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    I have a little more than bad credit... I had a car repossessed in my name about two years ago. I'm only 24, and I've been a student and is a student now, and I just got a job last year.. and started paying income taxes under my name last year. My mom's sister, a couple of years ago financed a car in my name because her credit wasn't good enough for approval, and I didn't think much of it at that time. But her financial situation got worse and she couldn't make any payments so the car was reposessed after about a year and it put scarlet letters in my credit. I had literally no credit (as I don't use too much credit as a student) and my first credit impact was not positive but negative. Well, that's my credit standing... I need a car now that I have to go to work and school at the same time. I've been needing it for more than a year My friends and my boyfriend can't give me a ride forever- and I don't wanna walk 3 hours home or wait 2 hours after work for a ride. I have about 3000 in down payment that I've been saving to buy a car, but that's not enough to buy a car. That means I have to finance the rest of the price, but my application has been turned down so many times. Then I went on and searched for someone to be my co applicant, someone with good credit. I had a good friend of mine that was willing to sign the application with me, but they told me that the co-applicant must be able to appear in person. I live in Jasper and my friend lives in NJ. The reason I thought this was possible because I had a friend buy a Toyota Sienna with her co-signer in VA. They used fax and phone to confirm, and for original copies, used postal mail. But I guess I was wrong. Well, I'm stuck. Three questions.. 1. Is it possible for co-applicant to live else where? or was I mistaken? 2. Any advices on how I can get a finance application approved? 3. "AutoLoans" "Approval.com" the ads I always see, and e-mails I always gets.. are they scams, or is that a reliable way I can get financed? thanks.

    You are going to have to either bit the bullet and pay high interest for anything you get to build your credit. There used to be credit card companies that specialized in people who establish credit. They are pretty fly by night, if you ask me. I'd establish a savings account and take out a passbook loan secured by your own money in order to start building credit while you are in school. If you have student loans, do not default. If you want a car, the dealer can probably find finance, but you will be paying a higher than average interest rate. One thing you say that concerns me is that you say you just started filing taxes? You are required to file your taxes if you have any earnings, so if you have worked at all, no matter how little you earned, I would file ammended returns for the years when you did not file. I say this because a friend of mine skipped one year and then got hit with 5,000 in fines and years of trouble clearing up for not filing on a year when they owed him money.

    I have about 3000 in down payment that I've been saving to buy a car, but that's not enough to buy a car. --- Huh? Open your eyes! There are $3000 cars that will do the job EVERYWHERE! You can not be picky, so the idea of a $15,000+ car is non-existent. So, to answer your questions: 1. Not gonna happen, so don't bother asking. 2. See #1. Remember, your credit stinks. You won't be getting the same treatment as a borrower who has great credit and income. 3. Scams. Not only will you not get financed, you will see your money disappear, too. So, you're not stuck. You are just not using your brain, since the obvious choice is right there for you. Enjoy your $3000 car and good luck.

    Think this over very carefully. If you are just going to go out and buy a "cash" car, you might be better off keeping what you have. Any repo voluntary or not can be the "kiss of death" after you have filed bankruptcy. You said you have had the car a while, have you rebuilt your credit at all in this time? I have been in your situation and I bought a car at a 24% interest rate. I paid on the car for one year, traded it in ( yes I had a little neg. equity),but leased a brand new car, kept my payment the same and i am paying finance charges equal to 6%. Selling may not be an option but traded could save you money even if you are "upside down".

    Buy here pay here dealer will get you a good car,but you can find a good car for $3000,stay away from financing cars till you have more than 2 years at work.

    You can get any car that u want, u just have to put the right amount down, in your case, prob half.

How do I pay UPS Brokerage C.O.D?

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    Amely Koelpin
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    Allen Mitchell
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  • Mittie Hessel
    Mittie Hessel
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    Jackson Rau
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