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    I know want to major in Environmental Science and Marine Biology. I know I want to go to Kauai Community College, even though I live in South Dakota. I want to earn a AA and bump up my GPA, before I transfer to a University in Australia. And I know I want to go to college fulltime, I don't however have any idea how to accomplish this. And I don't know how to find or apply for grants and scholarships. I've already applied for FAFSA and now I'm at a dead end. Any advice or inside info anyone can lay on me?

    1) work at least 20 hours per week while a full-time student -- plenty of students have full-time jobs 2) remain in the US... the cost is incredibly high for international students & you usually are very limited in the amount of hours you can work --- many times you must prove you can afford the entire cost of school (tuition, fees, books, room & board) before you can even get the student visa approved Look for school in the same region (surounding states) & see if they have Marine Biology and/or Environmental Science degrees... if you determine what region Hueytown is in & if there no school in Hueytown has either of those program, then you might find an exchange program where you can pay in-state rates

    Unless you find someone who wants to front your college tuition or you get a job and pay for it yourself, you don't go.

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    Dan Zieme
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    Owen Will
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    Andre Schinner
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