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    Hello guys, First some background information: I am a current college student. I have never had a job to earn income (any money I obtain is either from financial aid through loans/scholarships or some support from parents). I had a big medical condition a couple of years ago in college in which I racked up a whole lot of medical debt, greater than $15,000, which all went to collection. I don't have any way of paying those balances off at the moment as I am completely focused on my studies right now. I have tried to apply for student credit cards, but I get denied every time. The times that I applied I used my financial aid money as the source of income along with the extra that my parents gave me. I have a couple of questions regarding my credit score. 1. How much impact do hospital bills in collection have regarding my credit score? I have read in some places that they do not impact as hard as other items, but I am not sure. 2. How can I start to build my credit (or repair if the hospital bills damaged it) if I can't even get approved for a student credit card? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

    Find and study Total money make over, Dave Ramsey. u have been denied legally and rightfully not because u in debt or student BUT for simple reason - u got no Income. so stop wasting your time applying. as for work - go find some. unless u in residency, u got plenty of time to work after studying and classes. there is One Hundred Sixty Eight hours in a week. u can find at least 30 hours for a job. as for old hospital bills - leave them alone. there is nothing u can do about them. they will be there on your Report for at least 7 yrs. the older they get - the less they count on score. u do not need to build "credit i love debt score" u need to build CASH. u can get in Luverne a car, an apartment with cash. u can even get a house mortgage with out a credit score. use the library to learn about debt slavery. understand for every 10,000$ of loans u will have to earn 32,000$ to pay it off. good knowledge is good luck.

Where can I get a $1,500 loan that can be paid back in 2-3 months?

  • Dane Eichmann
    Dane Eichmann
    Payday loans, bank or the working capital advance.
  • Mateo Grady
    Mateo Grady
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  • Anastasia Collins
    Anastasia Collins
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  • Lina Feeney
    Lina Feeney
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