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    I'm seventeen going on eighteen and I want to make sure my plans are set for my adult life, if they seem too far fetched or not, and to see if my backup plans are secure. What sort of career paths can I take without much schooling? I have experience in computer programming, web design and development, as well as a lot of mathematics under my belt (calculus classes and what not). I'm going to get into game development over the Summer, but are there any careers that I can be a part of with what little I have? I have no degrees, other than high school graduation. I live in California, based off of what I read, minimum wage is $8 an hour. If you work more than 8 hours in one work day, they pay you 1.5x more. So, 10 hours/day: $88/day 223 Work days/year: $19,624/year Is that enough to make a living on, assuming that I find a job that offers those hours with minimum wage? Finally, if both of those plans seem to fail, I will go back into school and get a PhD in bioengineering, how much will this whole process cost? I'll worry about scholarship programs and whatnot, but I want to know how much it would cost to: Go to a University Pay for all the classes Pay for room/board Time it will take, and average Student Loan interest rates Thank you for your time

    Start with most employers will not approve overtime since it costs them more - plan on 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week...2080 hours per year times $8 is closer to $16,640 (before taxes and other deductions). Figure you will lose 20% of that to taxes (maybe a bit less) so you lose $3,200 to taxes, leaving you with take home pay of $13,400 annually. Unless you plan on living at home or finding a cheap apartment with 2 or 3 other roommates, probably not enough to live on your own. You're looking at a minimum of $500 for a rundown 1 bedroom apartment - $6,000 per year minimum - leaves you with $7,400. You will probably spend $50 per week on food and toiletries - there's another $2,500 per year...down to $4,900. Another $100 for utilities per month...$1,200 - down to $3,700. Then your phone, cable and internet will be another $200/month - $2,400 -down to $1,300. Got a car? I'll give you a break and only charge $1,000 a year for insurance (probably a bunch more). Down to $300 and you still haven't bought any clothes, got your haircut, filled up your tank with gas or been to the dentist or doctor. Okay, now your second option - PhD will cost you 4 years for under grad, 2 to 3 years for your masters and another 2 to 3 years for your PhD - there goes 8 to 10 years of schooling - maybe more if you work and can't do close to a full load. The undergrad in biology, even at a state school will probably run you close to $50,000 - at a private school close to $1000,000 to $125,000. The masters will probably run $40,000 (figure 39 total credits at $800 to $1,000 per credit plus books, fees, etc.). The PhD pretty much the same - $40,000. So, even at the cheapest, you are looking at $130,000 up to $230,000 for your PhD. interest rates will probably be up around 8% annually. The hard part is going from undergard to Masters to PhD - at each level the competition for openings gets tougher (fewer slots) and the entrance requirements go up.

    Your experiences and feelings are perfectly normal for someone your age. At 18-21, people will generally consider you a 'young adult', not a teenager. This is your time to explore and test the waters, deciding what kind of a person you will be and learning how to be a responsible, mature adult. My transition to adulthood was much like yours: confusing, stressful, and a little bumpy. I moved several states away to go to college, and I was both excited and terrified to be away from my family. At first, I still acted like a teenager, and I'm sure I annoyed the heck out of my roommates. But I made friends, made mistakes and learned from them, and learned how to act and live like an adult. I actually found young adulthood much easier than my teenage years, because I was more independent and less held down by my peers and society.

    K, u got much more to learn. 19K$ a year in Cali means u live with your parents while in college. u seriously will not get 10 hour days so your number are off to start with. Huntsville 5 days a week 8hours day = 40. 52 weeks yr , 40 hr week = 2080 2080 x 8 =16640 subtract 25% = 12480. in Cali u can live in a cash paid for car. not in any rental. as for your degree BE sure there are jobs for it. any loans will need to be paid with after taxes money. so u got LOTS to learn about college scams and costs. PhDs run 150,000 - 200,000$ if in loans - u pay back about 350,000$ - 400,000$. so got to library be4 u get burned. Oh do not worry u get to change your plans often as u go in life.

Ms. Jordan has been given a loan of $2,500 for 1 year. If the interest charged is $275?

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