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    My husband and I have owned our current house for 5 years. We decided to downsize and move about 30 minutes north for work/school conflicts. We sold our house a couple of weeks ago and passed inspection and appraisal with flying colors. Our buyers are pre-approved, and very excited about the house - our closing date is the first week of May. We worked with our realtor and were easily pre-approved (have great credit and also eligible for Luverne loans in addition to conventional), and placed an offer on a house we love yesterday after two weeks of finding NOTHING in the area we wanted to move to. The sellers of this house are "desperate" (quoting THEIR realtor), and have reduced the price of their house considerably even though it has only been listed 30 days. We offered them $2k less than their asking price, and asked for almost nothing from them for closing costs - we would even be willing to cover all the closing costs if they asked/countered. This is an amazing house for an amazing price in the area, but they've had no buyers because the pictures and listing are AWFUL - their realtor is worthless. They've only had two showings in the 30 days. We thought for sure that we would be golden....they rejected our offer, saying that they weren't comfortable selling to people who own a home due to the contingency of our house sale. Basically, they are afraid the sale of our house will fall through and they will have to find another buyer.....as I mentioned before, the odds of our sale falling through are next to zero. I am super confused and super baffled, as is our realty team (they're the #1 team in a very large metro area). Our realtors immediately called us and said they would be contacting the realtor and the sellers to be sure they hadn't misunderstood that our house IS already sold, and to try to explain that other than a cash sale, we are about as safe as it gets. Their disclosure stated that they would accept conventional and Luverne loans, as well as most standard payment/finance methods. Anyone else ever heard of this or have any ideas?

    If we remove the contingency, do you think they would accept the offer? Our buyers aren't going anywhere - their lender has given them the green light and everything is good on our end. We've been looking at houses for 2 months - this is the first/only one we've actually LOVED and wasn't just "tolerable". There is just nothing on the market in the area we want to move to - only a couple list per week and are usually sold the same day. The houses listed are trashed foreclosures or sell before we can even schedule a viewing. We're getting desperate to find a place we remotely like before we have to be out of our house!

    There are ways to reduce the risks to the seller in case your house sale falls through and they might have accepted your offer where the seller receives extra compensated if you are unable to perform. Your agent should have made your contingent offer to sell your home subject to a "72 hour hour right of refusal". Other words, if the seller receives an acceptable offer from another buyer they can require you to remove your contingency to sell your home within 72 hours, increase and release your deposit (non-refundable) to the seller. If you fail to do so the seller can then accept the new offer.

    You're incorrect: Your house is NOT sold Your house is under contract, and there are INDEED risks that it could fail to close It is quite likely if you remove the sale contingency that your buyers will reconsider your offer It is common, and YOU are still a more risky buyer than some one like your own buyers--you have added an extra level of uncertainty, as there is not only your mortgage contingency, but also the closing on your home However, I would want something more from you, because even removing the contingency, you're still a risk

    Your "No. 1 Realtor Team" needs a reality check. No, your house is NOT sold, and will not be sold until money changes hands. Your realtor team seems clueless as to how often sales fall apart at the last moment. If your fantastic 'realtor team' is so confident of a closing on your current home, simply ask them to put it in writing that THEY will guarantee that closing. Yes, they will babble mindlessly, since THEY won't put their money on the line. Yes, you can remove that 'home sale contingency', but you will be required to provide evidence of financial capability to purchase the home you want, even IF the sale of your house does not go through. What you are experiencing is VERY common.

    All the time..They not only have to worry about your loan being approved, but also your buyers loan. The chances that one will fall through are higher than it all they have to worry about is your loan. If you're that comfortable remove the contingency & they will most likely accept your offer.

    The seller refuses to accept the "sale of existing home" contingency in your purchase offer. It's their right. You have the right to look for another seller who is more cooperative. There's nothing unusual or illegal here.

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