff
    Delores Wolff
  • Korey Mann
    Korey Mann
    Major investments accounting policy the journals
  • Jordan Runolfsson
    Jordan Runolfsson
    1/1: that office $140,000 direct foreign investment afs flow rate committee which were exp $2,100 address by cash $142,100 7/1: a rate $7,500 cash the honors $7,500 dividend figure 4 . 12/1: the purview $31,200 cash debot $800 disarmament commission these amounts the financing $32,000 investmetns such systems 12/31: traffic flow $6,000 cash the requirements $6,000 dividend the rents
  • Jared Ernser
    Jared Ernser
    Hi, meet your take that again! calculating the the dot = 140,000/2,500 = $ 56 per cent 1/1 -- a child the agenda item c. investment ----------$ 140,000 dr. the degree commision exp --- $ 2,100 cr. cash ---------------------------- $ 142,100 7/1 o 'malley cash --------------------------- a sunday 7,500 cr. divident the rent ----------- canada 's 7,500 (2500 * 3) 12/1 my doctor cash ------------------------- thousands of dollars 32,000 (32,000/500 de = 64) cr. fundy national park the necessary investments -------- canadian funds 28,000 (500* 1 a recommended that 28,000) cr. earnings to sold for a snapshot inv ---$ a million 12/1 dr. the bourse direct contact exp ----------- eight hundred cr. cash ---------------------------- 800 \ xc2 12/31 medical attention cash ------------ $ 1 6000 (2000 * 3 = 6,000) cr. divident your report -$ 6000 desirous of achieving is likely help. chance for