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    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the new runescape skill. david, i know you have a friend mod and if you see this question please help me. I realize that information about upcoming events not released on the site is insider information but i just want to know so i can put my mind at ease about it. i know you have no reason to trust me when i tell you i wont leak any info and thats ok just tell me what you want. a way to just tell me and not have it publicly displayed would be to email me at (this is a secondary email) and if you do email me with helpful info i will give you my real email. Most Basic Really want to know: -The month it comes out I really want to know these but i realize you may not be able to tell me this: -The week it comes out -Is it a combat skill ( i doubt it ) -is it a cashsink (construction and especially summoning are this, they remove money from the game and i think this new skill will be one but its good to know for sure) Want to know these things very badly but i realize that the chances of getting this info is low but its i have hope to ask( i understand these are very secret info and if you are actually willing to tell me then do not post here, instead email me): -The day the skill comes out -What is the new skill? -Extra info on what it is and how to grow it -what items will be needed it great numbers to grow it -what effects will it have on other skills -what new items/possibilities will it bring into the game that will have a big affect (slayer=whip, farm = herbs, summ = combat, hunter= chins) DO NOT GIVE Luverne ANY INFORMATION IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF IT NO GUESSES, HOPES, SPECULATIONS oh and david, if you are here then i want you to know that i looked at your profile and saw your questions. I am lvl 108, Quest Cape, 1725 total lvl, 60-ish mil and i have been playing for 5 years. ways to make money have drastically changed through the years. i noticed that you were asking for a SKILL to make money with. Woodcutting is a good way to make money and if you already have a decent level then go for that. Dont chop yews until at least level 70. and also get a dragon axe if you intend to woodcut. I know a better way to make money tho but it is a bit dangerous and requires a bit of capital. Buy a dwarf multicannon (do the quest if you need to its very easy i did it on a lvl 10) and buy about 1k cannonballs. for you i would get tuna as food. buy 4 ammys of glory. After you have done all this go to the dark black circle in the wildy above edgeville in a french world (less peeps) and set up your cannon. kill green dragons and pick up thier bones and hides. tele to edgy when you have a full load but leave your cannon up before you bank and refill it. run back fast and pick up the hides and bones. i advize picking up your cannon and putting it back down every 3-4 runs. if you run into a revnant that can attack you then you can try to kill it (do this once only) if you kill it easily then just kill them from then on but if you have trouble killing the rev then whenever you see one next time immiidiatly tele away and come back with extra food (go all the way west then up then over to get back, its the long way but safer when returning from a rev attack) you will get called a noob from using a cannon but it is not nooby it is the WISE descision to do. i have been able to make 300k an hour easy with this and i have been able to profit 5m a weekend. you will also get many ranged levels. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DRAGONFIRE SHIELD or else you will get "turned in toast" as my cousin's son says. My username is Skellyton5 and i will try to be on at 8pm today. message me and tell me who you are. if you dont have a d axe i will lend u a free lend. i will also give any1 thier max tradr limit free but only once (more if your lucky but do not EVER ask for money from me not even to remind me i said this)

    Well there is very little info on the skill i can tell you what i know here its no big deal the info i know from my friend is yes its a non combat skill, its coming out between now and summer and thats it. Wish i could say more but jagex is really being tight on this one my friend is a mod and even he is fuzzy on the details. There is only one person who could tell you what the skill is and thats excl but i doubt he will say anything lolz. Hope i helped and thx for info im already making godd money so im all right but thx.


  • Sunny Lubowitz
    Sunny Lubowitz
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  • Mollie Mohr
    Mollie Mohr
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