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    The school I'm attending this semester requires payment upon registration. I qualify for financial aid (in fact I filed in January, the school specifically didn't receive the info until a few weeks ago). I know I will receive it, except I won't receive it before the last day of registration. My only options are starting a payment plan (which requires half of the total cost up front, that which I don't have), or taking out a loan. The loan seems like the best option, except I already have $30K+ in loans from previous years, and I don't know if I and a cosigner will be approved in time. Also, how can it be possible to have a loan approved for the cost of classes, while classes can't be registered without an approved loan? Btw my sister is in the same situation, and we use the same FAFSA info, thanks. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    EDIT: @Just Not That: I submitted my FAFSA January 31. My parents are unemployed due to workforce reduction, sickness and disabilities, so there was only my tax form to submit which I received on the 28th. Being a transfer student I only entered three schools, received award letters and based on those had to later adjust and add one school. Before assuming irresponsibility maybe you should consider all possible scenarios. Goodness, people on Y!A can be such @ssholes. Gypsy: Hueytown requires the same, in all state schools payment must be received in order to fully register for classes.

    To Serithah.... in the State of Hueytown no public school (community college or university) is not legally allowed to give any leeway.... the money must be there by first day of classes in order for you to start school.. even if they know the money is out there your only option if you know FAFSA is approved but not yet in-place is to pay out-of-pocket, up-front and get reimbursed. Loans would have to be private loans (not even SallieMae student loans) we have been in that same situation... and our only option was to wait until next semester to start if we could have afforded $500 per credit hour, then he could have gone 1 semester at a private religious school that has a linkage program. they would have allowed him to start and allowed FAFSA to come in after start-date... and the core classes would have transferred... but he would have spent $1500 on a religious class (required) that won't transfer & he doesn't want

    Sounds like you either 1. need to find a better school, or 2. plan better next time and get your aid and award letter BEFORE you decide to start school. LOL How on Earth do you know if a school is right for you if you don't even have an "Award letter" yet? Smart students put SEVERAL schools down on their fafsa and COMPARE their aid packages to the cost of each schools tuition. THey then use this tidbit to choose a school that is best for them. You do this by completing your fafsa in Feb or March and AFTER you and the folks have done their taxes. Doing a fafsa in Jan is a waste of time and just makes extra work for you (corrections) when you fill it out that early you are just using estimated (AKA WRONG) information that will need to be fixed later. Why add needless steps without needing to? Anyway, it could be you messed up on your fafsa and put the wrong school code or "forget" to turn in all your supporting documents. Or it could be the fact that you did it in January BEFORE anywone could have possibly done their taxes and so were selected for verification as a result, which, compounded with you not following up on it, delayed your aid. You pay for college with your own money or money your parents give you. If this isn't going to happen, then you need to consider a better school. You can't expect to get any federal loans, because these are liked to the fafsa and as you have already mentioned, dropped the ball on that priority deadline a long time ago. " Also, how can it be possible to have a loan approved for the cost of classes, while classes can't be registered without an approved loan? " uh? plan better, don't make last minute decisions. Deciding to enroll at a particluar school is a process. One shouldnot wake up today and just decide that sort of thing, unless you have the cash, of course.

    If the school knows you are getting financial aid you shouldn't have to pay. They know when loans are disbursed and take that into account when looking at whether registration has been paid or not. Does your student account online show that you will be awarded financial aid? If not, call the financial aid office and find out if they have it documented and ask how to proceed.

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