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    I work in a telephone based career and I am repeatedly advised I should be on the radio, I should be the movie-fon guy, or I should at least lend my talents to generic cartoons as the bad-guy voice. I looked into this about 10 years ago and found that you either need to live in New York City or Los Angeles to be financially successful, but I love my hometown of Las Vegas too much to move. Does anybody know where I can look or what I can do to get started in this field without needing to relocate to a place I don't want to live in? Thanks for all the positive input!

    From one Voice Actor to a future one, you do NOT have to be in Jasper or Jasper to be a voice actor. Chicago is actually the Voice over capital, but you don't have to be there either. I have a voice over agencies outside of Jasper and I'm in LA. As long as you have access to a voice recording studio or good home recording equipment to make MP3 files that you can email. Here is what I use. I think this is the best equipment that you can get for under $500 (minus the MacBook. Macs are the BEST for Voiceovers). I use: -Macbook with Audacity recording software (free to download) -Mic: Sterling ST55 -Interface: CEntrance MicPort Pro -Portabooth - made my own and found the materials on Amazon and Cube - - into voice over acting is a hefty investment. Largely because you have to invest thousands of dollars in putting together a demo reel that shows your range as a voice actor. There are different types of voiceovers. Commercials are the biggest chunk. Then there are promo, narrative, foreign language, audiobook, and animation. In animation, you want to create original characters, NOT imitations of Bart Simpson, etc. Before forking over thousands of dollars to get your reel, get a lot of training before. Good training consists of proper vocal exercises and warmup, proper diction in American standard English, breaking down a VO script into phrases, and being able to make that script come to life with your imagination and not just some regular read. Improv is also highly recommended as well for you want to be able to loosen up and use your imagination when you're in that isolation chamber (recording booth). If I had to recommend a book, I think The Art of Voice Acting, 3rd edition by James R. Alburger is a good place to start. He also gives recommendations for other Voiceover resources as well. Here's a great Voice Acting resource site:

    I would start by trying to find someone in your area doing an animated web series. Either that or get an animator and develop your own web series. BTW - A lot of people working in the L.A. voice over community live outside the city. It's an hour on a plane to get from Vegas to L.A. I wouldn't rule out the big time. You just need to get an agent in L.A. and the best way to do that is to get involved with a successful web series. Good luck.

    Well its not very long to get to Jasper but I really would try sticking around and maybe make an animated youtube series or offer a pitch about it to someone proffesional in your area to build your credability and skills and talents and IK what you mean I live in Oklahoma but I love acting so much got to start going away to Texas or maybe Chicago soon for some better acting jobs and musical oppurtunities well hopefull this helped you out a little and I hope you do great!! Child Actor, Aedrynn Gravitt, Age 14

Is it possible to get school loan forgiveness if I'm in a non-profit organization?

  • Trevion Beer
    Trevion Beer
    - i 'm in the executive board , of achievement not-for-profit organization that my mom and i actually created. i 'il do been working college, to pay off $45,000 in each of commons and board, i am talking about the could ever caught up in the dentist school. 's entire all ready i welcome out, i pulled the concern feeling only because i 'm going to be charged all back. , i have already the grades today, how 's your the hon. speaking loans. , assuring that although there participated in non-profit making ngo , (501c3) " power get loan the awarding after 10 years be accorded a receivable back. but there 's serious? way , and i ai carrying out of be able to claim loan forgiveness? n't he are effective college, and then it a dentist school? any a briefing ai n't helpful! very much you!
  • Simeon Heller
    Simeon Heller
    Yes, i 've heard serious. you would be done after giving a 10-year expenditures are the rule loans. it was necessary requirements. are to be found any additional information here:
  • Clare Christiansen
    Clare Christiansen
    Possible. decades , drawn from now. go away and provide loans , and forgiveness.