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    ALLOWED TO HAPPEN or JUST IGNORED? 1. Deliverance into a recession that is the worst since the Great Depression. 2. Wars that were illegal and UNPAID for. 3. To Continue to borrow from other countries while ignoring the State of Affairs of America. 4. To grow the government by 40% while NOT PAYING FOR IT. 5. Passing our debts to our children. (of course when you borrow from other countries, you are in essence raising taxes for the NEXT RESPONSIBLE ADMINISTRATION to correct. 6. Get that Administration out that is trying to bring our country back to the status we were in ...... BEFORE THE REPUBLICANS GOT AHOLD OF IT Huntsville 2000.

    @ Christoper There was no growth. If you are talking about the wall street. Wall Street was SPLITTING STOCKS after the FIRST RECESSION Huntsville 2001. There were no creation of jobs. The jobs we could have had were OUTSOURCED to ILLEGALS. WHEREIN: NO-ONE paid Revnue into our country. The businesses did not have to and the illegals DIDN'T.

    106 1 1999 176 June 18, 1999, 09:37 AM On Passage of the Bill ... 106 1 1999 176 June 18, 1999, 09:37 AM On Passage of the Bill H.R. 1664 An Act providing emergency authority for guarantees of loans to qualified steel and ... www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_ca... - 24k - Similar pages Washington Talk; Senator Looks to Home With Bill on Manure Use ... Mr. Roth, who lost his seat last year, got a law enacted in 1999 that allows a tax credit for electricity made from ... Under Mr. Grassley's bill, the tax credit would be 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. ... In Japan, a House of Steel ... www.nytimes.com/2001/07/29/us/washingt... - 45k - Similar pages [PDF]Steel: Legislative and Oversight Issues Representatives in 1999 approved a bill that would have required the ..... 27 Inside US Trade, “Grassley Backs Linking Steel Safeguard Review with ITC Study ... - Similar pages

    A NEW Congress......

    I have noticed over time how the radical left get things passed. A good example to me was during the 2000 recount. A angry mental defective partisan democrat woman (Not garofalo, but close) sits with two other people at a recount table. She picks up a ballot and says "Gore". The republican looks at the ballot with a questioning look on his face and says "Bush". The third person looks and says "Bush". As I continued to watch, I saw her call almost every ballot for Gore. This is a tactic that the democrat uses. If you call all these ballots for your guy, the others will feel a little guilty about always saying "no" and you get credited some votes that that are borderline. They are doing the same thing with the healthcare. They ask for everything they can get, saying the republicans are partisan, even though they include nothing the republicans have suggested.. Then they have to back off and take what they can get by allowing the republicans to input to the bill. The fool republicans see this as the radical democrats giving, so they give some too. The result is the bad things get into the bill and the democrats have made progress. This is tactic and tactic for "party first" hurts the country. The problems you are seeing today can be traced back to radical democrat bills. Radical is progressive, modern day pretty word for communist. Hillary and Bill (admitted progressives) both have said we need to get over the idea of the Individual. So has Lenin, Mussolini, Khrushchev and Hitler. Statist believe in government over the people. That is what the democrats are about. The right and The Constitution is about people over the government. (Right is no government, left is total government. The progressive distorts it so the can call the right nazis (Duh...National socialist!). So to your question. If it violates the rights of the Individual, I am against it. That is what this country is about. This has made us the greatest country in the world. The left thinks Individualism is selfish. It is not. A person first has to help himself. He then feels good about it and helps others. But he expects others to help themselves as well. They don';t have to, but it is their decision and their right. The recession can appears to have been manufactured. ACORN thugs and statist democrats got the banks into giving loans to people that didn't need them. Most young people are not settled down and a house is not a good idea until they are. Corruption in government encouraged corruption in business, instead of government punishing wrong doing. There is a school of thought that the communist want to bring down the country to allow them to move into place. Progressives are communist and they are doing everything they can to ruin this country, so it is feasible. Explain how the war was illegal? Hussein surrendered with conditions and did not live up to them. The congress voted for the war. The propaganda wing of the democrat party, MSNBC and CNN report the reason for going into Iraq, but they don't report all of them. If someone actually listened to Bush's speech, he has about 6 reasons for it. But if you think the war was illegal, does that mean we should not remove a mass murderer from power? borrowing...Well we live in an uneducated society. More kids can put a condom on a banana than can balance a check book. They come out of school and buy a democrat provided house, a car, a tv, furnature...then they can't pay the bills and don't understand why. The government tells you to consume. The government spends on consumption, but does not spend on producing something with a natural resource. Something needed for a country to survive. Growing the government. Many people are leaving the republican party because they expect this from the democrats. Some republicans are democrat lite. Many of the people want the country to move back to the right, toward The Constitution. Of course they do not want this debt to be passed on. Are you joking or ... 2000...we were headed into this recession. Clinton coincidentally came to office shortly before the internet came into the home. Many people got access to online trading and put a lot of money into the market. Lucky for bill. But then came the collaspe. Bush inherited this collaspe. Something the left likes to forget. Then came 911. and the subsequent wars. Then the housing collaspe. This was a house of cards with the democrats names all over it. Democrat Sandler of wachovia fame, Franklin Raines and the democrats in congress. and so on. Yes the republics have blame here too. some of it from corruption, some from stupidity (McCain, Olympia Snow-McKernan, Collins, Specter) and some from naivete. As opposed to corrupt partisanship.

