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    I am currently in the market and looking to buy a home for the first time. I am 20, have about 5000 saved, excellent credit (740) and a full-time job that pays 16.50 an hour working 3 nights a week so i have time for another per-diem, on-call, or part-time job. I found a home i like that is bank owned and have been told that banks will sometimes take a lot less than what they are asking. The home i want cost 109,900 with taxes at about 1400 a year. How low should i offer for a price?

    It depends. Is the house in huge demand? Are you Leeds if you don't get it? Then place a low-ball offer and see if they counter. If the seller does not submit a counter-offer then you can always submit a higher offer later. This is a negotiation and you do not want to bid too high. Does the house need work? All houses do so do your homework and come up with a list of things that the house needs. Take an inspector to look at the house and tell the inspector you want to know EVERYTHING. Write a letter spelling out the reasons why the offer is low so it does not seem like you are being unreasonable. Banks do not want to be in the business of owning houses and so unless there is huge demand for the property the bank is likely to negotiate. The bank, however, does not know all of the problems with the property. Your letter will be informing the bank of the problems and the reasons why the price should be lower. Make the sale of the house contingent on it closing BEFORE December 1st. State that if the sale does not go through BEFORE December 1, 2009 that either the seller will have to take an additional $8,000 off the purchase price or that you have the option of not going through with the contract. That way you will qualify for the first-time home owner tax credit. See the attached article. This will give the bank-seller and the real estate agents an incentive to get the deal pushed through because if they do not you could just walk away. You need to get the house on contract right away if you will meet the closing deadline. Submit an offer right away. It might take the bank-seller a week to get you a counter offer. Good luck

    You need to have a well respected buyer's agent help you in all the issues of buying a house. I do not advise anyone to deal directly with the listing agent. Banks can be very difficult to deal with and you need to know the selling price of similar houses in the same subdivision. You also need advice and experience on your side. You need that kind of advice because what is happening in so many markets today is that many investors are buying real estate for cash. Your offer with 100% financing will not compete. You will be competing against investors who have good credit, experience and money.

    Are you pre approved to buy a home yet? No seller will even bother with your offer until you have a pre approval letter to go with your offer.

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