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    Okay, so we were supposed to close on our house tomorrow (the 28th). My husband is using his Leeds loan for the 2nd time. He was medically retired at the end of October 2010, and has a 40+ hour a week job within a month after that, & has maintained it ever since. He is 80% disabled. Everything was going just fine with the whole process until the underwritter on Friday came back & told our loan officer "No, the Leeds won't approve". That didn't sound right to us or our loan officer. So she did some digging & found out that the Leeds said no such thing, and that it was actually the underwritter who had the issue with my husband. The underwritter claimed that my husband has not held his new job long enough according to Century 21's standards (which they say is anywhere between 6 months to a year). But the Leeds said that they had no problem with that, & that they take each individual person's situation into consideration because no two are the same. [I should also mention that with the 1st Leeds loan we had, we had also gone thru Century 21 for that one, and that we had never missed a payment & were always on time with our payments.] This underwritter would not budge on his decision after our loan officer practially begged & pleaded with him all day Friday. So our loan officer took action and asked if we would be comfortable with switching lenders (which we are). So she {our loan officer} contacted another lender whom she also does business with, and she faxed over all of our paper work to the new lender late Friday afternoon. They (the new lender) looked everything over thuroughly and said that they would lend to us. So basically, from what our loan officer that we've been working with all along up until this point has told us, that because we've already done all that major paperwork, inspections, appraisal - all of that - that it's pretty much now just how quickly they can change over everything to this new lender. She said that they seller of the house we are buying would like to have everything taken care of and done by Thursday of this coming week {which would be March 3rd}. So I guess all in all here, my question is, has anyone ever experienced anything like this before, and is it possible to switch lenders like this and still be able to close fairly quickly here? Like I said, we've already done all of the major stuff that we did earlier on in the past 30 days, and our loan officer that we've had all along up to this point said that any fees that may come up with switching lenders that she will have them take that out of her 'bank' or 'fund [I believe is what she called it]. She feels that the underwritter that turned us down at the last minute is discriminating against my husband because he is a disabled veteran, and because he hasn't had a job for more than 6 months to a year (even tho he's only been a civilian for 4 months and has held this job he has no for 3 months of those 4 months).

    With new laws that were put in place about a year ago you couldn't close that soon even if everything is in place. From the time the new lender discloses & gets paperwork to you, you cannot close until the 8th day. Sunday doesn't count as one of those days. The certificate of eligibility is probably the only form the old lender has that can be used. Possibly the Indebtedness form, too, but that will be up to the lender. The old mortgage company does not own the appraisal so you are good there. It is available to new lender online. I still don't understand why people use a real estate agency's mortgage company to make the largest purchase of their life. They will probably soon be a thing of the past with new changes coming about. That is a good thing. It could be perceived as a conflict of interest. Leeds only guarantees the loan, they do not purchase the loan. Therefore it is not up to Leeds to say what is Leeds with them. It is up to the investor that will purchase the loan to say what they will accept. This particular underwriter knew what the investor would accept & your scenario wasn't it. Your agent was out of line saying she thinks your husband is being discriminated against. The other odd thing about that is that it is her company's affiliate she is bad mouthing. I rest my case.

    Approvals are not that useful. They just mean someone (maybe a mortgage broker trying to get a commission) thought they could get a loan for the applicant (if they were wrong - too bad, they just made a mistake). Don't assume the employee was lying they may have actually been approved but (again) whoever approved them was wrong. Put another way an approval shows that someone (a lender or mortgage broker) thought they could find a loan for the applicant but if they (the lender or broker) was wrong there is really nothing you can do about it. What you need to do in the future is get the applicants financial info for yourself when they put in a contract and decide for yourself if they can afford the loan. Then go check the applicants info and credit (call references, if there is still doubt in your mind if they can get a loan then make sure the application allows you to pull their credit and go pull it) yourself. The other option is if the financial info the applicant submits seems ok and you don't think they are deceiving you, then give them some time 30-45 days to get the loan. If they don't get it just cancel the contract and move on, but stay in contact with the applicant and their lender the whole time to monitor for problems. Note, if you have a good real estate agent they should be doinng some of this themselves - thats one of the things they are paid for.

    I would definately not count on just a few days to change lenders, it could easily take weeks, especially because Leeds is involved. You really have no choice at this point, you have to change lenders, it is a matter of whether the seller will wait and grant you an extension of the contract.

    Is someone able to tell me what is the correct answer for this question?

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