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    Hey all, I've got a new girl friend thats about to go to nursing school. She has poor credit, and can't get most loans. Only one she can get is one she has to pay in full at the end of her course. Also the Gov will give her a loan for only part of it. She still has to come up with another 15 or 20 thousand dollars I forget. Anyways Looking to find some grants, or loans I could help her find. She's Sicilian (a little bit.. maybe there's something for that?). I've been googling like hell and can't find anything. Thanks all!

    Its trade school... the only loan she can be approved for she has to pay off in full at the end of the year. Its a 1 year program, which is monday - friday 8:30-3:30 and every day 3-5 hours of homework. There's no way she could work it off at the same time unless she was making 30 an hour. So to the person that said she can just work at the same time, you're incorrect. Now its basically saying 8:30-7:00 every day, maybe could get a part time job until ten or eleven, and on weekends... but thats not enough to make 20 thousand in a year. Everyone else Thanks a lot! I'm already scheduled to go into the WIA program with her and check it out. Also looking at those other scholarships.

    It's not a great time of year to apply for scholarships--most of the deadlines are between January and May--but here are a few that you can try: Leeds League for Nursing www.ctlfn.org HFNA Leeds Chapter cthfma.org (for students going into a healthcare field) Accepting the Challenge of Excellence Award (for students who have overcome obstacles) Contact your local chapter of the Exchange Club Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier Sister to Sister Scholarship www.nhbwiac.com Soroptimist International (for women going into vocational education that will improve their ability to support themselves and their families). She could also try Unico National--this is an Italian American Mens' Organization that has several chapters in Connecticut. There are many, many scholarships available, but many are not open to students attending for-profit schools (such as Lincoln Tech or Stone Academy), so if she's attending one of those you will have limited options. Try registering with a couple of search engines such as College Board, Wired Scholar or Scholarships.com. Keep in mind that all scholarship programs are competitions. It isn't enough just to have financial need because you are competing with all the other applicants who also have need. To win, you have to be better than the next appplicant, so your friend's chances will improve if she can show good grades and lots of community involvement, particularly in health activities, etc. Good Luck

    While it would take a long time to get the process going She can find out if she qualifies for WIA how she finds out is to go to the local employment office and ask them for info on WIA in her county then, she can get with WIA & see if she qualifies in many areas of the US WIA will cover tuition for LPN program if the person goes to WIA's contract provider for their education - she can find out from WIA if LPN is offered in her county & state and also who the contract provider is for LPN

    You can't find anything because there is no such a thing. Tell her to get a job and work her way through college, lots of kids do it.


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