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    I want to go to college and the 70k bonus did sound enticing but I know the gvt has strings and tries to manipulate the situation SO how does the GI bill and its kicker work? Do you really receive 72K for a 6 yr contract? Where can I go to school and how do I make sure I get all the money I signed up for? Is it enough? Am I eligible as an infantryman aka MOS 11bravo in the USARMY?

    Actually, it's gone from $935 to $1095 per month and I'm on it, 29 credits from my Bachelor's at Arizona State University. I only have the basic MGIB and ACF, only $36,000 so getting more money might be a little different. To simplify: If you get four years active and reenlist or get out with an honorable, you get out and ick a school. You talk to their Veteran's Affaris people who do the paperwork. You pick a major and take full time classes (at my school, it's a minimum of 12 semester hours during regular semesters, 7 credits over the summer). As long as you pass and the 12 (minimum) credit hours go toward your stated degree, you get paid. If you fail a class, the first one is a bit of a "gimme" and after that, you start owing the government the difference between full time and whatever time it would be (3/4 time, 1/2 time, etc.) if you only counted what you passed... You can change majors twice, as long as you don't "lose" more than 12 hours in the change. If you have a good reason and the Jasper approves, you can pursue more than one major at the same time. You can take more than 12 credits hours and the extras don't have to be toward your major... If you do it right, 36 months can be a bachelor's. If not, you might be adding loan cost. Also, you may qualify for grants toward your tuition. Also, if you would run out of benefits during a semester, the Jasper gives you the rest of the semester... What school really doesn't matter as long as it is accredited and it's approved. Most community colleges and public universities are availible... Also, there are other programs, like trade apprenticeships, that may also be paid for (electrician, plumbing, etc.).

    Most people who enlist in the United States Military (any branch) are authorized to participate in the Montgomery G.I. Bill (MGIB). Under the MGIB, a military member's pay is reduced by $100 per month for 12 months (total of $1,200). In exchange, the MGIB will pay (for a full time college student) $935 per month, for up to 36 months of education (total MGIB education benefit of $33,660). See our article on the MGIB for more details. The Army College Fund (ACF) is an enlistment benefit that adds to the MGIB. One cannot have the ACF without participating in the MGIB, as the two programs run hand-in-hand. For example, as federal law prohibits granting the college loan repayment program and the GI Bill for the same enlistment program, one who enlists and receives the college loan repayment program would not be eligible for the MGIB, and therefore, not eligible for the ACF. The Army restricts the ACF only to MOSs (enlisted jobs) that are experiencing significant shortages. www.GIDegrees.com This list of jobs, and the amount of ACF offered changes all the time, based on the current needs of the Army. Usually, if one accepts the ACF, this will decrease the amount of enlistment bonus (if any) that may be offered for enlisting in that specialty. One must contact an Army Recruiter or the Army jobs counselor at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) in order to find out current amounts, and which MOSs the Army is offering the benefit to. The Army College Fund was approved by Congress as a test-program by Public Law 94-502, in Fiscal Year 1979. The Army and Navy adopted the programs permamently in Fiscal Year 1981. The Air Force does not have a college fund program (other than the MGIB and Tutition Assistance program which are available in all of the services). The ACF is not a program for which an individual becomes eligible after entry on active duty. It must be included in the initial enlistment agreement. The program is not authorized for officers. Soldiers offered the ACF as an incentive to enlist should have received documentation verifying entitlement to ACF on Department of Army (DA) Form 3286-66 which is part of the enlistment contract. Only certain MOS are authorized the ACF. The ACF is available for 2 year, 3 year and 4 year enlistments. Soldiers who enlist for greater than 4 years with the ACF option receive the 4 year ACF. ACF must be earned. It is accrued monthly as long as the servicemember obtains and remains qualified for the MOS for which originally enlisted. As with the MGIB, the ACF will expire 10 years after the servicemember's last discharge or release from active duty. Eligibility Requirements The ACF is an enlistment incentive. Anyone offered the ACF must meet the eligibility criteria listed below: Have no prior service Enlist in the active Army from July 1, 1985 to present. Have a high school diploma at time of entry to active duty. Have an Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score (See ASVAB article) of 50 or higher. Enlist in a specified MOS designated under the ACF program offered at the time of enlistment. Enroll and participate in basic MGIB. Enlist with ACF as part of the enlistment agreement. Forfeiting the ACF Servicemembers forfeit ACF eligibility for: Failing to obtain and remain qualified in the MOS for which individual enlisted. Failing to complete the minimum time-in-service requirements. Note: Anyone separating prior to completing his/her initial enlistment, provided that he/she meets the eligibility criteria to retain the MGIB (see MGIB article), will receive a pro-rated portion of the ACF. Amounts paid At this time, the maximum combined amounts for the MGIB and the Army College Fund is $50,000. Effective April 1, 1993, ACF amounts listed on the servicemember's enlistment contract include the MGIB. In other words, if $50,000 worth of ACF/MGIB benefits is listed on the enlistment contract, that means the member will receive $33,660 total benefits from the Veterans Administration (Montgomery GI Bill Maximum Benefits as of Fiscal Year 2004), and $16,340 total education benefits from the Army. The amount of the ACF is added to the monthly benefits of the MGIB. So, a person with $50,000 total MGIB/ACF benefits would receive $1,388.89 per month for 36 months of education, assuming they were enrolled as a full-time college student. Unlike MGIB benefits, where Congress can increase them each year, for Cost-of-Living adjustments, the ACF benefits in the enlistment contract are static (they don't change). Any future cost-of-living increases will be added to the basic MGIB portion only. More details about this and other Army education incentive programs can be found in Army Regulation 621-202 -- Army Educational

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