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    I was laid off at the end of last year and plan to attend school early next year. I was told to apply for the WIA grant (I live in Northeast Florida by the way) and went online to look at their training partner list. I am noticing that the programs on the list are a bit pricey. I want to do either an RN or LPN program and one of the schools I am interested in cost 40K for the RN and 26K for the LPN. My PELL grant is $3,800 but that still would leave a huge balance for either program. Does anyone know how much WIA typically covers? I am a single mother of two and am currently collecting unemployment which amounts to $20,655/yr. Thanks

    I tried to help you with this on your other question has those training providers on contract. The approved training providers are the only ones they pay for & the approved programs are the only ones they will do. In Duval County FL, the only program that WIA will assist is LPN Start here: only option with nursing is: Nursing, psychiatric & home health aid, so click that & then submit the only options are: home health aid & practical nurse Select Practical Nurse You end up with a list & that list has only 1 training provider" Florida State College at Jacksonville WIA will have a contracted amount per student with them... it usually involves discounts off the tuition rate... a discount that only is provided through a contract with WIA WIA will determine, based on your exact situation how much they will pay in towards the contracted amount with the school Your Pell Grant will be used first Then any Mobile State Aid, Voc Rehab Aid, or WIA aid (but you can only use one of those.. they will audit to make sure you didn't use more than one of those) then Student Loans can be used for the remainder at the WIA contract price (but only if WIA is the other funding source because WIA gets the contracted education provider rate) So, again.. in summary Based on the Mobile WIA site, you could do an LPN program at FSC at Jacksonville We don't know the reduced amount of tuition that WIA clients are given and we don't know how much WIA will pay into it according to their site RN is not an option also, they don't pay for any pre-requisite courses (for example, if you are trying to get an associates's degree, you would have to take student loans for pre-requisite classes) WIA generally looks for certificate-type programs... the intention is to get you educated enough to get into one of the approved jobs paying at least $8.50 per hour.... they have no intention to support you towards getting a degree (even associates degree)... read the paperwork, it says exactly these things only your local WIA assigned worker will be able to give you that information EDIT: Give me a moment.. I will look at that list for you that is a training provider list... it does not indicate what programs are contracted for what type of job-learning for example, a community college might be on the list... for Heating & Air Conditioning... but not for Nursing, even though they offer a nursing program a good example... here in AL... Wallace State offers Heating & Air Conditioning, Nursing, and Health Information Technology as programs... but only 2 of those are contracted with WIA & even though they are the only approved HIT program that can sit for RHIT exams, they are only contracted for people who live in Cullman County (not even adjacent Jefferson County, with the largest city in the state, Birmingham) the provider has to be contracted for the specific job training I will also add... at least as it relates to the office in Jefferson County their web info isn't up-to-date.... the only way to know the approved & contracted training providers for the education that you want... is to get someone in the office to see who is on the current contract list... in our area, those changed again just 2 months ago & the changes aren't reflected on the websites being a single mother.. you should ask them about day-care assistance while you are in classes. If they haven't already exhausted all the funds... this is little late in the year to get high on the funding

    Workforce Investment Act Florida

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Question about WIA (Workforce Investment Act)? I was laid off at the end of last year and plan to attend school early next year. I was told to apply for the WIA grant (I live in Northeast Florida by the way) and went online to look at their training partner list. I am noticing that the programs on the list are a bit pricey. I want to do either...

    Nursing is covering in Duval County. I know several people that obtain their RN degree with the help of worksource. The amount given is based on the need of each individual, and of course, the funds available.

    Here you find all information about nursing, nursing schools,tips from experienced nurses and much more - The page helped me at least a lot: Take care and good luck with your research on this! Rudi

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