    Umm, perhaps writing your question in word and doing a check to make sure it is sensible would be a good way to start. But to answer it anyway: Most republicans were not happy with the way GWB expanded the government - no child left behind, prescription drug coverage, Homeland Security department. That isn't conservative. To continue to beat the drum of the "wars were illegal" is ridiculous. All wars are illegal to somebody. Was it "legal" for Japan to attack Pearl Harbor? Did we give them permission? No. That is war. Look into it. Last comment relates to the recession and the huge debts. I am not a fan either, and we shouldn't have done many of the things we did. But to act as though the entire Bush administration was a depression is ignoring the facts again. We were in a growth mode from 2002 to 2007. The housing crisis, which was the primary cause of this recession, was brought on by the Community Reinvestment Act, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's mortgage policies - which were expanded and exploited by the Clinton Administration and a Democrat controlled congress. Granted, Republican's didn't fix them when they got control, but they didn't create the problem. Hope that helps.

    1. The recession started AFTER Democrats did what we warned would cause a recession. 2. You cannot think of a war Republicans started. 3, 4, 5. In every Congress in your lifetime, Democrats on average voted for 3-4 times more spending than Republicans did. 6. The current Administration explained what THEIR view is about what caused the problem and is doing MORE of exactly the same thing; more in fact than has ever been done by any civilization in all of history. We indeed left you a GROWING GDP. We have been in recession ONLY since the 4th quarter 2008. (Bureau of Economic Analysis.) We left you a DJIA of 12,315. Now it's down 24% from then. We left you job GROWTH of 294,000/month. There's now job LOSS of 216,000/month. Let's consider what you are OBJECTING to: - Preventing recession. - Beating aggressors who start wars. - LESS spending, borrowing & debt. - Growing the economy. - High stock performance. - Jobs. Obviously, you're a perfectly ordinary, wholly unremarkable Democrat.

    Republicans & Democrats are bought and paid for by the same lobbyists and corporate campaign donors. Our troops haven't come home. The Fed still operates under cover of near-absolute secrecy. The economy's nose dive is no less the dems fault than the repubs. The infusion of trillions of newly created dollars is the same as if a Corporation - rather than split stocks, to ensure the value of original stock issues - simply diluted stock values by issuing trillions of new shares. Those of us preparing for retirement by amassing assets valued in US$'s are in for a shock when we realize our 1.5 million can't buy a used car. Whose fault is that? Democrats and Republicans. I agree that the war in Iraq - as it was never approved by the Congress under Constitutional Law - is illegal. It's also very expensive. The debts we pass on to our children could be eliminated if we brought all the troops home and simply provided incentives for charitable giving and then ended this "cradle to grave" welfare nanny-state. The Democrats won both houses of the Congress in 2006 on the promise that they would reign in presidential abuses of power. So...Why were they the first Congress in history to hand the president (Bush) billions of 'bailout-dollars' and empower him to spend it as he saw fit? Seeing a pattern, here? We don't have a two party system in D.C. We have one ventriloquist with two dummies performing before a captive, shackled audience. Out here, we're sincere. Out there, ... beware. "

    If you concentrate your anger on just one party instead of the whole system which all collaborated to achieve the things that u just said, then what are you achieving?

    Obama is worse than Bush. I didnt think it was possible, but I was wrong.

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