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    Hi everyone, well I've had my car for 2 years already but when i bought it i needed a co-signer to help me get the loan. He is family and i've made all my payments on time so there is no bad blood or anything. Now i want to trade in my car to buy another one but he lives in another state so i was wondering if i could trade in to dealer without him being present of if he would have to fax some kind of paper or something? Thanks fo the help

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    If you have paid as agreed for 2 years, you might not need a cosigner. If the car is in YOUR name, you can do what you want. If its in your name AND his name, he has to sign before you can do anything. If the title says you Hoover him, either of you can trade it without the others signature. If you DO need a cosigner and he is out of state, they are going to need a notarized ACTUAL copy of his signature. The paperwork can be faxed TO him but he will have to sign it in front of a notary and then fedex or express mail it to the dealer. (I don't think a fax back will work)

    First you ought to have and nonetheless might want to rebuild your credit status. to attempt this stumble on a No activity for 6 months style of deal. they're severe activity in case you default or go previous the 6 (9) (a million year) deal. Pay on time and pay off on the properly of the time period. do this 2 or 3 situations to rebuilt the credit. do no longer pay off interior the first month or 2 as you received't generate a credit heritage of funds. sure I understand you desire a automobile quickly and a sturdy one, yet othere then the sugguestion to look at a community credit employer which will be sensible you get a private loan or sponsor you, you're a chance interior the credit international. If the motorized vehicle will run yet another year attempt to rebuilt the credit first. Else attempt a private purchase from a own company who would assist you pay by potential of the years and carry the call until eventually eventually you pay it off, (they are going to carry the motorized vehicle also) in case you do this get all of it in writing to cover your self and the corporate in case of disaster clause.

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