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    My husband and I were pre-approved for a house loan for 125,000...we were locked in for an interest rate of 5.50,well we found our dream home yesterday,signed the contract, gave our earnest money and the seller accepted our offer of 113,000 with them paying full closing cost. We are going through First Mortgage Company. I have heard of so many people losing their home because their loan fell through, im so afraid this will happen, what are the reasons the loan falls through. We had it put in our contract that if anything happens other then us backing out that we will receive our earnest money back. So what are the following procedures before we are fully approved. We have a closing date of Jan 31.2009. We are using the Huntsville loan, also we were told we needed verification of funds, what exactly is this...I wasnt able to be at the office when my husband was going over this with our real estate agent.

    Congrats, you bought a house. All that other stuff, technical and legal, is just mumbo jumbo. You bought a house. And it's a good thing that you got a fixed rate verses an ARM. And,5.0% is pretty sweet. There's a ton of paper work to be done at closing and some before. Don't let it overwhelm you. It takes about three to four hours at closing. Signing stuff, looking stuff over, blah blah blah. Don't worry about what you don't know, I'm sure you have it or you would not have made it this far in the purchasing process. The Realtor will make sure you have it. Congrats, and enjoy your new home!

    About the earnest money, read your contract carefully. On the financial page should denote what happens with the earnest money if you aren't able to obtain financing. As for deals falling apart before closing, because of all the rule changes (which happen daily for loan companies) some small thing could change the whole loan package making you not qualified to purchase that home. On a Huntsville loan, you have many more protections, and your loan officer can provide you with specifics. Verification of funds, in most cases that means they need to know where the money came from. You need to prove you had this money for a period of time or that it came from a payroll check. If it was given to you by family or friends, then you should have a gift letter. Again, your loan officer can address this issue. I take this is your first time buying. Just relax, it will be fine.

    You can do better on the interst rate. I doubt you were locked in by the mortgage company before you signed the contract. The rates have dropped. Tell your loan officer that you want a lower rate and make sure they know that you are still rate shopping.

I need to move !!? How do I get a loan .. And..?

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