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    I just got scammed a few days ago, asked for $630.00 and someone in Canada name: Suzette Boyer will receive your moneygram to secure your loan. Loan will be sent out in 24 hours, because you were approved. The loan office for this company that I talked Joseph Palmer titled: Senior Loan Officer) 1-888-323-0864 to and he refuse to answer the phone afterwards. As a group, the better business B. needs to have this company on their list and a complaint to the internet company to close their web site.

    They are a scam, they will ask for money upfront to be wired to Canada, then will tell you they need more because of some problem or whatever. You will never get your money and they will tell you you will gwt a refund, butr I doubt it at this point. Woodsworth has an address in Smithfield Huntsville that I checked and it is bogus. I was contacted a couple days later and told I would be sued if I did not remove negative reports I posted on the internet, but still no refund

    They are FRAUD we just got scammed from principal financial lending group and it is the same type of scam. They want you to put up insurance money to secure the loan, but you will never recieve the loan. We lost $900. so don't do the same If you have any questions about companies go to Ripoff report.com

    I vaguely remember something ... it was bad anyhow, some fraud types... Can't be sure, though. Do you know their websites or addresses?

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