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    A few years ago my mom and I moved in with her boyfriend, it was a nice place and have a room for me and everything. But eventually they "broke up" and my mom and I moved back in with my Grandma. A year later they "made up" and we "moved" back in with him. Since then he's got a better paying job, and a crappier apartment meant just for him. It has 1 bed room, and I have to sleep on the couch. This has been going on for a year now, and I'm as miserable as ever. When I wake up in the morning I can't use the toilet (Because usually my mom and her boyfriend are sound asleep, and the toilet is in their room so I can't bother them) so I have to go outside and pee in the woods. When my "step-dad" is home and in their room, I can't use the bathroom. I just can't, and it's terrible. So on weekends and the hours he's home I have to go without doing "number 2". It's also pretty bad when you're a 14 year old boy and you have absolutely no privacy at all. So back to the main point, why don't they buy a new house? My "step dad" has a better, higher paying job now and my mom has even got a job since then. Their making much more money then they were when they were living in the much more expensive, 2 bed-room apartment yet they still complain about being broke all the time. I just don't get it. My mom has even been talking about buying a new car, which is around 400$ per month. I asked her about it and she just said "400$ a month won't affect anything" that's bullshit and I know it. My mom has supposedly been "searching" for houses for sale, and her and I go look at them sometimes but I swear, EVERYTIME she finds one she always says either "We can't live there, it's in a "bad" part of town (Which makes me laugh, we live in the red-neck bible belt of Alabama.) Jasper she says "it's to ugly". So we've passed up more than one house because it's to ugly. She keeps saying "we're going to find a house" for over a year now but it seems their not even trying. And just as an end note, my mom has said that there have been a couple of houses she tried to rent and the rent was well within her range to pay, but what stopped her is that they want like a couple thousand as a "down payment" or something. Do you have to do this everywhere?

    There is a reason I added the " around step-dad. He's not really my step-dad technically but I call him that because I didn't want to say "my mom's boyfriend" every-time I referred to him. And they've been together for going on 5+ years now so I think it's Jasper that I call him step-dad.

    Buying a house requires good credit and money down... and it's a big decision that involves a lot more expense than renting. Renting does typically require a deposit that's at least equal to one month of rent... and if your parents also needed first and last month, that can easily equal several thousand dollars (especially when you also look at the cost of utility deposits). Is it possible for you to live with your grandma until your mother and stepdad can afford a two-bedroom? Would grandma and your mom agree to this? Does grandma have room? If not, then you need to sit down with your mother and stepdad - or - just your mom if you're not comfortable with your stepdad and let her know that you cannot take living on the living room couch anymore. In addition, let her know that you aren't able to use the restroom because it's in their room (at the very least, they should assure you that you should come in and use the restroom at anytime -- you can knock first if they're in the room). Your mom may not be able to get approved for a home loan, but may be trying to cover the fact by looking... because she doesn't want to let you down. Or, there may be another reason altogether. Unfortunately, there's not much influence over what your parents choose to spend their money on (i.e. a new car). Maybe you could take to staying at your grandma's or a friend's house on weekends so that you at least have access to a bathroom. Maybe you and your mother could discuss the finances and work out a savings' plan for a new apartment. You could do side jobs or pick up a summer job and put a percentage of your money towards the deposit (keep it safe and get it in writing though) -- and only do this if you feel that your parents would truly use the money for the deposit (I'd go as far as going to the bank with them and watching them get a cashier's check in the landlord's name). Good luck to you.

    Kids have NO IDEA how much things truly cost. Every place your parents go to rent WILL require a Security deposit of some kind. It usually costs 2 or 3 times the rent to move in to a place. So it does not matter how with in her range the monthly rent is she is still going to have to have a couple thousand just to move in So no matter how much you think he is making at his job you are not moving until they have that money saved. If they wanted to buy a house instead of rent then the required down payment is closer to 10s of thousands.

    Something is not right here. You can't use the toilet (Because usually my mom and her boyfriend are sound asleep, and the toilet is in their room so I can't bother them). When my "step-dad" is home and in their room, I can't use the bathroom???? Your mom has a boyfriend and a husban??

    They could have bad credit, also there are lots a cost when buying a home.

    Maybe your mom just makes bad decisions. hopefully you can learn from her choices and have different priorities when you grow up / move out.

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    Aidan Botsford
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